I don’t know how you found my dark, disturbed corner of the web, but now that you’re down the rabbit hole you might as well stay . . . Is what I would say if this blog were written by stranger, more twisted person than I (the kind of person that would write weird posts about Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Do At Funerals, The Psychology Behind Monsters and conspiracy theories on both Snow and Father Christmas, for example), but as am a socially acceptable, fully functioning nice human being all I’m going to say is:

Hello there, you wonderful human being, how might you be this lovely day?

That just felt wrong. I’m sorry.

As you’ve probably already noticed I have a bit of a personality issue where, to be honest, I’m just pretty odd. (Any Panic! fans out there get it? Wink wink.)

Well, now you know all about me  except for the useful, normal and I don’t know basic information like your name?   How many times have I told you; you’re me. So it’s our name.   And what shame you bring to it. But, please, can we save the existential crisis for later? do tell me about yourself. I even promise to listen. Maybe not care, maybe not even respond in a timely and appropriate fashion, but definitely listen.

I’m Mia, by the way.


I like everything to do with fashion, witchy stuff, tarot cards, books, inappropriate humour, jewellery, curly hair, money, Tumblr, palm trees, pineapples, reading, watermelon, chocolate, blogging, drawing, swear words, random raving, shopping, popcorn, sleeping, DIY and a variety of other weird and depraved things. Not least of all Maroon 5. I’m quite ashamed at myself for that.

I want to travel when I’m older and blog about that too! I find myself slightly fascinated by the idea of advertising and marketing campaigns – the artistic side anyways – and have a strange dream to own a restaurant, a dessert bar and a cupcake business. Which is strange because whenever I cook people tend to get food poisoning. And I have no love for food.

So I really don’t know where that came from.

I also want to become a full blown witch, but who has the time? This rule also applies to my desire to be a completely Zen, healthy body healthy mind mini-Buddha. And my novel. That is slowly but surely being written. Kind of.

In case you didn’t gather, I’m a blogger. (And, if you are, you might want to check out my Blogging Advice page) I’m PR and collaboration open/accepting/willing and you can contact me at mjmiddleditch365@gmail.com

My social medias are all here, so follow up and stay tuned. And, y’know, drop me a comment and we can chat.






141 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. wehay being accepted by random strangers…I LIKE IT 😀 Let’s definitely be best friends; I’m thinking anniversary party with a #YOLO theme (which, yes, pisses me off to because…well, it’s #YOLO. ew.) which means FOOD FIGHT, PAINT FIGHT, BLARING MUSIC AND ALL THIS FUN SHIT.

      I look forward to our best friendship. :’) *brushes tear from eye*

            1. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY.

              then i realised that I have curly hair and that getting paint in it was basically suicide.

              and then I realised I didn’t give a damn and THAT I WANT TO PLAY PAINT TWISTER!

  1. Since I started blogging I’ve ended all my posts with “live long and prosper V/” And then I find your blog and I’m like ‘woahhh she had it first wow I feel totally uncool right now’. Then I realized that I would rather be Sheldon Cooper than like Clara Oswald (WHOVIAN ALERT). So I’m happy again 😀
    I’m not weird. Ok yeah I’m weird. Anyways I love your blog I feel like I can really relate to you!! (I’m weird, just roll with it ><)
    Live long and prosper V/
    Yours sincerely,
    The Mostly Confused Teenager.

  2. WOW. I didn’t think I’d ever find anyone half as weird as I am. Not saying that you’re weird. I am weird. I am so glad I’m not the only one who talks to herself. Not that I’m assuming that you do. Wow, I sound really creepy don’t I?
    Anyway, just wanted to say I like your blog, and I guess I just wanted to say thank you for proving to my mother I’m not crazy. Also, sorry. Didn’t mean to make this creepy.

  3. Hi Mia, my name is Pedro and I run Alfamarama (www.alfamarama.etsy.com) a small paper gifts brand. I am getting lots of views from your blog and I would love to offer you a thank you notebook this Christmas! Please get in touch if you read this! Keep up the good work! Pedro

  4. I just want to say that you inspired me to create my own account, my own site. I have no clue what I’m doing (what even are layouts pls send help), but im going on to try because seeing all the awesome things that can come from it, from seeing the work of you and so many others inspired me. Thanks for being a great writer, keep on (:

    1. aw thank you so much! (and i so know what you mean i spent last night trying to fix my layout a bit and just ended up kind of giving up …. if you do want help on anything though just tell me ^.^) im going to have to check your blog out now 😀 exciting stuffs.

      1. “You’ve broken roommate code 57.41” lol omg I would punch a roommate in the face if they were like that lol. And you’re welcome (of course)

  5. I honestly just found you like 3 minutes ago looking for themes for school events that I can plan and landed on your 35 party themes page. I wanted to know more about you so I clicked the about me page (duh) and that’s how I got here (double duh). I just wanted to tell you how original (which i mean.. i think you already know) and inspiring you are and how you have just become the first blog that I will ever actually follow. I would love to be a teen blogger but fear I don’t have time. Also, how do you get your hair to look so -insert eye heart emoji- Thank you so much in advance. Mara <3

    1. awww thank you so much! comments like this are why i blog hehe… if you ever do get your blog up, send me a link gurl 😉 and my hair’s naturally curly, but coconut oil and argan oil conditioner are my tips! x

      1. My hair is naturally curly too. XD My mom is from Canada and My dad is from Guyana so needless to say, I’ve got some crazy curls going on. I’m always looking for new things to try to tame the beast in which lives on my head so thank you for the tips.

  6. Haha , i found this about post really cute. It got my smile to widen bit by bit. It is great to have you here, i really look forward to reading your posts. Nice URL bttw. Cheers! 🙂

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