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AKA: How To Justify Going Out and Buying 300 New Notebooks For Yourself. 

Look, it’s a perfectly natural thing that happens to all of us and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The love of pretty, but unnecessary, objects and the desire to collect them. It’s the only way in which we mere mortals can compare to kick-fucking-ass dragons – we like to collect treasure.

And you know what? That’s okay. Because if you use it, it’s not just meaningless, shiny treasure that you’re hoarding – no, it becomes a tool. So no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed about stashing notebooks – it’s time to leave the darkness of that little closet you’re hiding in, step out into the light and use them to achieve your full brilliance. And then you can crush those who opposed you and your collections.

Hey, wait, no – we don’t need your Golemn impression – yes, I get that it’s your “precious”, but there’s no need for that weird facial expression. You had to make it weird, didn’t you? Jesus. Just-just put down the notebook and read the list, okay?

  1. Sketchbook.
  2. Bucket List Book!
  3. General List Book
  4. Scrapbook!
  5. Cute Text/Message book – every time you get a cute message, email, text or anything either screenshot, print out and stick it on, or write it out
  6. Idea Book! I have one of these (I’ve actually managed to keep the same one for two years now!) and it’s full of all my story ideas and plot twists and such. (Yes, you terrible followers – I like to write. How could you not know that?)
  7. Blog Book! All your post ideas/blog calendars/whatever else
  8. Review Book – every time you watch a film, or read a book, write the title in, give it a star rating and (if you want) write a comment next to it.
  9. Doodle book. Because not all your little sketches are good enough to go into your sketchbook.
  10. A diary.
  11. A gratitude book; every day write 5 things you’re grateful for
  12. A massive checklist/goal book
  13. A quote book
  14. Typography practice
  15. Morning Pages/Free Writing/Brain Dump
  16. Mind maps
  17. Financial log
  18. Passwords/PINS/Important Info
  19. “Stupid things people said today”
  20. An “all about you” book; you can use it to help “discover” yourself or as a quick guide to getting to know you. I imagine it would be interesting to give someone a book that held your deepest and darkest secrets, loves and hates in it. It would also make them buying you Christmas gifts a lot easier. A pretty cool idea would be to keep one and give it to your significant other when you get married, or something. I don’t know. I’m not Jesus, and God doesn’t speak to the people through me.

In case you didn’t guess . . . I may or may not have went out and bought myself a slightly obscene amount of notebooks.


These were both from TKMaxx (I maybe went on a bit of a haul . . . maybe.) and were, I believe, £4 each. They both have gold foil writing and gold sided pages. Because . . . shiny.

blog planner notes notebook polka dot vintage polaroid


These two were a bit more expensive at – shock horror – £4.99. Still from TKMaxx. I know -the con artists. I’m actually quite proud of the images for these two; if you click on them, you can see them in their full size glory. You should. Because good photography on my blog is somewhat of a rarity.

dream big goth notebook


Look, I never left TK Maxx. Let’s not talk about it anymore.

Here are what am going to use them for:

  1. Blog planner. Inspiration, lists, post ideas and other things I may need in the organisation of my blog. Yay.
  2. Personal growth book. This is more for me to keep track of all my goals (fitness, food, skills I’m learning etc) and to put in daily routines, or things like that
  3. A semi-review book; I want it more to be a book of things I love and hate. So there will be reviews in it (of the star type, not the detailed analysis and psychological theory type), but also just notes of songs I like, or a quick “I get why Hitler burnt books” when I read yet another YA Paranormal romance novel. I know – you’d think I’d learn.
  4. Cute message book. I want to do this for not only my friends and family, but also my blog because so many of you guys leave me comments that make my day!
  5. Scrapbook! I need to buy myself a printer first, but . . . it will happen. I’m giving myself until Chinese New Year to get myself all set up for this year.

So these are the latest additions to the currently-in-use parts of my notebook collection!


I hope some of you found this post either helpful, or pretty to look at! Which are your favourite notebooks? And which uses do you think you might use?

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Those were really great uses for notebooks! I recently bought a bunch of notebooks so this was very helpful! ?

aw thank you! I always convince myself I “need” more notebooks and “need” to be more organised, so i end up in a see of blank paper but pretty covers…im glad this could help you! 😀

Your welcome!?

Tk Maxx is the best for notebooks and these are all so cute!

I never knew until I went Christmas shopping there! I feel like I’ve missed out…I love their home decor section too ? and thank you!

I get lots of like weird boxes from the home ware section, they’re really useful ^-^

hello soul sister! thats so funny; im uploading a room decorating post next week because i change my room every year and i bought a load of cute TK Maxx boxes as well!

Aw I can’t wait for your room decorating post, I wish I could change the style of my room. I love decor, I might do a room tour… when it’s tidier.

i would love to see that! and thank you, im thinking to maybe do a video xD at least then i wouldnt really have to be in it!

Do you have a youtube? x

i have an empty channel right now, but this year is the year i start it! x

Wooo I will subscribe when you do x

I love this! I also have several notebooks and am always buying new ones haha now I have some ideas of what to use them for!xx

thank you so much! im totally the same way.. theyre just so cute! glad this could help 😀 xx

Thank you! Now I know what to do with all of my notebooks and not feel bad about having so many ?

aw thank you! yep, its a legitimate problem! its great to see im not the only hoarder xD

I’m not a hoarder, I’m a product enthusiast ??

im so going to have to use that!

Oh my gosh I was just about to go out today and buy notebooms from tkmaxx to help me plan blog posts and make a blog post calender thingy. Good to see I’m not the only one who has an obsession with tkmaxx’s beautiful notebooks!

omg definitely do! they really help you get organised and know what to do! and THEYRE AMAZING!

I got some and they’re awesome!! I’m going to write a post about them soon.

This is a great idea, I have more blank notebooks than I know what to do with! Notebook magpies unite!

Tore | http://www.atinymew.com xo

ah thank you! and yes definitely!

YES! Notebooks are my obsession – your little Gollum bit at the beginning was pretty much me. Oops. Also, I recommend stopping reading the YA dystopia. It makes me cry (and not in a good way). X

I ACCEPT YOU! and god i know…but i like supporting independent or new authors and a lot write YA so im like “oh give them a chance”…. A CHANCE FOR WHAT PLS? REPETITIVE STORYLINES? STOCK CHARACTERS? STUPID INSTA LUST/LOVE THAT MAKES ME QUESTION IF YOU’VE EVER LEFT YOUR HOUSE AND SPOKEN TO ANOTHER PERSON? All YA is atm is shitty romance with very bad attempts at adding plot into it. i sincerely hope my young adult life is not like that, or it’ll basically be a daytime TV porn flick x

I’ve given up on “give them a chance” – I’m not that nice! They’re just all the damn same – a weird dystopian world, and a soppy romance – and it’s such a tired storyline. And I’m sorry but their understanding of young people seems to be about zero… So yeah, not a fan. x

This is such a good idea! I have so many notes books and actually threw some away because it was just cluttering my desk.

Thanks for this post! I think. Scrap book / ideas book is perfect and I may just put this to use x


ah thank you very much! definitely do put them to use x

I love the idea of the cute message book, I bought three cute notebooks from Hema, this Dutch shop I found in Bromley and I’m going to do that with one of them for sure!

ooooh i live near to bromley, i may have to stop in! and its so cute! imagine having a bad day and just having that book of messages to come back to!

Yeah! Definitely going to do it and yeah have a look, I think it’s in the Intu Bromley shopping centre?

Cute notebooks and great ideas for how to use them. I have a work notebook and then a diary one etc.

Aw thank you! That sounds efficient:)

Idk why but I have an obsession for notebooks. Be them any I just take them. And this post is the best post about them that I have come across!
Thanks for the amazing post!

I can tell you now, it’s because notebooks are amazing. Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

Thank you for the very helpful ideas BUT OH MY GOODNESS THOSE NOTEBOOKS ARE SOOO CUTE… Sorry, I’m a bit too excited about notebooks ?


Love your collection of notebooks! I love inspirational quotes and phrases in front of notebooks, makes it more motivating to write in them hahah. Thanks for this great post 🙂

Thank you! And so do I; notebooks with pretty covers just win!

Hey 🙂 I nominated you for the beauty blogger award <3


aw thank you so much!

I looked for aa bunch of notebooks today haha . I couldn’t resit even tought it wasn’t why I went to target for .

Awww you should post them!

Reblogged this on ?FreeWriter99? and commented:
Amazing Post! *__*

Oh my gosh, that is such a great idea to print screenshots of cute texts/messages!! I honestly would’ve never thought of that. I need to start doing this. My camera roll is literally filled with hilarious and interesting screenshots and it definitely needs to be put in a special place.

RIGHT? All the best friend/groupchat messages … i definitely need one of these, it will be the cutest thing to look over one day!

Yes! It’s so perfect and will be a nice little memory book. Actually…me and one of my friends have a “memory jar” where we write down funny/memorable things we did together on sticky notes and just collect them in the jar overtime. That’s also a great way to keep record of great memories!

that so cute; i tried to do that one year, but always ended up forgetting and it was abandoned around march…

That’s actually been happening to me now..haha. Last time I put anything in the jar was around May. I definitely agree it’s hard to keep up with!

Wow all these notebooks look amazing! Am I the only one who thinks a pretty nice notebook can make your life better? haha, loved this post!

You have a really cute collection!
Also, great ideas! 🙂


Awwwww thank you so much?

This post was sooooo helpful! I keep buying cute notebooks but have no idea what to do with them. Thank you xx



Those notebooks are so pretty! Great ideas for filling them. I am also a notebook addict. But I never know where to put them all so when I decide I finally want to use one, I can never find the right one!

Aren’t they just! Thank you – and I actually just pile them up at the bottom of my desk…it’s quite a big pile..

I basically have 200 notebooks lying around

LOL right?

Haha ?

Lol, it’s spelled Gollum not Golemn XD

Loool thanks ?


Where I live it’s the same company but called TJ Maxx. That’s so cool. 😀

I just love that shop 🙂

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I always love reading your posts. This one gave me so many ideas of what to do with notebooks. I have so many notebooks that I write in, the only problem is none of them are organized. With help for this post I will be able to clean up my notebooks and make my thoughts more organized. Thank you!

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