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Is Pandora Jewellery A Good Gift? // REVIEW + Cheaper Alternatives

Last December, my poor innocent daddy fell victim to media propoganda and bought me what television ads told him every girl/woman wants. Jewellery. In fact, he bought into the delusion so deeply that he went straight for the boss fight – Pandora. Everyone, every holiday has heard of Pandora. They’ve seen Pandora. They’ve felt the…

20 Ideas for collaboration posts between bloggers that are fun, unique and different!

{ 20 Interesting Ways For Bloggers To Collaborate // Blogging 101 }

** Blogging collaborations are a great way to earn backlinks to your site, reach new audiences and work with other creators that you admire – but sometimes collab posts can be repetitive and boring. Here are 20 exciting and unique ways that you can collaborate with other bloggers. ** Well, hello there you kooky kids!…