10 Commandments To Clear Skin

What do we want?

Clear, flawless skin!

And when do we want it?


Life is good, guys. Life is better than good. I like life. I appreciate life. I want to roll around and kiss my life in a warm bed, while we watch Scandal. Which is obviously the reason for my lack of posting. I’m really sorry. But I’ve just been so busy recently that it’s been hard to post. Goddamn social life.

What is my solution to this? I’m going to post more about things I’m doing rather than . . . well, whatever it was I was attempting to do before. Blogging is a learning process, okay? Love me for me, not this idealistic caricature you have in your mind. *Dramatically cries*  Oh, are you not going to insert a random and probably irrelevant gif?  The timing wasn’t right.

And, as skin is generally one of everyone’s main concerns (aren’t we all just fucking lucky?), I decided to do a quick post on my 10 Commandments To Clear Skin that I personally have found make my skin feel flawless. (And are, of course, difficult and slightly impossible to keep up).


    There is an upside to this – I actually haven’t found that eating sugar makes my skin unbearably disgusting; I remember, I went completely clean eating for the first two weeks of January and in the first week my skin looked perfect, but the second week I went back to school and it just exploded. Whereas now, my skin is quite calm and I’ve been eating shit all week. Which I’m going to stop. Tomorrow.

    There are actually specific fruits and vegetables that are great for your skin – green tea and avacados I will swear by – so get an increased intake of these!
  2. SLEEP.
    The amount of sleep you get and how good your skin looks is a direct correlation. (Some maths for y’all.)
    Skin needs water. Body needs water. You needs water. Drink – and drink a lot.
    Remember how I said sugar doesn’t affect my skin? Well, I lied. Sugar does affect your skin, but not all the time. Sometimes I’ll eat a ridiculous amount of sweets and breakout and sometimes I’ll eat a ridiculous amount of sweets and just be hyper. But cutting the sugar is good for more than just your skin, so give it a try.
    Oil, dirt and bacteria all collect in your bedsheets. Wash them. It’s for your own good.
    Come on, exercise seems to fix fucking everything.
    So, who went on a massive beauty haul and bought a load of skincare products in January? And who has now realised that all those chemicals (and all of these products were the same range, because you’re not meant to combine brands) actually worsened their skin?
    Washing your face with water works just as well as everything else.
    Hormones are a crazy part of your skin – probably the worst part because they’re the part you can’t control. A good way to control hormones is to add coconut oil to your diet.

Okay, so in a dream world I would have unlimited time, energy and money to sort all these things out, but . . . well, I go to school everyday, have a social life and need to stay up late every night just to fit in things I like to do as well as things I have to do. But all we can do is try and hope that, one day, all these things become natural habits.

Does anybody else have any good skin tips?

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Blog Comments

The tips are great 🙂
I will definitly try them out 🙂

thanks darling 🙂

I’m with you on all of the above! Biggest thing I’ve noticed over the years is pretty skin starts from within… eat clean, stay hydrated and use as little products as possible topically- coconut oil is all I put on my face 🙂 thanks for the great read! Love your style of writing. xx

ah thank you! I personally love coconut oil and this is probably a little off topic but jasmine oil for hair is amazing xx

This is a really good set of tips, better than any I’ve seen before. Also, I go to school and have a social life and can barley fit any time in for my skin, so I’m going to try some of these. Thanks for sharing these, and your blog is really great xoxox

aw thanks:) glad they help! this was so cute to come home to!xoxo

Haha thanks & thanks for following! I found your blog a few years back when you did the mega gift list and created all those Astores (I think that’s their name) and I loved it but had nothing to follow you on account wise so when I got my blog I instantly started to search and find you, and I found you ? the way you write is so funny!! Defo keep up the good work xoxo

OHMYGOD, you just made me drop green tea on myself this is so cute like the pain just doesnt exist right now 😀 your blog is adorable and i seriously wish i could post daily, keep it up hun! xoxo

Haha Sorry!!! Thankyou so much!!! X

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