Let’s Talk Television – Hannibal

(By the way, listening to Evanescence Sweet Sacrifice while writing this just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Especially the intro – it’s true, we’re all a little insane. Right. Well, now, random guy that sat next to me on the bus, could you please not look at me because I’m quite scared that you’re a cannibal.)

So does anyone else watch Hannibal? I think, as I have officially seemed to given up on writing reviews for books (mostly because all the books I’ve read lately are shitter than a blue Father Christmas costume), I might as well have a “Let’s Talk Television” section of my blog.

I also had no other inspiration of what to write other than some lists that would benefit nobody. Literally nobody. Not you, not your mum, not my grandma, not the crackhead down the road . . . nobody.

And I really bloody love Hannibal.

I love it so much I would wear this shirt around town and explain the reference to people that asked. That means actual interaction. With actual people. And have you met people? Ew. I would be sacrificing a lot.

Basically, as background for any of you people that have not been watching/ watched (series 1 is now officially finished) it, Hannibal is a TV series following Hannibal Lecter and his frenemie Will Graham, before Silence of the Lambs happened. I now realize that you may not know what any of that means. Oops. Let’s make this basic.

Everyone has heard of the movie Silence of the Lambs, right? Even if you haven’t watched it, you’ve heard of it. It’s basically about a convicted cannibalistic, serial killer – Hannibal Lecter. I could go into detail, but I haven’t watched the film and it’s irrelevant. Hannibal is the TV series following before Hannibal was convicted (while he was terrorizing the beautiful Will Graham).

To explain to you beautiful people what Hannibal truly is, I decided to sum it up in a sentence:

Hannibal is basically a weirdly adorable puppet master that likes to fuck the FBI around and cook in peace.

And here is a picture that also sums up the series:

(Isn’t he hot? He is. He really is.)

So let me take you through the key characters in this series:

Hannibal. Duh. Hannibal-the-cannibal. It has a ring to it. I may be the only one, but I actually find Hannibal adorable. He seems so . . . cute. And manipulative. He’s a total puppet master, that much is definitely true. Hannibal is basically a therapist that is recommended to Jack Crawford by Alana (because our Will Graham is mentally unstable) and is subsequently brought into FBI investigations. What the FBI don’t know is that they’re investigating his murders and Hannibal is basically running them in circles. Like I said, puppet master.

Will. Will Graham. He’s hot. I feel like that’s important. But maybe not to the storyline . . . hm. Will is gifted with empathy (although neither him or me consider it a gift) and can quite literally put himself in other people’s shoes – namely, serial killer’s shoes. While they kill their victims. So, Will is dragged to crime scenes to look at victims and basically murder them in his mind so he can recount to Jack the killer’s motivations etc. Now think about that. In those moments, he is the killer, right? I’m guessing that’s not good for your psyche. Even someone stable like you and I. Now, what we find out about Will is that he’s not stable – he wasn’t let into the FBI because he failed the screening and throughout the series he faces a lot of people that consider him psychotic. The funny thing is Will is actually a nice character. Like, he saves stray dogs and looks after victims – he’s not a bad guy. But he is the perfect guy for Hannibal to play with.

Jack Crawford. I actually have an intense dislike for Jack, He’s a dick. From the very start, everyone tells him not to use Will – Will himself says he doesn’t want to do it. And, throughout the series when Will is having all his mental breakdowns and showing his crazy, Jack continues to push him to “save lives”. I personally want to slap him.

Alana. I LOVE ALANA. She is one of the only nice people on this show. Consistently, she looks out for Will, she tries to do what is best for all the people involved in the cases, she actually functions like a nice human being – something JACK missed out. (Can you tell that Jack and I don’t see eye-to-eye?)

There is also an Oriental forensic scientist that wants to bang Will, but I can’t remember her name. She’s seriously cool, though, I like her.

The season finale though . . .

I actually wanted to put my head through the wall. I’m not going to give away spoilers, but if anyone wants to rant with me feel free to comment. We can get through this together.

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DUDE I WATCHED ONE EPISODE ONLY but my sister is like obsessed with that show and tells me about it all the time haha. I watched the episode with some dude named Tobias killing people to make cellos ahaha. I thought that was really hilarious because I play the cello and had no idea the best strings were made of actual human beings. My favorite character even if I’ve just watched one episode is Hannibal though cause he’s so damn evil and sneaky 😀 AND LIKE DID YA KNOW DAVID BOWIE IS GOING TO BE IN HANNIBAL. I don’t know if you know him but David Bowie… gosh…

HOW COULD YOU STOP AT ONLY ONE?! I watched one and was sucked in! I was on tumblr before I watched that episode (we record it, I don’t actually watch it when it’s on) and i saw one of the cast photos of will and tobias messing around in front of the human cello, so I just kept like crying with laughter throughout the episode…i think my brother thought I was having a psychotic break xD

HANNIBALHANNIBALHANNIBALHANNIBAL BHVFAFHADKBVHADK I LOVE THIS SHOW. It kept showing up on my tumblr dash, and eventually I couldn’t resist watching it and oh sweet cheese it’s so awesome. THAT SEASON FINALE THOUGH. *intense sobbing* NOT OKAY.

I am dying for season 2. :3

THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I STARTED WATCHING SUPERNATURAL! and i now loooove it! The series finale of hannibal is NOT OKAY. Seriously. What are they doing. I am not impressed. *Crying*

Me too, shall we share a coffin?

SUPERNATURALLLL… <3<3<3 That is my most favorite show in the history of the universe. My friend told me about it and it brought us a lot closer, crying about it together. :'3

Yes, let's.

I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE THAT UNDERSTANDS! <3_<3 I absolutely love Supernatural… cas and dean…. lordy lord.

I say we play thriller as they're lowering the coffin to the ground.

I love the movies and books, so I was thrilled when I heard they were gonna make a weekly show about Hannibal, but I got bored after about 5 shows. Not really bored…the pace of the show is very slow and eerie, so it kinda lulls you into like a dream state…but boring is the wrong word. I just hate that the Dr. Lecter character is so different from the one in the movies. He almost has no personality at all. He certainly has no sense of humor. Maybe I should keep watching and it will get better, but…meh.

See I’ve seen a few quotes from Lecter in the books and movies (but never actually watched them) and he does seem to have a bit more character in him, but I think I went into the series without any expectation so the fact Hannibal was very stoic added to how I viewed the character. The whole dreamlike state thing I can definitely agree with because I often found myself kind of drifting off xD

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