Review On Obsidian (Lux #1)


5/5 *’s. 10/10. I loved this book (this whole bloody series) so much I got the ebook, then bought the paperbacks. Yeah.

So maybe I should start by actually talking about the book. First: KATY IS A BLOGGER. The first time we see her, she is wearing a shirt saying: my blog is better than your vlog.


Do we need more of a reason to like her? Well guess what she blogs about: books. Some people reading this might be like “meh”, but whatever. You don’t understand, this is an emotional time in my life. So – for those of you that need more of a reason to like her – Katy is . . . well, she’s kind of a badass. She doesn’t have any majorly cool powers or anything, but she deals with Major Twat of Dickendom, Daemon. (Who – by the way – we love, but jeesh attitude problems much)

“Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.” – Quote from Obsidian.

Doesn’t put up with any of his crap and (although the poor girl is . . . well, she’s whipped) she still manages to keep from rolling over like his lap dog. Their relationship is – by far – one of my favourite romances I’ve ever read; at times, their conversations had me laughing out loud. I won’t spoil it for you, but those two will keep you coming back for more long after the last page is turned. I think I should also point this out:

THIS BOOK DOESN’T HAVE ANY CRAPPY INSTA-LOVE WE ALL HATE. Yes. You heard me. No stupid, pointless, immediate love. No chemistry so bad you want to kill the characters just so they stop. Matter of fact, these two have the perfect kind of relationship – a realistic one. One where they argue all the time and irritate each other and are rude and . . . it’s great.


*Deep sigh of relief*

And and and . . .

THERE’S A STORYLINE TOO. You heard me. A real life storyline. Well, in the second half of the book there is. In the first half (predictably) it’s mostly Katy actually finding out what’s going on with the Black family. But that’s interesting too.

And I adore Lesa and Carissa. Which makes Opal piss me off, but still. I can *sniff* enjoy them while they’re here.

Look. As Katy herself says (“ET doesn’t really do it for me and a lot of other readers”) aliens aren’t usually something I like reading about, but Obsidian? I TAKE IT BACK, MASTER. I love the aliens, really I do. Promise.

Just read it. You won’t regret it.



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