Review On Opal (Lux #3) By Jennifer Armentrout


4/5 *’s (well 3.5, but we round up)

Right . . . this book is hard. Because I’ve changed my mind about it – which isn’t as weird as it sounds, promise. While I was reading it, I kinda loved it. But then I looked back on it a few days later and . . .


The thing is: it has its strengths. And it has its weaknesses. (Seriously, I’ve never understood why I can’t put ‘ before the s on its. It does belong to the book, le sigh. Anyways.) Like the interaction between Katy and Daemon is perfect. Those two are hilarious; the fact they’re always pissing each other off just makes me laugh. And Dawson.

Well I just don’t know about Dawson. I mean, he’s a good character – I like him. And there’s the whole “my brother’s not dead, so less brooding and shit” that Daemon can go through, but . . . his whole storyline in this book is pretty pointless. Wait, no, that’s wrong – it’s not emphasised enough. I wish it was; it would’ve made the book a lot better. But it feels like his whole storyline is only there so Armentrout can rip our hearts out at the end.

Which is just a repeat of the last book, except without the happy ending. Katy is taken again, but Daemon can’t rescue her this time. I read it and I swear I was like: tumblr_m6p2jwahu61rxjzkho1_500

Except without the actual tears, but you know – the feels were real. And Blake’s back. Eurgh. Ew ew ew. Just ew. Why? He’s so pointless. And you know what he’s going to do – he did the exact same thing in the last book. I think Armentrout possibly wanted to re-write the entire last book, but from a ‘Katy and Daemon actually together, and hey Dawson’s back!” POV.

Look, this book is good. While I was reading it, I loved it. It’s just not as good as the previous two – well it is, but it’s more of a bridge book. You know books that are just there to get the story from one point to another? Ie Kelley Armstrong’s Darkest Powers #2 – the only point of that really was to bring Chloe and Derek closer. Doesn’t make it any less of a good book, but it’s not quite as amazing as the others.

The storyline is . . . well, it’s pretty much exactly the same as number 2, with a few things tweaked. #2 – Katy training with Blake; #3 – Katy and Daemon’s family training with Blake
#2 – Blake betrays them; #3 – Blake betrays them
#2 – Katy gets kidnapped; #3 – Katy gets kidnapped

If you’re going to read this book (which you should, it is good) jsut go in with this expectation – IT IS A BRIDGE BOOK. The focus is on Katy and Daemon and how they actually manage to not kill each other. It’s more about the aftermath of Adam’s death and Dawson’s return. There’s not quite as much action as the previous ones.#

But seriously skip the end. Don’t read the end until July, when the next one is out, or you will seriously consider suicide.


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