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Over 100 Practical Gifts For Her (Ft. Etsy!)

Doesn’t absolutely everything about that title just sound perfect? Practical? Gifts? Her? Etsy? (Who, by the way, I have crazy love for at the moment, but I’ll tell you all about that in a second.) (Pin me, Pin me!) Although Christmas and birthdays are a time for celebration and happiness, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to…

Migrating from a hosted Wordpress.com blog to a self-hosted Wordpress.org blog

Step By Step: How To Convert Your Hosted Blog To Self-Hosted (WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org)

I was absolutely stunned by the responses I’ve had to 8 Thoughts On Moving From WordPress.Com To WordPress.Org! I actually wrote it more as an update; I didn’t expect so many people to be in the same position! I’ve had emails, comments, DMs on Instagram (have I told you before how much I love it…

What is Google Search Console and How Can Bloggers Use It To Improve Their Search Ranking And Page Views?

{ Why Your Blog Needs Google Search Console + 10 Great Ways To Use It }

God bless Google. With Trump ever being a possibility for president, (and this post was scheduled, so who knows – by the time it goes live he actually might be the president) (Update: eugh.) I don’t think we can say God bless America anymore. Besides, Google have cool branding. What does America have besides shitty gun…