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So, today Amber and I had a . . . well, we had a pretty damn weird day.

It started off as a DIY day that didn’t get very far (although we now know how to make our own temporary tattoos) and then turned into a very spiritual day (I’m in the middle of my very pushed back Spiritual reawakening and decided to drag her down with me). And . . . well, I’m going to post about my ever-so-slightly fucking terrifying experience we had with tarot cards earlier on our shared blog and then I’ll link it later, but this post is about . . . Manifestation!

magic animated GIF

For those of you who don’t know, my beliefs are pretty unconventional – I don’t really follow a particular religion, but I follow some Wiccan and Buddhist beliefs and some just generally ones I kind of pick up along the way.

Now, as most of my beliefs are more abstract and about the general forces acting on the universe rather than specific things (I don’t know, the idea of forces and cycles constantly at play in the world makes more sense to me than any other things I’ve heard), I’m a big believer in things like psychics, tarot cards and nature. And one of my favourite practices is Manifestation.

I’m not going to assume that you guys know what Manifestation is, so let me explain to you pretty faces – actually, I’m going to steal Amber’s definition because it’s way more eloquent than my sleep-deprived, drugged brain can sum up for you now.

The act of using your mind and the universe to materialize a goal or want in life.

Thank you, Amber. Both my blog readers and I thank you.

I’m a big believer in knowing what you want out of situations and general life; if you don’t know what you want, how can you ever expect to attain it? For me, manifestation is less about making things materialise out of mid-air and more about clearing my mind and making real, clear cut goals and wants. It’s about actually deciding what I want and getting to the root of my general existence.

Seriously, take a moment to think about it. What do you actually want? Now think about why you want it. Now think about if you actually want it. For example – some people want love (not that I’m talking about you, Amber Houston Ellis), but they don’t actually want it. They want completion, they want to feel worthy, they want to be happy and they want love as a supplement to do that; they think another person showering them in affection and seeing something they can’t see in themself will make them happy. (By the way – it won’t. If you’re not secure in yourself, you’ll end up projecting those insecurities onto your relationship, which will strain and eventually break it.) So what these people probably actually want is confidence, or contentment. See my point? Now, like I said . . . take a moment. Think about what you actually want. (And then you should leave me a comment telling me what that is. Wink wink.)

So, when you sign up to, you get a free Manifestation Guide; I showed this to Amber, who picked the love route, and so we decided that this would be the perfect way to start our Mexico scrapbook. We’re using this holiday as a kind of detox from high school/time of reflection and personal growth, so we thought this would definitely be a good way to start our documentation of it.

Step One of Manifestation is to carefully think about what you want in as much detail as possible. Here’s Amber’s page . . .


And then here’s mine.


Obviously there’s a bit of difference between the amount of writing on both of our pages.

I’ll let Amber explain her’s in depth (the link is attached all throughout this post, kiddies), but the reason that mine is less detailed is because my manifestation wasn’t for a person, but a relationship type.

See, I’m not a relationship person.

The funny thing about people is that we always want what we don’t have – people that don’t get much male attention want it, and those that have it don’t. Now, I’m going to be honest here and admit that I do get quite a lot of attention from the opposite sex and I’m going to be even more honest and admit that I enjoy “playing”. I’m not someone that will commit myself to a person, or a relationship, for the sake of it or because I want to seem more desirable or popular or whatever – that insecure shit is so two years ago and I’ve moved on from it. People (the boys I know especially) want connections, but don’t really build them – and it doesn’t make their feelings less genuine because that’s all they know, but that doesn’t mean that’s all I have to settle for.

That kind of shallow attraction – the kind where we can enjoy each other’s company, get along and just generally “crush” on each other – is fun and, at this point in my life, I enjoy the lack of seriousness. Boys that I don’t have particularly deep feelings for occupying a large portion of my time, being jealous and controlling and just generally . . . there does not exactly thrill me. I’m being serious. Boys are a clingy folk.

For a serious relationship, I had very different manifestations:

IMG_4405 IMG_4410

  • Balance – Every relationship has good and bad and I used Yin and Yang to represent that wholesome relationship; one where we appreciate the good and bad in each other, in our relationship and where the bad is accepted and overcome.
  • Sun and Moon – My depiction of a perfect relationship will always be the Sun and the Moon; separate entities that complement and coexist with each other. The Sun and the Moon are two very much separate objects, rather than halves of a whole, and they exist without relying on each other, but also in perfect harmony with each other. My perfect relationship is like this in the way that my partner and I would be separate people, with separate traits and interests and, to a degree, separate lives, but our cycles, our lives, would be twined together, working in perfect harmony and equality while not eclipsing the other. The Sun and the Moon, also like Yin and Yang, represent opposing traits and personalities and my ideal relationship is with someone that opposes and complements me.


  • Runes – The glyphs I chose were all select qualities I want in an ideal relationship. We would reflect each other, form a real and deep connection, combine our lives, transform together, learn and understand each other, then explore the world and create our own memories.
  • Twin flame – A twin flame is someone whose soul mimics the own fire in yours; it’s someone who is both fitting and completely alike to you. For my perfect relationship, I would want a twin flame, someone who I have a real and deep connection to.


  • Crystals – I drew crystals that embodied the qualities I’d want in a relationship and I wont waste your time by repeating exactly what I wrote above, my lovelies.

So, my lovely readers, what is you want from life and what would be in your love manifestations?

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