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  2. Thanks for this.
    My mum started asking me what I wanted for Christmas, and now I know.
    So thanks for the inspiration. I am definitely giving my friends these presents! 🙂

  3. This is the most beautiful blog post I have ever seen on Christmas gifts. Thank you so much! Now my list (due on Halloween so I’m a few days late, yikes!) is done and all I have to worry about is hearing a scream from downstairs when my parents open their laptop and read my Google Doc (“She wants WHAT???”). And now I know what to get my siblings too! You’re awesome!

  4. This really helped and I LOVE the open when letters!!!! Just wondering, do you have anymore ideas for the open when. . . letters?? (:

  5. Wow! I have actually been looking for thing to put on MY christmas list, as well as gifts, and this gave me ideas for both!!!!!! LOVE!!! Thanks!

  6. candels they are fun easy and spell very good, also their is thes things called wineglass lights you have a empyt wine bottle abd you put lights in it its very cool

  7. Deeply appreciated. Could you point me towards an acceptable purveyor of fluffy socks? And appropriate PJ outlets? What are you views on backpacks/totes/handbags? Thanks again!

    Ellen, aunt with way too many nieces and no winning lottery ticket

    • sure thing! let me think of a few
      open when … you need a new jacket
      open when … you need to dress up for a date
      open when … a good new movie is out!
      open when … your jeans are too small!
      open when … you forgot your best friends birthday
      open when … you used up all your pocket money

  8. I love Pinterest. Actually finding a pin that is based in the UK and giving ideas for us here is even better. Thank you sooo much 🙂

  9. I’m not a parent but every year come Christmas and birthdays I never know what to ask for just money money money and you’ve helped me realise that’s ok as long as you ask for other things aswell!!! And now I know what it get my brother thank you x

  10. This is a great site. However i got so many ideas that my mom is going to go crazy when she sees my list. Thanks so much

  11. I love the ideas! The other blogs and websites post ideas that are obviously made by adults so most of the ideas pretty much suck. Here, there were way too many ideas I love and want to do! 🙂

  12. you can take a pic frame and put cool paper or cloth as the pic.. and give them that and a dry erase marker.. the glass is the dry erase board.

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  14. Awesome! Very creative and helpful considering I have all boys and a few nieces. Thank you! Keep up the outstanding ideas.
    For anybody out there this is true about what teenagers like.

  15. OK…… Any parents that are reading this…. Just know that teens absolutely HATE for their parents to decorate their room for them. If you want to redecorate their room, ask them what they want first! As a teen, I have room goals that my parents do not know about. so therefore, if my parents do anything without my consent, my head will pop off. Just ask them to write down specific things they would like for their room! Just a tip. hope this helps.

  16. This is exactly what i was looking for! most sites just have things they are selling, not really helping me considering i had no idea what to get my friend! thanks so much

  17. Oh my, I just couldn’t leave this website without saying thank you; I just got a great idea as present for my girl best friend. Really, thank you very much!

  18. hello ! I am doing the ice cream sundae theme for gifts this year but I can’t find the glasses used in the photo. Where could I purchase some? Please help me. Thank you!

  19. Hi thank you so much this had been really helpful! ? i just wanted to ask where are the mean girls pencils from?

  20. This has been very helpful think you so much! ? I was wondering where I could get some if the mean girls pencils? Pls reply thnx

  21. Everyear when I make Christmas or birthday list I first go to the internet for examples and I have always been hoping I would come across a list like this. This is amazing thank you so much for posting this. Not only does it give me ideas for my list but the blog itself is so good it might just be easier to hand out your blog. Thank you again.

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  24. By the way, it was Aang and Katara. You can tell because he was wearing a headband and had lighter skin. I LOVE AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Awesome ideas! I’ve been racking my head all week trying to find the perfect photographer gift for Christmas. My boyfriend is a photographer, and finding this list really helped me out 🙂 But I also found this pretty cool list of gift ideas this morning:http://www.adoramapix.com/blog

    Any thoughts on these lists? I really just want to get him a good gift.