The Beautiful Blogger Award


Why thankyou for this honour of getting a nice award. I’m touched, really. So I would like to thank youtube for giving me this opportunity to steal some other person’s thankyou speech. And you can watch that, and marvel over how seriously great at speeches I am, while I burn my toast.


*15 minutes later* I’M BACK, WITH BURNT TOAST, A LEAFLET ABOUT JESUS AND MY SPEECH THAT IS COMPLETELY ME, NOT MERYL STREEP, WHAT ARE YOU ON?.= Sorry for the quick break, but Jehovah Witnesses were knocking on my door and nobody else is in. It’s rather awkward that I’m pretty sure my bra was showing a little over my vest (the strap of my vest is broken) so I was standing there like.. my lace top better cover my bra, or they’re gonna start telling me about fornication and shit. See my great-grandma (the mam of the grandma that lives with me) is a Jehovah Witness and she sits there all judging whenever I wear shorts. And I don’t even wear short shorts – seriously, the way my mum would drag me back into my house and lock me in my room if I looked even slightly slutty. Well, I’d probably lock myself away, but still. ANYWAYS, I was standing there singing stranger danger to myself – I made a song, seriously.

Stranger danger, stranger danger,

Anyone could be a creep,

Stranger danger, power ranger,

Be careful who you meet,

They could drag you in their bed, hit you over the head,

Steal your chicken wings or throw your body into bins,

That gave me a really weird mental image of these two (really, really nice ladies – Pat and Angela, their names were) running into my house, stealing all our chicken (I think about chicken a lot, sorry) and beating me to death with my little brother’s toy power rangers. Which was strangely appropriate because they were talking our “thy Kingdom” and heaven and how much better it is than earth. And that really didn’t help convince me that they didn’t want to kill me. Sigh.

I’m so trusting.

when-a-friend-says-they-aren-t-a-sellout-and-always-wanted-to-go-into-finance-1 - Copy (2)

Anyways, back to the blog award thank you speech.

But, seriously, thank you to SarahK, who is absolutely great. Seriously, if you don’t follow her already, you really should! She’s so nice and sweet and n’aaaw.



And now, onto the awards ceremony! Hosting today’s awards is . . . NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, because I love him, he’s my best friend and this show is not just for gays anymore. (Watch the opening and all will be revealed. You know you want to. And if you don’t then . . . well, I’ll eat you. Yeah. I went there.)

Now, we’re all into today’s festivities let me start my nominations. I have to award the blog to 15 different bloggers, right? Okay, cool. Let’s get this show on the road.

  1. Girlwiththesilverlocket because her blog (when she fucking updates it, she disappears on me a lot:( it makes me sad.) is awesome and she’s my new blog best friend. AND HER TASTE IN MUSIC IS KICK-FUCKING-ASS.
  2. SarahK – I can give an award back, right? Right? Well, I’m doing it, feel free to judge me.
  3. Vagendavixen – I love her blog and she is actually so nice. Some of the best advice and some of the funniest stories. Follow, follow, follow!
  4. Seasons of Insanity – this was one of the first blogs I followed and I still thinks it’s great. Shit loads of funny stories on here.
  5. Floodedroses – really nice (is really good at Temple Run) and has a nice blog.
  6. Teenspirit – he makes lists. Anyone that follows me knows that lists call to me, okay.
  7. The Problem With Society – this girl is awesome. She tells it like it is and actually has a smart opinion.
  8. Erinblueglitter – she is honestly so nice and I actually enjoy reading about her life. Hope her acting goes well.
  9. Thatladlogan – only started following this blog a few days ago, but it’s a good blog and HE CAN DO PUBLIC SPEAKING. I feel like I should tip my hat to him or something, but if I had a hat it would be a snapback and I doubt he’d want that tipped at him. Well, that’s a shame.
  10. Teacupsandbookends – A FELLOW READER! Yay! Enough said, but allow me to point out that she writes great reviews.
  11. Normalgirlcrazyworld – BEST. TASTE. IN. MUSIC. EVER. She is seriously so nice and has the funniest stories ever – like telling her crush he could “bash her back doors in”
  12. Sillycharlie – SHE IS SO NICE. I feel like this point should be emphasized, so caps lock it is. Ha ha.
  13. Alltheloveabove – lots of inspiration to be found and some of her diary entries are pretty funny (especially ones about idiots in English)
  14. Jammyjimjam – her posts are all very real and relatable. Yet another great blog.
  15. Ellythewelly – she is actually hilarious. It’s funny, like.


7 interesting things about myself?

1. I’m actually dopier than anyone ever thought possible..examples:


Just one, not particularly bad, example…theres always the time I left my phone in the shower..

2. I have a really weird accent.

3. At home, I’m really independent, but at school I can’t even get to my lessons without my friends xD

4. I love metal. Or rock, whatever you call it.

5. According to people I look Latino, but I’m actually mixed race, so half black, half white. (Okay, actually we come from fucking everywhere but my mum is black and my dad is white. I’m just…weird) and I have the easiest school life ever.

7. I have a phobia of veins. I can’t even look at my own. Which basically leads to a phobia of needles. Doctors scare the shit outta me and hospitals make me want to throw up. Which is ironic because that makes them want to keep you.

Okay, so there you go. Au revoir.






Blog Comments

Thank you for the award! and awesome is pretty over-exaggerative, i think your even more awesome but this is really sweet so thanks 😀

Welcome, you deserve it 😀

Ahhh Thank you, laughed so much at this, but seriously.. THANK YOU! 😀


It was the gifs they set me of into giggles?! hehe… il bring the llamas!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! 😀

Ooooh I have one of a jumping fat lady in a bikini, had me rolling around for ages xD Neil Patrick harris’s opening thing was funny as hell though xD OOOOH I can bring a sloth? WELL YOUR NOT WELCOME BECAUSE BEING WELCOME IS TOO MAINSTREAM

oooh sounds good I might have to hunt that down!!! Yeah ROTCLMAO (rolling on the celing laughing my ass off because floor is too mainstream)… Ohhh yeah bring a sloth… Il bring a unicorn! I can be uninvited but then come to be anti-mainstream! SUCH FUN!!! 😀

I’ll put it in my next post, just for you xD BUT THERES A SPIDER ON MY CEILING THO …I can bring a duck to cook and possibly a dragon (y) THAT IS JUST SUCH A GOOD IDEA, MAYBE I’LL THROW WAER BALLOONS AT YOU 😀

Ohh exciting, I feel super special now!!! ARGHHH spider KILLL ITTT. but then you would be a murderer? Oh well! Ummm duck nom nom… I have always wanted to see a dragon? I can bring some nintendo 64’s but after the dragon I dont have much more to offer… apart from llamas and a ukulele of protection? YAY WATER BALLOONS!!! Arghhh this is gonna be fun!!!!!! 😀

HEY have some pills, just for super special people 😉 UM NO I WAS POLITE AND ASKED IT TO MOVE AND WHEN IT DIDNT I DECIDED THAT I WANTED TO GO DOWNSTAIRS ANYWAY! so yummy :3 yeah well meet my grandma xD ISNT A UKELELE LIKE A BANJO?!:D iknooooow:’) lets fill them with melted chocolate!

Yay to special people!!! How nice of you to be ppolite to a spider, however you let it live now it will EAT YOUR BRAINS WHILST YOU SLEEP 😀 YOU DONT KNOW WHAT A UKULELE IS!!!!!!!!! google it…
WE COULD FILL THEM WITH MELTED CHOCOLATE OR MAKE CHOCOLATE UKULELES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay Grandmas hurray, Il bring my grandma thay can chat about knitting!!!!


Lol, seriously, you are hilarious xD Thanks for this by the way! 😀

No no Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious CD but thank you:) weeelcome 😀

No no, that sweaty guy Lee Evans is funny xD

Thank you! 🙂

Welcome 😀

I nominated you for the Shine On Award! I just love your blog! xxx

thankyou so much! i love yours too xxx

This SERIOUSLY just made my day:)

aha good, you deserve it 😀

Thanks! but Oh my goodness. I changed my blog name and it has deleted the url! 🙁 you can now find me on! my alltheloveabove account doesn’t work anymore

I am such a SHIT blogger now!!! How did I only just see this??? Talk about late!!! Thanj you so much sweetie that means so much to me, you’re one of a kind yourself! xXx

I go through stages where I like log on and….just close the browser, so I get what you mean! You’ll get back into it, don’t worry:’) Your welcome, I love your blog; thank you! 🙂 xxx

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