Hunting Lila – Sarah Alderson


3/5 *s.

So, Hunting Lila. My first thoughts were: I don’t like the cover. Is this going to be a chick flick, or something? Because I’m really in the mood for some action or something and the blurb lied to me. Then I started reading and – immediately – I thought HEY LONDON, LIKE MY LONDON! Anyways, I started reading and . . .

There are good things and bad things, like with any books.

Let’s start with the positives. *Thinks hard*

*Comes back literally a month two months later* Oh, God, I forgot about this book review! It is now a month and a later later and . . . god, I can’t remember the positive things about this book. To be fair, I can’t remember much about it, but still. I liked the ending . . . Yeah that’s about it. Oh, and the relationship between her and her brother was cool.

So I guess that tells you a lot about the story; the fact I can’t actually remember it very well. See, this is what bugs me about stories like this (in the YA/Teen Paranormal genre in general now) – they’re all the same! A monotonous, droning, at times boring ball of . . . the same. Seriously. All the books I read seem to just blur into one – vampires hot, supernatural people hot, blerg. Not really particularly great storylines, but what I like to call “light reading”.

(Otherwise known as unoriginal Twilight copies. But let’s not even go there.)


But this one was different. The Psychs were the hated ones (though of course for no reason, just pure ignorant discrimination because obviously they do no wrong because this is a teen book in which the storyline has nothing to do with an actual plot it’s the relationship between Jacks and Lila -I think his name is Jacks? I can’t actually remember. Yep. Real lasting impact, huh?)

Okay that leads me to my next point. This is quite obviously a romance. Not a plot. Not a thriller. A romance. Yes, I’m bringing all the text effects out, because this point needs to be bloody stressed! I feel totally violated (okay, I felt. I can barely remember the book.) because they lied. They made it sound like an action/adventure story and . . . it sounded great.

But no.


However, I loved the ending. Excluding the bit right at the end. But the whole revelation thing – I loved it. But I won’t spoil it for you, don’t worry. (Not that you will read it based on this review. I wouldn’t recommend you do. I felt cheated.)

And now . . . onto the bad things!

(Yes, an excuse to say how much I really disliked this book… MWAH HA HA HA) Right, so this is a problem I have with most teen/YA books nowadays . . . it’s all in the romance. Don’t get me wrong, I love the romance. Totally spices up a book. Buuuuuut teen books nowadays literally revolve around romance – whilst still trying to play it off as a plot. So I go into this book thinking “aw, yay, an actual story!” Well, no.

But then I thought . . . well, as long as the romance is good, is it that big a deal?

It wasn’t good.

It was forced, awkward, cringey and altogether crap. One of those irritating romances where “I’ve loved him my whole life, swoon”. Where they skip the whole (fun) sexual tension and go straight to the “wait, I love you even though we’re teenagers and in reality we would last maybe a week or two before having a row over something like chicken and breaking up.” and then skip off happily into the sunset.


Basically, the moral of this story is: don’t read it.


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