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Imagine this post as an adorable little alien jumping up and down waving frantically and shouting “hey, I’m here to help you! I come in peace! No, ET doesn’t want to phone home right now, maybe once you’ve read me!”. What does ET want you to read? A list of post ideas that I’ve thought up! And why have I thought them up and written them down for you, not myself?

Maybe it’s because I love you. Maybe it’s because I already have a notebook full of unwritten blog post ideas that I’m obviously not going to get to any time soon. Let’s say it’s the first one. Oh, shut it, we all know the truth  and what truth is that?  That listening to Florence and The Machine has made happy, so you want to share. The nursery lessons have finally kicked in.  Between Two Lungs is such a good song, though, let’s be honest.  See?

No, but seriously – how many times have you bloggers looked at your dashboard, started to think about what to post and ended up like

(although – if you’re anything like me – you won’t look as adorable while you’re doing it. But, hey, we all need something to aspire to.)

Well, here is a list of no less than 100 blog post ideas. Enjoy!

  1. Your social network life – all your links, profiles, details etc
  2. Your favourite music album
  3. Your favourite movie
  4. A compilation of your favourite things
  5. A recipe
  6. Nail-art
  7. A drawing tutorial
  8. #OOTD – Outfit Of The Day, for people (like me) who need abbreviations to be clearly explained otherwise they get slightly confused
  9. Diary entry
  10. Your last crush
  11. Most embarrassing ting you’ve ever done
  12. First kiss story
  13. Favourite song and why
  14. Your future plans
  15. Dream house
  16. Dream wedding
  17. Blog goals
  18. Life goals
  19. Yearly/Monthly/Weekly Goals
  20. Favourite quotes and why
  21. Quotes that describe you
  22. Biggest fear
  23. Best achievements
  24. DIY-Project
  25. First memory
  26. Favourite item in  your closet
  27. A wishlist
  28. Books you want to read
  29. A book review
  30. Film review
  31. Product review
  32. Make-up tutorial
  33. Link to your favourite posts
  34. Film a haul
  35. Run  a contest
  36. Guest post! Ask somebody to guest post on your blog, or post on someone else’s
  37. Revisit an old post; improve and rewrite a post from a long time ago
  38. Expose one of your deepest, darkest secrets
  39. Giveaway!
  40. Write a poem/Song
  41. If you’re really brave (or really willing to be a total fool for your audience) post a video of you singing
  42. Make a list! Lists are cool.
  43. Put some pictures of your art up
  44. 10 weird things you know
  45. Your dream wardrobe
  46. Two truths and a lie. See how well your readers know you.
  47. Your results to an online quiz
  48. Publish a what if post – I’m going to do a few of these
  49. Bucketlist
  50. Summer bucketlist
  51. Winter bucketlist
  52. Rant.
  53. Favourite websites
  54. Favourite apps
  55. How you want your funeral to go
  56. How you think your funeral will actually go
  57. Keywords people use to find your site – I often get found via the word banana. Which is funny because not once have I ever posted anything to do with bananas. Sigh.
  58. That thing you weren’t supposed to do but you did anyway
  59. A playlist
  60. What you want your life to end up like
  61. How NOT to do something
  62. Your opinion on a news story, with no background knowledge – I literally mean flip open a newspaper and read something then write a really passionate post about it . . . without knowing anything about the situation
  63. Then read up on the situation and write another post
  64. Then you could even write a post about how representation affects your outlook on things – could even relate it to your own life.
  65. Step-by-step guides
  66. Take a hashtag that’s trending on twitter (for example #2013TaughtMe was trending a few weeks ago) and write a post about it, either following the hashtag or cursing how something so stupid is mentioned by so many people
  67. Writing prompts
  68. Pet peeves
  69. Dream date
  70. Date from hell
  71. Things that make you happy
  72. Things there is no way in hell you are ever doing again
  73. Prediction for something
  74. Parody posts – a completely sarcastic post about how much you love the trend of wearing such thin leggings that your underwear is visible.
  75. Things you don’t know about me post
  76. Upload a video of your latest shopping haul
  77. Write a letter to your future self
  78. Write a letter to your future children
  79. If I made a movie . . .
  80. If I wrote a book it would be about . . .
  81. If I was given £1000,
  82. 10 things you love about yourself
  83. And 10 things you hate
  84. An anti-bucket list: the things you hope to never do before you die
  85. Makeover post
  86. Funny makeover/Thrift shop makeover/Halloween makeover/Goth makeover
  87. A letter to whatever gadget you use the most often
  88. A do’s-and-don’ts post
  89. Your rolemodels
  90. Everyone loves but you hate _____
  91. A guide to your city – somehow I think there’s probably already a guide to London floating around somewhere, but still
  92. Tried and tested, for example: put together a list of supposed best chocolate chip cookie recipes, test them all out, choose a winner and share with your readers
  93. An outfit you love
  94. A short story
  95. Chapter 1 of your new novel (ha. Ha ha ha.)
  96. A summary of last year, or your year so far
  97. A detailed description of all your friends and how they fit into your life
  98. Everything you’ve always wanted, but never will, say to a specific person
  99. “10 Things I Hate About You”…______ Edition! Write a 10 Things I hate about you poem for something. Like chocolate. That could work.
  100. Learn a new skill and write posts about how it’s going
  101. Follow a tutorial and post your results

And there we have it! 101 Blog Post ideas to keep you warm this winter.

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*casually steals all your ideas*

That cracked me up cause I kinda was thinking of doing the same thing xD … but really. These are some great ideas and inspired me to make a list of 100 things on my own too:) so that’ll make 201 things.. then I’ll never have writers block again ^.^ yay me.

happy it helped^.^

*causally steals our soul because souls are cool*


but YAAAAY somebody can put them to good use!

well, if i get round to it, ay 😉

This list is really good and it’s gave me loads of ideas for my blog, thanks

thankyou, i’m glad it helped! 🙂

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Finally, a list with ideas I actually like!!!!! These are great!

oh gosh, i wrote this so long ago! im glad it was helpful, i should update it or something 🙂

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