Confidence Boosting Shoe Wishlist

**Update 2016 – So, for some strange reason, this post has become rather popular on Pinterest – loads of people apparently like my taste in shoes. And so, because all the old links were outdated, I decided to re-work this post into a shoe shopping wishlist! So, without further ado . . . shoes!

    Suede Wrap-Around Heels – £18

  2. Suede Wrap Around Heels – £30
    Over The Knee Heeled Boots – £19
  4. Womens Ladies Stretchy Thigh High Over The Knee Long Lace…:
    Over The Knee Stiletto Boots – £19
  5. Alyssa Mocha Open Back Lace Up Heels Image 1
    Mocha Lace Up Heels – £35
  6. Image 1 of Nike Classic Trainers In Holographic Grey
    Nike Holographic Trainers – £75
  7. Image 1 of Glamorous Nude Suedette Ribbon Tie Ballet Shoes
    Ballerina Flats – £20
  8. Image 1 of ASOS JUSTICE Lace Up Ballet Espadrilles
    Ballerina Espadrilles – £14
  9. Image 1 of Daisy Street Pink Crushed Velvet Point Heeled Ankle Boots
    Baby Pink Velvet Boots – £32

It’s not a weird combination.

I’m a big believer in confidence being the main key to looking good; and confidence comes from many things. (Weirdly enough, strawberries make me feel confident. Until I realise that half the strawberry is all over my face because I’m basically a child and eating never goes quite as smoothly as it should. Seriously. It’s kind of a skill of mine.) However, when it comes to my clothes I generally find confidence in the form of three things: shoes, lingerie and accessories.

beauty animated GIF

The idea that sparked this post is actually one that I’m continuing to my next post – and that’s confidence. One thing you’ve probably already noticed about me is that I draw entirely irrelevant and strange inspiration from things (it’s actually a post idea in my blog book: The Weird Ways I Draw Inspiration in which I would just write about a general day and all the odd ideas I get from things that happen throughout – another post idea is to show y’all my notebooks which includes the blog book) and today I received some more holiday clothes in the post – which I will show you in a big haul post when it all arrives.

excited animated GIF

Anyway, I tried this jumpsuit on and loved it – but one of the things that I loved most about it was the fact that I loved the way that it looked when I know that a few months ago I would’ve hated it. And all that had changed was the fact I was confident enough to like it. Only partially because I was wearing a pair of heels too.

So I decided to do a “Confidence Booster” Wishlist based on things that make me feel confident. Leggo.

lego animated GIF

Well, that’s enough from me  yeah. We know.  Shut up.  so how about you guys; what makes you feel confident on days when you just kind of wish you never left your bed?

Blog Comments

I totally agree with the confidence booster list. Sometimes all you need is that thing that gives you the little spark to keep you going through the day. For me that would probably be my MAC dark red lipstick. It may sound crazy but I actually notice a bounce in my steps when I wear it. Amazing post.

Exactly! I can start my day feeling terrible, but that little something will just make me feel ten times better! And I actually get that because just Vaseline makes me feel so much better and . . . it’s just Vaseline! Thank you for commenting 🙂

i lost touch of you for a while there, its nice to find your blog again 🙂

Well this pretty much sums up why I feel good (shock horror, but it does happen, infrequently, but still happens). This is what also makes me confident (still in sisterhood with this post probably but hey ho):

– if my bra & knickers are matching (and if they have something like flying pigs on them or cats or pandas or whatever, just yes)
– knowing I smell nice
– if eyeliner miraculously becomes what we know only too well as ‘on fleek’
– walking through the streets with a starbucks in my hand
– when a selfie is edited literally to perfection and everything looks good and you post it and you basically are just bathing in confidence.

Too long a comment? Probably. I’ll stop now 😀

OMG yes matching underwear and victoria’s secret body spray is actually the key 🙂

Finally someone 😉

A good pair of shoes always makes me confident!

definitely! heels especially 🙂

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