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What Can I Buy People That Ask For Clothes For Christmas - ANSWERED.


Hi. If you're here, it's for one of two reasons (probably).

A. You've been subject to one of those irritating people that inflicted the dreaded "get me clothes for Christmas or my birthday" on you.


B. You're one of those deplorable people that ever-so-vaguely asks for "clothes" as gifts. What clothes? In which size? What's your style? Why is such a simple request so very difficult?  Are you proud of yourself? You've turned what should've been a quick shopping trip into an aneurysm inducing minefield. Because we all  know that if you get them the wrong thing they're going to resent the hell out of you forever. Teen girls being the worst culprits of this.

** All images are linked products, by the way ** 

Well, then, aren't you lucky? Because I've compiled this great list of clothes you can buy people that want clothes for Christmas that won't be returned or hurled at your head. Happy holidays.

# 1 - Basics

There are fundamentals to every teen girl's wardrobe; hell, every person's wardrobe. The oversized white tee, the flannel shirt, the black jeans? These all constitute your basics and basics are where there is no possibility for you to go wrong. Why?

Because they're like school supplies. An incredibly boring gift, but also a necessity. Your teen may not be overcome with joy and fling themselves into your waiting arms - but they won't be reaching for the receipt and you're likely to see them wearing your gift in the future. 

Also, to completely contradict myself, basics don't have to be entirely boring. While they're the building blocks of your wardrobe, this doesn't mean they have to be pure cold functionality. I've included examples of basics you can get for your gift recipient. Enjoy.

#2 - Jumpers and Sweaters

All Images Are Linked Products!

So, I could call this section "essentials" or "things you can/are likely to live in", but I'm going for the more descriptive jumpers and sweaters. In fact, I'm only lumping them together to avoid taking a majority of this post up with them.

Seriously, jumpers and sweaters are most teenager's go to wardrobe items in the colder months. They're an effortless instant outfit, they're warm and they're so very comfortable. If you're familiar with Pinterest, (and if that's a yes, I am, Pin something on this page. Pretty please?) then you have seen all the fall fashion inspiration Pins, right? What do they all have in common?

Jumpers and sweaters! Because we all love them. So give the gift.

#3 - Coats

It's cold.  Especially near Christmas, the weather dips into "holy shit, I'm freezing" territory.

Yeah, I don't know why I felt the need to point that out either.

Clearly, my new career as a weatherman (or more accurately woman) has hit a brick wall.

Anyways, when it's cold your teen girls (and, I mean, everyone else in the world) need a coat to keep them warm. Yes, they have jumpers and cardigans - but it's just not the same! So you could give them the incredibly practical gift of a nice, warm, sturdy coat. I'm sure they'll love you for it. 

#4 - Shoes

Shoes, flats, boots, trainers, heels and hell let's even throw some sandals in there. Most teen girls a. love shoes and b. always want more. So, although yes they technically asked for "clothes", you could get them a nice pair of shoes!

Depending on the age of your teen, you could go for a few different styles. Personally, I think boots are a good idea as it doesn't matter what age you are - at some point, you will need boots. Oh, and I found some pretty gorgeous velvet Doc Marten lookalikes for a surprisingly good price that I'm excited to include.

Trainers/sneakers depending on where in the world you call home are also a good way to go. They're comfortable, practical and the ones that are in style are always going to well-recieved.

#5 - T-Shirts and Tops

Why hello, items that no woman's closet can even exist without. How are you today? Cute, lovable and brilliant? Great gifts that won't need receipts? Ah, lovely. That's great to hear. 

I don't think I need to talk about T-shirts and tops with you. I mean, we all know that they're the basis of pretty much every outfit - where would we all be without a nice T-shirt, after all? 

Now, I personally love receiving graphic tees as presents. I mean, they're just pretty great. 

So I present to you a section this post clearly could not live without . . . a T-shirts and tops section!

#6 - Skirts

Skirts can be a great staple piece for an outfit and they're way more effortless and comfy than your typical jeans. Which is great because they instantly look like you've made more effort. It's the world's best kept secret. 

(Alongside how the fuck the Egyptians managed to build those pyramids, like seriously can someone explain please I want to know)


#7 - Jeans

Now, here are the real moneymakers. Jeans. Every single girl, woman, man and elephant I know owns jeans. (Yes, elephants have legs too, do they not?)

Not just one pair of jeans. Not just two. As many jeans as they can get their hands on because . . . well, jeans are what makes the world go round. True story. 

The great and incredibly stressful thing about jeans is that no two pairs are the same; some are bootcut (ew...), some are baggy, some are superskinny and some are so ripped that you might as well just give up and call them shorts. There's a whole world of possibility just waiting out there for you to gift to someone. (Sidenote: who else is totally loving the embroidered jeans trend?)

If you want to get your woman a gift she won't roll her eyes at and throw away, try getting her a pair of jeans!

#8 - Dresses

Dresses are brilliant gifts; especially at Christmas aka party season! They're great all-in-one outfits for us lazy women and . . . some of them sparkle.

Which is important. Okay?

Dresses can of course be casual, everyday wear as well. You know, if you're going for functionality and practicality and trying to make me incredibly sad. Which is fine, it really is. I'm not bitter.

If you're giving a dress this year, whether it's for a birthday or Christmas, you should probably accessorise it too. I mean, what dress is complete without an elegant necklace to go with it? 

And maybe some shoes too . . . 

#9 - Bags

Another wardrobe essential for your women of all ages is the bag. Seriously, our bags are like these black holes where dreams go to die.

Well, I mean, where all your favourite lipsticks get lost, but it's pretty much the same thing.

Every girl you know has a tendency for hoarding weird shit they don't need in their bag. No, don't argue with me; it's true. When have I ever used the matches I have in my bag? Never. When will I use them? In all likelihood, never. Am I going to throw them out?

Of course not, don't be silly.

My Wishlist

As a girl that always wants clothes for Christmas (yet never asks for them because Jesus Christ other people's choices for me are always slightly absurd) I decided to feature a little wishlist part of this post so you can see the sort of things a teenager may mean when they ask for clothes for Christmas.

Then again, you should take into account that everyone is different. I mean, I'm a pretty strange person. I wouldn't necessarily say the general populace would appreciate everything on my list. Bearing in mind, I enjoy reading books about Satanic cults, philosophy, palm reading and Buddhism, you may consider my tastes slightly eccentric. But hey, I like cool shit. So take a look - you might find something you like.


And that's a wrap!

And that's it guys! I hope you found this post helpful and that I managed to give you some ideas for what to buy people who ask for clothes for Christmas (the bastards.). If you enjoyed, don't forget to share and leave me a comment. Would you mind getting any of these? What's on your wishlist?

All the love.


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Blog Comments

I never tend to ask for clothes as gift just for that reason! Sometimes people’s choices for me can be really weird too! But after reading this post, I think it makes it a whole lot easier for anyone to get someone clothes! I mean I’m not a teenager anymore (unfortunately I have to start adulting) but I’d gladly wear almost anything on this post!
ps: your site has changed so much! It looks so cool!!

honestly, i think i might ask for clothes this year just to make a post showing all the rather strange things i’d get xD
Aw thank you! I’m nearing the end of my teen years too – how are you finding the dreaded “adulting”? :'( and thank you!
PS. I changed to self-hosting so i unfortunately had to switch themes but im glad you like it! 😀

Hahah you should!! I’d love to see that! Aaaw mannn, don’t even get me started! I want to go back to those years where my only struggle was whether to talk to that one boy or not. LOL. Nah, adulting has its perks, I guess..
PS I checked out your post on switching! It looks amazing!!

Oh gosh, YES! I want to go back to having homework! so much less stressful XD
Why thank you!

It won’t let me leave an actual comment for some reason, so I’ll have to reply to this! But great post, some fab items here! X

Hahah I still have homework, though.. #uni I miss the homework I used to get back in secondary school, definitely. Need a pass on these stupid deadlines and assignments.

I can never seem to get enough striped tees haha! x
Morgan | http://www.justmorgs.com

Omg I think I am in love with everything you posted, love this xox

I’m in love with these picks! I’m definitely one of those annoying girls that asks for clothes but if anyone reads this post I will love them for it. xo

You’re an angel for this! I always have such a difficult time with gifting, but this is really helpful, thank you!

Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

These are some really nice picks. Totally helpful if you don’t know what to find for somebody.

Joyce | http://joycentricity.blogspot.com

I just fell in love with your whole aesthetic. I used to ask for clothes but for some reason people never get my size right haha so now I just pray to Santa and hope gift cards come my way instead haha.

I love this post – the layout is so perfect. your whole blog is so aesthetically pleasing! I love it 🙂 xx

I would love a pair of embroidered jeans for Christmas – t’s hope that Santa will be kind to me haha! These are some really great ideas, thanks for sharing girl! Great job on the photos / graphics for this post too, everything looks so stylish!

Abbey ? http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

I love all of your picks and this post is such a great inspiration for my autumn and winter wardrobe. Definitely need to have some of these pieces 🙂

Sarah | What Sarah Writes

Loved this!! I always ask for clothes for Christmas, but never give much away about what clothes as I always just wear black and grey so preach this aha! Great post lovely xx

Ahhh such lovely picks, the quirky bags you chose are my favourites! Your blog is adorable, I love the illustrations! 😀 xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
(lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram tempting Too Faced Gingerbread giveaway!)

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