Over 100 Gift Ideas For Teens


Thank you for visiting this post – issue is, it’s 3 years old. So check out my 2016, brand spanking new Gift Guide For Teen Girls. (It’s linked…and it’s great.)


So, as I do officially love each and every one of you reading this (except possibly you; I see what you do when you’re alone . . . eugh, come on now.) and I want you all to be happy and the rest, I decided to share my epiphany with you.

It’s almost Christmas.

Okay, don’t look at me like that – I know it’s only August, but this year is going really quickly. And as soon as we hit September, it is pretty much the climb-up to Christmas.Now, smart people know that getting all your Christmas presents at Christmas is not a good idea. Okay. It leads to panicking and stress and “OMG, BUT I NEED TO PAY MY RENT, SO I CAN’T BUY BLAH-BLAH THIS! SAD TIMES!” and “WAIT, WHAT DOES ____ WANT, OH GOSH, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO GET THEM?!”.

But I’m not here to bully you into doing your Christmas shopping ridiculously early. I’m just here to help you. And this list isn’t just for Christmas – it can be for birthdays, for when you accidentally hit them with a car and put them in hospital, for when you realize you forgot them at Christmas . . . anything. So let’s start, shall we?

Okay, so as most of the traffic that reaches this page is from America, I decided to update this to an American gift guide; the British version however is still available and exactly the same, but has moved to the new location of – https://okaaythen.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/over-100-teen-gift-ideas-uk/


As every present-buyer knows, teens are ridiculously hard to buy for – especially since we never know what we want. It’s not our fault, okay. Don’t judge us. Hormones and that jazz. (That excuse usually works . . .) But I have basically given you the perfect solution – OVER 100 PRESENT IDEAS FOR A TEENAGER, FROM A TEENAGER. So stop freaking out and crying about what you’re going to buy and read on. (By the way, there are pretty picture examples and links for you too. Aren’t I great? I am. I really am.) Obviously, quite a few of these are girly, but there are some guy’s gift ideas too, don’t worry!

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Let me tell you exactly what you’re looking at in this list:

  1. Best Friend Gifts. (I added this because I’ve realised that a lot of people landing here are looking for gifts for their BFF, and so it is my civic duty to help them.)
  2. Up to $10 gifts
  3. Up to $25 gifts
  4. MONEY IS NOW NO OBJECT, LET’S LIST SOME REALLY COOL PRESENT IDEAS! (Most of these ideas are around $50, with a few exceptions being over)
  5. Really cool DIY gift ideas (that don’t look ridiculously tacky, don’t worry)
  6. The really cool presents. I don’t want to give these ones away, but these are the ones you want to give your teen, if you want them to take your side in the divorce.
  7. The cool, interesting ways to give money (for all you failures out there that haven’t got time to find a present)


So today we’re going to start with Best Friend Presents. Because how on earth are you supposed to take cute BFF pictures if you don’t have the matching jewellery, or the cute tops?

Oh, before we get into it; if you want to buy your teen clothes, check out this guide on what to but teen girls that want clothes for Christmas.


Bestie Gifts

I realise that a lot of people may not need this category, so feel free to skip it – but, if you are at a loss for what to get your teenager, you could get them something for both them and their best friend. Okay there was so much cute best friend jewelry that I had to make a separate section.

First up on the best friend gift section, let’s hit you with some cute.

BFF Jewelry

The rest of the section:

Now that you’re here, you should definitely check out my newest gift guide – Over 101 Practical Gifts For Her!

over-100-practical-gifts-for-her-from-etsy pretty-and-practical-gifts-for-her-jewellery-holders-cute-jewellery-bedroom-decoartions

Gifts up to $10

Psst! Check out Over 101 Gifts For Fashionable Girls for some more good ideas!

Gifts up to $25.

    1. DVDs.
    2. A calendar!

      This awesome planner/calendar/diary all in one – $20

    3. Chalkboard Calendar – $13
    4. Earphones. Skullcandy earphones (which are very good and come in all kinds of cool designs) are only £9.99. They make quite good presents. People (especially teens that listen to music 24/7. What do you mean me? NEVER!) need earphones. These are cheap and pretty and they work well. Win win. Link under picture.

      Rasta Skullcandy Earphones – $11.25
    5. NOTEBOOKS. Okay, notebooks are fucking adorable. And have you seen Etsy? I want someone to buy me half of those notebooks. Let me put some pictures and links, up okay. And – let’s just keep this in mind – there is expansion on the notebook idea in the Personalized section of gifts. Okay. IT GETS EVEN BETTER.

    6. “It’s Gonna Be Okay” Journal – $12.61

    7. “My Dysfunctions” Journal – $13.42

    8. “In My Opinion” Journal – $16.09

    9. “I Gotta Be Me” Journal – $18
    10. Diary/Scrapbook. Scrapbooks are awesome. Seriously.
    11. BEANIES! Everybody loves a nice beanie, okay. Buy (most) teens a beanie and they (might) love you forever!
    12. Baseball caps. From Kylie Jenner to tumblr, baseball caps are a must have for teens.
    13. Keyrings. You can buy keyrings for under $5, but there are some amazing keyrings out there that come in at under $10 – and you can personalize keyrings too. Some of the nicest keyrings on amazon are only $1.99!
    14. Nail art pens
    15. A purse/wallet.
    16. Joke boxers. For guys. Duh. And girls. You don’t believe me? You don’t think a gift can be universal? You don’t belive in feminism? Well… that’s not nice.
      1. Amazon.com: Baomabao Cotton Baseball Cap Boys Girls Snapback Hip Hop Flat Hat…:
        Youth Cap – $4
      2. Amazon.com: YCMI Unisex Plain Adjustable Baseball Cap Snapback Sun Hats…:
        Anti-Social Social Club – $4.20
    17. Discover+the+Knock+Knock+Manual+of+Things+That+Might+Kill+You+Book+at+Amara
      The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You – $20
    18. Makeup. Girls (and guys because, hey, we don’t judge) might like makeup and you can buy great sets of it.

      Makeup Set – $19.99

    19. SHANY Professional 78 Colour Kit – $18
    20. Can we return to money saving gifts please? I found lots of cute ones and . . . well, it’s still a great gift idea a whole screen later!

    21. Panda Money Stealer – $13.99

      1. Digital Piggy Bank – $13.47

    22. Slothzilla Print – $19.99
    23. Nail varnish sets.

    24. Set of 12 Nail Polishes – $14.65
      1. Ear cuffs (I feel like I’ve already mentioned these. Sorry.)
      2. Woydal Fashion Silver Color Punk Goth Skeleton Slave Bones Talon Hand Skull Bracelet Style Chain #2113
        Goth Skeleton Slave Chain Bracelet – $9.99
    25. Bath sets.

      Bomb Cosmetics Chocolate Melt Bath Bombs – $16.41
    26. BRUBAKER 6 Handmade
      Cupcake Sweets Bath Bomb Set – $14.99
    27. Money box!
    28. Chocolate sets/Boxes
      Broadway Basketeers Thinking of You Chocolate Gift Set
      Thinking Of You Chocolate Gift Box Set – $19.95
      1. Classic Campus Survival Kit (Small)
        Campus Survival Junk Food Gift Kit – $19.95
    29. Mason jars. If you have tumblr, then you know why mason jars are so popular.
    30. A decorative pillow – this one is for both guys and girls; you can get pillows that have comic strips on them, or quotes, or this:

    31. BAND MERCHANDISE. I have waited the entire post to write that. Okay? These are the only two things on my Christmas list – and they are both band merchandise that come in at under £15. If you know what bands/singers they like, then buy away!
    32. Art supplies (obviously only for certain people). If your teen is interested in art, some quality supplies would be well received.
    33. Purses!
      Anne Taintor - Good Girls Coin Purse
      Sassy Coin Purse – $11
      1. Cute Classic Floral Exquisite Buckle Coin Purse Black
        Floral Coin Purse – $6.99
    34. CHOCOLATE PIZZA! I can not even express my deep love for this gift idea, okay. Just . . . just imagine it. CHOCOLATE PIZZA.
    35. Pop Chart Lab - Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names Print
      The Grand Taxonomy Of Rap Names Print – $25
    36. Hobby guide books. Obviously, it helps to know what the person you’re buying for is interested in, but hobby books are quite good. Recipe, crafting and makeup ones are good for girls, while boys may prefer sports.Don’t stick to the basic, boring things though – I personally am saving up for “psychology for dummies”, so be inventive.
    37. Jewellery box/holder.

    38. Victorian Canopy Style Jewellery Holder – $19.99
    39. Amazon.com: Cinderella Rotating Carriage Jewelry Storage / Earring Organizer / Bracelet Necklace Hanger Display Stand: Clothing
      Cinderella Jewellery Stand – $24.95
    40. USB Powered Mini Fridge!

      I don’t know why I find this so cool, but . . . it’s a USB powered mini fridge! $20
    41. Perfume/Aftershave
    42. 2767357 -
      Perfume Set
      1. Purses

      2. Poop Emoji Portable Power Bank – $19
      3. Food makers! I don’t know about the teens you know, but the teens know all love food – so why not get them a way to make it for themselves?
      4. Nostalgia Electrics Coca-Cola Series OFP501COKE Hot Air Popcorn Maker
        Coca Cola Vintage Popcorn Maker – $24
      5. JOVANAS FASHION Lady Handbag Little Bow Leisure Shoulder Bag Purse (Beige)
        Black and Pink Bow Handbag – $22.79

      6. Whatever, I’m Late Anyway – $9

      7. Around The World Watch – $4
    43. Pyjamas!
    44. VEAMI Women's Kimono Robe, Peacock Design, Short at Amazon Women’s Clothing store: Bathrobes
      Night-wear Kimono – $19.95
    45. Bottoms Out Women's Knit Pajama Short Set at Amazon Women’s Clothing store:
      Two-Piece Pyjama Set – $17
    46. A duvet set!

      Mint and Black Duvet Set – $19.99

    47. Floral Duvet Set – $20
    48. Earcuffs! Say what you like, but earcuffs are so cool Look at them. Seriously. Just look at them.
    49. Amazon.com: TrendyWorld Lady's Fashion Wing Shape Alloy Rhinestone Ear Cuffs: Jewelry
      Ear Cuff – $18.99
    50. Textbooks (urg. But I know some people would actually like to recieve textbooks, so I’m going to put it down. We’re covering things everyone would like.)
    51. An empty charm bracelet. This way, every time you need to buy another present, you can buy a few charms instead of having to go through OMG I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BUUUUUY! – Pandora Bracelets are a good idea.
    52. Crystal jewellery. As well as being really trendy and popular at the moment, crystal jewellery is beautiful and meaningful.
    53. Anahata & Sahaswara (Heart and Crown Chakra) Engraved Crystal Pendants - Opalite and Onyx
      Engraved Crystal – $15
    54. Green Healing Crystal Aventurine Money & Success Gemstone Necklace In Three Designs (Choker, Gold Dipped Bullet Pendant, Vintage Gold)
      Aventurine Pendant – $5.50
    55. Funny T-Shirts.

  2. Makeup bags/Cosmetic bags. These are usually really cute and are actually useful too. Woo!
  3. Cosmetic Sets
    1. ONESIES!
    2. Amour - Sleepsuit Pajamas Costume Cosplay Homewear Lounge Wear (M, Pikachu)
      Pikachu Onesie – $25
    3. Baoji Unisex Adult Sulley Onesie Kigurumi Pajamas Cosplay Costume Animal L Blue Sulley
      Monsters Inc Sully Onesie – $29

I just wanted to get a few (cheap) ideas out of the way, so that all you step-third-cousins-once-removed have some (not so unique or weird or interesting, but quite simply good enough) present ideas to get you through the day. Did I succeed? I did? Okay, let’s get to the good stuff!

Money Is No Object!


(I’m the one dancing (SOKA) and all you present buyers are the one frowning (KATARA). Sorry, I had to prove to myself that I still love avatar.) Anyways.

  1. Let’s start with an all-time winner – a laptop. Obviously, these are useful and great blah blah, but they can also be really cute too. Just saying. Besides, take it from someone that currently studies a lot, laptops are pretty much the best thing you can get your teen if you want to help their education.

    HP Beats Limited Edition Laptop – $499
    1. XTAVA Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron - Hair Curler - Curlz (Black)
      XTAVA Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron – Hair Curler – $39.99
    2. My mouth is watering over this one . . .
      Godiva Chocolates Lovers Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket
      GODIVA Chocolatiers Gift Hamper – $42
  2. An iPhone. Okay, it’s expensive and there’s probably a new one coming out soon, but if you’ve got the money you might as well.

    iPhone 6 Gold 16GB Unlocked – $693
    1. Bath sets!
    2. French Vanilla Bath Gift Set in 190ml shower gel,190ml bubble bath, 120g bath salts, 100ml body spray,90g body lotion, 2 Bath fizzer
      Bath Set and Wooden Jewellery Box Gift Set – $47.99
    3. Lavender Spa Bath Gift Set in Natural Wood Curio
      Lavender Bath Gift Set – $26.99
  3. Video games. www.gamesradar.com/new-games2013 <Any games off that list would be adored.
  4. A gaming console; 3DS, Xbox, Playstation etc

    Xbox One Console – $339
  5. Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) – $399.95

    1. Soundsoul Music Fountain Mini Amplifier Dancing Water Speakers I-station7 Apple Speakers (blue, Bluetooth speaker) – $39.99
  6. A cake pop or waffle maker. Honestly, if you buy somebody a cake-pop or a waffle maker they will love you forever.

    Cake Pop Maker – $20

    Pro Belgian Waffle Maker – $99
  7. Exercise equipment (hehe, I had to post it under the sugary treat maker, didn’t I?) – whether it’s a yoga mat, a treadmill or one of those massive rubber balls, exercise equipment is usually appreciated. Just be careful the teen doesn’t think you’re implying that they need to lose weight.
  8. Still on the subject of “makers”, candy floss and popcorn makers. Nommy.
    Candy Floss Maker – $48.28
    Popcorn Maker – $19.99
  9. Football shirts/Basketball jerseys
  10. Skateboards/Bikes/Scooters/Rollerblades
  11. Converses/vans. I say these two brands because you literally cannot go wrong with converses or vans.
  12. Converse All Star Ox Shoes - White: Amazon.co.uk: Shoes & Bags
    Converse All Star Ox Shoes – White – $50
  14. New (bigger) TV. I personally love my TV, but some teens may not.
    1. TV Box sets! If in doubt, always get someone a box set of their favourite television series!
    2. Film box sets – I’m thinking Matrix, Twilight etc
    3. Fast & Furious 1-7 Collection - Limited Edition (Blu-ray + DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet)
      Fast And Furious 7 Movie Blu-Ray Collection – $59.80

      1. Giant Unicorn Inflatable – $49.99
    4. Book box sets

    5. George R. R. Martin A Song Of Ice And Fire Leather Box Set – $50

    6. JK Rowling Harry Potter Box Set – $52

    7. Veronica Roth Divergent Box Set – $50
  15. Wall stickers; they sell some amazing wall stickers/decorations on Etsy (can you tell that I love that site? I think I hide it so well.)

    Large Wall Sticker – $30
  16. Tour round a football stadium (more one for the lads)
  17. Spa treatment/massage
  18. Magazine subscriptions
    1. Luxury Handmade Knitted Mermaid Blanket in Light Sea Blue
      Mermaid Blanket – $50
  19. A mirror
  20. Hair straighteners. Seriously. Girls need their hair straighteners the way fish need water.
    1. Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret
      Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret – $76.99

    Hair Straighteners – $69

  21. A photoframe
  22. Their favourite TV series on DVD – I want Supernatural at the moment.
  23. A new bed. (With a memory foam mattress preferably. And bigger. Bigger is always better.)
  24. Buy them a nice bookshelf.
  25. Buy them a nice bookshelf, filled with books they like.
  26. A piercing – I’m getting my cartilage pierced, in case anybody wanted to know!

  27. Gold Dinosaur Mount – $100

  28. Pink Glitter Unicorn Mount – $12.15
    1. Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable Turntable (Turquoise)
      Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable Turntable (Turquoise) – $73.60
  29. If it’s Christmas, then please somebody do this:

  30. Pizza Bean Bag Chair – $90Oh, and a sushi one. Because kawaii.
    Sushi Pillow – $228
  31. An iPad (ew Apple, no.) or a tablet (go for the tablet. Please. Although I can’t deny that your kid’s face is going to absolutely light up at the sight of Apple. It’s just one of those things. You love it until you hate it.)

    iPad 4 – $369

  32. Lamborghini Aventador Wireless Mouse (White) – $35
  33. One of those funny jumpers – like this one actually

    (Available here, by the way http://skreened.com/collegeisforyourmom/harvard-law-just-kidding-sweater )
    1. Underwater Camera
      Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera (Blue)
      Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera (Blue) – $116
      1. Friends Complete Box Set! Friends is old, but I legitimately don’t know a single girl that doesn’t love it and, now that e4 doesn’t air it anymore (sad face), a box set may be a good idea!
        Friends – Season 1-10 Complete Collection (15th Anniversary) [DVD] [2004] – $77
  34. Onesies!
  35. Slippers
  36. Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Rose with Nintendogs Best Friends (NDS Pink Bundle)
    Limited Edition DS – $100
    I really love rose colours at the moment. This pink DS is gorgeous! Rose DS – $59
  37. The tech that’s massively in at the moment? Virtual reality!

    Playstation VR Set – $500
  38. Watches
  39. Sunglasses
  40. A WHOLE POST DEDICATED TO GIFT HAMPERS, WOOOO! (Seriously, check this out – gift boxes, gift sets, hampers . . . it’s great. I want them. Like all of them.)
  41. 1 X Fuji Instax Mini 8 N Pink + Original Strap Set Fujifilm Instax Mini 8N Instant Camera – $66.88
    1. Laptop
      ASUS Transformer Book (T100TAF-B11-GR) 10.1″ Detachable 2-in-1 HD Touchscreen Laptop – Intel Atom / 1GB RAM / 32GB eMMC / Windows 8.1 / WiFi / Bluetooth /- $184.98  –  – laptops are probably the best gift you could get a teen because they are literally everything – fun, useful and . . . well, technology.
    2. Macbook
      Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop $852.98  Basically a laptop . . . but taken to the complete next level. No teen would ever complain at a Macbook. My best friend Amber is pining for one.

Okay, so I am way too excited about the really, really, really cool presents to finish that list right now. But still! Let’s continue!

when-you-finish-first-year-exams-1 - Copy (2)
Now that the ideas are done, allow me to share with you . . . some GIFTS!

Personalized/DIY Presents
I’m not even going to lie, some of these presents I want. (And I’m so using for some of my friends  No, I most certainly am not using any of these for my friends, the element of surprise still exists, okay!?)

  1. Money jar! With this gift, what you basically do is put all your spare change in it throughout the year and give it to somebody at Christmas. It’s cute. And, if you’re buying your Christmas shopping with cash, you could probably fill a jar with the leftover change you collect throughout the season.
  2. A movie night gift hamper; include a DVD, a bag of popcorn, some sweets and a drink. (If it’s a movie adapted from a book, include the book)
  3. A cupcake decorating kit.
  4. An ice cream decorating kit. (Yeah, I know I just did a cupcake-decorating set, but they’re so cute!
  5. This idea is actually adorable. I’m doing this for my best friend Amber.
  6. Buy a cheap set of drawers or whatever, find an image you like enough to put on it and, using modge podge, stick it on. (There was a tutorial I followed when making something like this, but it has disappeared. Sorry!
  7. A “decorate your room” kit – as a teen girl, I can confirm that a big percentage of us want a room covered with photos, posters, song lyrics and lights. This picture below is completely true. If you know the sort of thing your teenager likes, buy them some fairy lights, posters, photos of their friends, (or buy them ink and tell them to print out the things they want themselves), some pretty alphabet stickers and whatever you can think of and give them a DIY Decorate Your Room Kit.
  8. A photoframe money box – stick a photo of whatever the teen is saving up for (to travel the world, a certain college etc) and put it in a photoframe, then cut a slit in for money!
  9. A jar of fortune balls (but you can obviously write anything in these, so it could be “reasons I love you” or “texts I’ve sent you throughout the year”. Tutorial here > http://itsamakkie.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/wensjes-in-balletjes-zo-maak-je-het.html
  10. Okay, so I have an intense love for notebooks, right? What do you mean you already knew, no you didn’t – I was very subtle about it!  Here are some personalized notebook ideas. Buy a notebook for someone using any of these purposes http://www.hearthandmade.co.uk/search?q=notebook
  11. A spa day hamper
  12. Hot chocolate kit. I’m not talking those “cookie recipe in a jar, hehee” hot chocolate kit either. I’m talking, a mug, whipped cream, mini-marshmallow, chocolate shavings – the whole lot!
  13. “Winter sleepover in a box”. A gift I thought up for my cousin actually, as she lives in Devon and it gets bloody freezing down there. Basically, you get a pretty box and in it you put all the essentials for a winter sleepover – fluffy socks, a movie, popcorn, a blanket, hot chocolate mix, biscuits and a pair of pyjamas. We brits need our ways to battle the cold, after all.
  14. If you draw on a lightbulb, the patterns are thrown onto the wall; buy a set of lightbulbs (they could be coloured lightbulbs too. Just saying.) and draw patterns on them, box them and give them away.
  15. If you can think of something smart enough to fit, then this is quite cute and . . . well, everyone loves chocolate.

The Really Cool Presents

  1. A party. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a big surprise, or something they could open, but my parents always offer me a party or presents for my birthday and parties are always way more exciting. If you’re a great organizer, you could even do a surprise party.
  2. A complete wardrobe revamp. Any girl would love to walk into their room on Christmas day and see a brand new wardrobe. As long as you know what you’re buying and you keep their old clothes. And the receipts. I’ll do a post on clothes to buy teen girls later.
  3. Redecorate their room. This would be a great surprise – if you convinced them to sleep downstairs for the night and you worked during the night and completely redid the room, I guarantee they would love you. Just saying. I’ll do a post on cute teen room decorating ideas later.
  4. Day trip shopping in Paris with friends. (If you take the Eurostar, you can literally drive into France. It’s so cool.) Offer to pay for them and a friend, or offer to take them to Paris for the day. You could go shopping, or Disneyland Paris.
  5. Buy them a puppy. Puppies are seriously adorable.

Interesting ways to give money as a present

  1. Through “open when . . .” letters. Give a bunch of letters (wrapped up very prettily in a box, right?) with “open when . . . __________” written on and put money into those. Le example: “Open when . . . you’re feeling blue and you want chocolate” and like a pound coin; “Open when . . . you want to go to the cinema” and wehay a tenner. Do you get the gist?
  2. (This one is really cool, let me put this out there) During the night, fill their room with balloons and put money in them. In the morning, they’ll wake up to a really cool surprise. Unless they’re like me and they detest people coming into their room without warning. But that’s only because of mess – tell them to tidy their room and you should be good to go.
  3. Put it in a piggy bank and give it to the recipient.
  4. Put it in a “I’m saving for box”

    (This is a  gift under the Handmade/Personalized section you scrolled past earlier. Shame on you. Go back up.)
  5. In a photo album. You could always mix photos and notes, or an entire photo album of notes to someone (me. You should do that to me. Please.)

  6. Money Tape Dispenser – $3.25
    This is quite cool and you literally stick money bills onto tape and then the recipient pulls the money out; it makes a little (maybe ten one dollar bills) look like a lot too.

  7. Money Tree – $9.99
  8. Under an umbrella. Buy a nice umbrella, dangle money under it, close the umbrella and attach a note saying “for a rainy day”.
  9. Chocolate box of money!
  10. Like this.

If you have any ideas, or tutorials for handmade gifts you want up here, drop me a comment and I will be more than happy to put them up.

– NEW UPDATED, ALL TOGETHER BETTER VERSION HERE – http://okaaythen.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/300-teen-gift-ideas-the-ultimate-list/

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candels they are fun easy and spell very good, also their is thes things called wineglass lights you have a empyt wine bottle abd you put lights in it its very cool

Love this post! It’s so well thought out and it’s full of interesting and original ideas. Thank you for sharing!


Deeply appreciated. Could you point me towards an acceptable purveyor of fluffy socks? And appropriate PJ outlets? What are you views on backpacks/totes/handbags? Thanks again!

Ellen, aunt with way too many nieces and no winning lottery ticket

http://www.next.co.uk/g5956s1#883269g59 http://www.next.co.uk/g5956s3#872243g59 < next do some nice fluffy socks (good quality), but you can pick them up in Primark for £2-5.
Backpacks – depends on the girl;I personally wouldn't. Most people I know hate them, but there are a few people that adore them. If I were you, I would stick to a tote or a handbag. You're welcome, happy to have helped:)

OMG these r really cool ideas thx!!!!


Would love some ‘open when’ envelope ideas for my teen daughter. Do you or other fans have some suggestions?

sure thing! let me think of a few
open when … you need a new jacket
open when … you need to dress up for a date
open when … a good new movie is out!
open when … your jeans are too small!
open when … you forgot your best friends birthday
open when … you used up all your pocket money

Thanks for this! It gave me some really excellent ideas for my niece and sisters-in-law.

thanks so much for this
just wondered if u had the link for the cute ice cream set???
Thank xxxx

I love Pinterest. Actually finding a pin that is based in the UK and giving ideas for us here is even better. Thank you sooo much 🙂

you’re welcome! 🙂

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This post is perfect. I love it.

The puppie was an awesome idea!!!!!!!! Thanks alot

you’re welcome!

This really helped me think of what I want for Christmas! Thanks sooo much!

You’re welcome! 😀

Do you know of a good website for concert tickets?

urm, i think it’s best to go direct to the singers site for tour dates and that, but i know ticket master is really good

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This made my whole life<33 LOVE IT!

this was GREAT!!! thanks so much!

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omg this is sooo helpful hahah thanks so much

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You are awesome!!

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I am actually currently making the “open when” envelopes for christmas gifts!

I’m not a parent but every year come Christmas and birthdays I never know what to ask for just money money money and you’ve helped me realise that’s ok as long as you ask for other things aswell!!! And now I know what it get my brother thank you x

You’re welcome, glad to have helped!x

Excellent ideas and suggestions. Love them All!

Thankyou! 😀

Thank you so much! It helped me find great cheap gifts for my 13 year old!

You’re welcome!

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Great list of teen gift ideas… I actually want pretty much everything listed! Most of them are for girls, but there are some for guys. You should definitely check it out!

Wow, I pretty much want every one of these! Thank you so much for this list 🙂

This is a great site. However i got so many ideas that my mom is going to go crazy when she sees my list. Thanks so much

you’re welcome and thanks! 🙂

this helped me decide what I want! thank you so much!

you’re welcome!

I love the ideas! The other blogs and websites post ideas that are obviously made by adults so most of the ideas pretty much suck. Here, there were way too many ideas I love and want to do! 🙂

Thank you! I hope this helps, have a good Christmas!

This is realllyyy good! Thank you so much

You’re welcome; thanks!

This is rubbish

well, i guess you’ll have to live with it

Just sayin’, that’s Aang not SokKa.

i thought Aang was bald? o.O

They wore disguises when hiding within fire nation villages

Oh, right right

Where is that bookshelf alcove thing with the bluish green walls from? It is wonderful.

Oh my gosh I’m the most unoriginal person ever so thx for all of the awesome ideas 🙂

You’re welcome; I hope it helped 😀

you can take a pic frame and put cool paper or cloth as the pic.. and give them that and a dry erase marker.. the glass is the dry erase board.

This is really cool – thanks so much! Btw the guy dancing was Aang not Sokka 😉

you’re very welcome! & aha thanks, im taking this as an excuse to have an Avatar marathon 😉

Merry Christmas

you too 🙂

This was BOMB!! Thank you soooo much! <3

You’re welcome! Glad you liked it!<3

PERFECTION. I totally needed this for xmas!!! 🙂

A HS/College graduation gift guide would be pretty helpful about now. Just saying….

Amazing….. Must say you have made hard efforts to make a list out of these gifts. Any teenager would love these gifts. 🙂

[…] we all remember this list’s predecessors – 100 Gift Ideas for Teens and 10 (Or More) Gift Ideas For Teen Friends, right? How could we forget the posts that, in certain […]

Haha some thought went in to this! I’m sixteen and this is so true 🙂

You know me so well!

thank you for your help!! You totally read my mind

youre welcome 🙂

thanks! you read my mind! ….creepy…

That is Aang dancing, not Sokka

Awesome! Very creative and helpful considering I have all boys and a few nieces. Thank you! Keep up the outstanding ideas.
For anybody out there this is true about what teenagers like.

literally gurl this is amazing! thank you so much i’ll defiantly use some of these and you’re so creative!

I really like this it has helped me a lot!!

i love thiss!!!!!!!

thanks! 😀

I love your ideas! Especially the unique money ideas!

you are a lifesaver I’ve been freaking out ?

Thank You so much!!!! I really like these ideas, especially the money and the open when… letters!!!

OK…… Any parents that are reading this…. Just know that teens absolutely HATE for their parents to decorate their room for them. If you want to redecorate their room, ask them what they want first! As a teen, I have room goals that my parents do not know about. so therefore, if my parents do anything without my consent, my head will pop off. Just ask them to write down specific things they would like for their room! Just a tip. hope this helps.

These ideas are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing,i will share it with my friends.

thank you! 🙂

This is really helpful. Thanks!

youre welcome! 🙂

This is exactly what i was looking for! most sites just have things they are selling, not really helping me considering i had no idea what to get my friend! thanks so much

you’re welcome, glad to have helped! 🙂

You have been sooooo helpful. i want to do a lot of these ideas!!! <3 😀

Thank you! Happy to help! x

Sorry to disappoint but you can’t really love avatar b/c then you would know that that is aang not soka dancing…

That part where you said to scroll back up because I skipped it,it was true.

Oh my, I just couldn’t leave this website without saying thank you; I just got a great idea as present for my girl best friend. Really, thank you very much!

aw thank you! I’m glad to have helped 🙂

maybe try and make the layout more vivid and bright

hello ! I am doing the ice cream sundae theme for gifts this year but I can’t find the glasses used in the photo. Where could I purchase some? Please help me. Thank you!

Hi thank you so much this had been really helpful! ? i just wanted to ask where are the mean girls pencils from?

This has been very helpful think you so much! ? I was wondering where I could get some if the mean girls pencils? Pls reply thnx

last time i checked, etsy has mean girls pencils 🙂

A great blog post. My teenage girl had a sweatshirt bought for her from http://www.squeakyjumpers.com, which I have to prize off of her to wash! They would make a great inclusion in your gift list of ‘Really cool presents’

Amazing What is out There on the Web

thank you!

i really enjoed reading all of these i loved all of the ideas


this is soo cool loved all the things this really helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is cool with money

Wow that is a lot of ideas and lots of them I can use for Christmas. Thanks ?

Hi at first I didn’t have a clue what I wanted for Christmas but after I have seen this page I have so many ideas so thankyou

Everyear when I make Christmas or birthday list I first go to the internet for examples and I have always been hoping I would come across a list like this. This is amazing thank you so much for posting this. Not only does it give me ideas for my list but the blog itself is so good it might just be easier to hand out your blog. Thank you again.

aw thank you so much! x

[…] Source: Over 100 Gift Ideas For Teens […]

By the way, it was Aang and Katara. You can tell because he was wearing a headband and had lighter skin. I LOVE AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!

Great read! I am a great gift giver esp on a budget but thanks for some additional ideas!

Thanks! My bro asked me what I wanted and now I have like 15 things on my list lol

Awesome ideas! I’ve been racking my head all week trying to find the perfect photographer gift for Christmas. My boyfriend is a photographer, and finding this list really helped me out 🙂 But I also found this pretty cool list of gift ideas this morning:http://www.adoramapix.com/blog

Any thoughts on these lists? I really just want to get him a good gift.

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