Existence (Existence Trilogy #1) – Abbi Glines

Existence; the first in the Existence trilogy by Abbit Glines http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13223520-existence


I-I-I’m confused. I think I’m impressed. But I’m also seriously disappointed. And seriously how can I concentrate with those bright blue eyes staring at me *scrolls down*.

Right, let me explain something. This isn’t a storyline book. This is a romance, with a bit of supernatural on the side. Which would be fine, because the romance isn’t overpowering. Yes, I know. It makes no sense. First off let me clear something up: this isn’t a love triangle. From the get-go, you know who Pagan is ending up with. She knows it too. She’s just . . . oh, who even knows with these people. I say this because I, personally, hate love triangles. Oh, God, they grate me. So (when I first saw these two guys introduced) I was like: gtfo

Don’t worry. There is no love triangle. She isn’t uselessly crying about her choice. She knows who she wants; she just . . . well, she can’t really have him.

So the romance between Dank and Pagan (I know what you’re thinking. Me too.) is . . . it’s perfect. You sit there, like “OMG, YEEE” but then you’re like: wait wut. I mean, yeah she must be pretty beautiful (head jock or whatever the Americans call them is, like, whipped on her) and she’s smart. Has a good backbone too, but not enough to be stupidly stubborn. She is a pretty good character. I mean, I admire what she’s doing: she knows Dank is . . . something else, so she decides to get on with her life. Then he appears and she doesn’t just drop everything for him.

I admire that. There are too many Bella Swan types out there (but Twilight the book is pretty okay, in my opinion) and Pagan isn’t one of them.

And jealous Dank . . . he growled. Come on, growling. What’s not to love? Anyways, back to the “wait wut” – how in the world did these two start “liking” each other? I understand Pagan’s part; he’s witty, hot and there’s the whole dark, mysterious thing. But Dank; that’s a whole different story.  He openly admits he’s never found another human attractive, or wanted one . . . before Pagan. Then it’s revealed he loves her soul, which is, like, fine. That’s cool; I get it.

Except that’s pretty impossible because he doesn’t know her. Genuinely. He just turns up one day and then leaves (he’s come to kill her, or collect her soul, or something); Pagan gets upset about another guy and he appears, being all nice to her. Which (again) is fine. But then he saves her life. Causing himself (and her) all sorts of trouble. For a girl he’s talked to all of, say, 3 times? I don’t gettit.

However, there is a downside. A really big disappointment.

What the hell happened towards the end?

Oh my God. Oh my actual bloody God. I wanted to rip my hair out or cry or stamp. Pagan did a complete 180 from the  character I actually liked into this . . . emotional wreck. It was ridiculous. She was practically stalking Dank. But he didn’t exist anymore, so that didn’t work out well for her. It was shameful; I felt embarassed for her. Seriously, WHY DO AUTHORS DO THIS?!

I can not take heroines that go into meltdown when their boyfriend leaves them. It is a no-go. It’s just demeaning. However, at the end, you can see why Dank and Pagan are together; she basically kills herself so he doesn’t get stuck in hell. Then (when she isn’t actually killed and she’s told he’s actually in Hell, with people telling him her every move) she decides to live – and enjoy life – so Dank won’t have to suffer any more than he already is. Yeah, it doesn’t sound like much of a sacrifice, but she basically wants to kill herself until she’s told about all of his Hell life. It’s confusing when I put it like this, but it’s not as weird as it sounds.

Well yeah it is. But anyways.

So it is a good book. If you’re looking for a quick, pretty shallow read with a good romance, then this is your book. If you want a deep, meaningful story . . . maybe not. To be honest, it didn’t leave me wanting more; the way I saw it, the happy ending was tied in a nice little bow. And then I went on goodreads.com and read a few reviews for the next one. Apparently, it is MUCH BETTER. So, I will read and review . . . later

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I think this is the only Abbi Glines book I haven’t read – theres just something about her easy, noncommittal romance novels that makes me really happy inside. So I may just give this one a go too. That is, if I can get past the names… Great review by the way 🙂

I know what you mean, but for romance I think the Lux Series (Jennifer Armentrout) is actually quite good. And the names are actually . . . normal . . .

I love the Lux series! Ughhh and Daemon!

THANKYOU! I actually love it way too much….and daemon <3 ___ <3

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