Mexico OOTD/N Day 1 – Velvet Tiger and Celestial Spirit

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Okay, so the title was a lie – I don’t know what day I wore these outfits on. I also don’t care. They might, Mia, OCD exists. God, you’re so selfish.  Why must you ruin everything? This was a happy, fluffy post. God. IMG_5442 IMG_5431 IMG_5453     Skirt – £4 – Boohoo / Top – £3.15 – Aliexpress / Kimono – £20 – River Island So my first outfit was one that features three of my favourite items of clothing – my velvet longline tiger kimono, my khaki mini skirt that was actually available in size 4 (thank you, Boohoo petite!) and my lace top. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that please. A velvet kimono. With. A. Fucking. Tiger. IMG_5450   I feel like Jesus is just looking down at me, nodding slowly all like “You’re welcome, Mia”. Well, Jesus – I thank you. I appreciate you. I appreciate this beautiful world we live in and all it’s wonders. Yes, that is what I get from a kimono. I really like kimonos. Now, this next outfit is actually one of my favourites because of what happened in the outfit rather than the outfit itself. I mean, I love the outfit too, but I had one of my favourite nights of the holiday in this outfit. IMG_5005 IMG_4963   I love the really hippy vibe of this lace jumpsuit, so I decided to really run with it and add some celestial metallic tattoos. IMG_5040 IMG_5001 Jumpsuit – £8 – Aliexpress – Metallic Tattoos – £0.62 Why o why do I love this outfit so much you may ask? I found a meditation spot! IMG_4983 If you hadn’t noticed, I’m on a quest to become a buddha. And if you hadn’t noticed, then don’t feel bad. It’s probably due to my lack of any zen-type attitude. IMG_4980 This is my wall. IMG_4979   On our resort, there’s a wall that looks straight over the beach and as soon as it gets dark there’s literally nobody there. It’s perfect; quiet, dark, the wind on your face, your feet dangling over the edge (but sand like a foot below) . . . I love it so much. I’m not sure why, but I get the strongest feel of connection. Sitting alone on an empty wall, overlooking an empty beach, overlooking a vast and empty sea. Well, you’re looking at the girl who sees Jesus in devore kimonos. But seriously, I just look up at the sky (and actually see stars – I always thought that was an overrated experience, but it’s one of those things that you don’t know until you experience it) and just think about how many other people are looking up at the same sky; I sit on the wall and think about how many other people are out there just sitting somewhere quietly too. Whatever. But that is my OOTDay/Night for Mexico Day 1. IMG_4962

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Oh my gerd. Gorgeous. I was sat on an empty beach too, last night. The stars are actually freaking amazing. I just sat looking at them for a good half hour. And the sea and the lit up town across the bay. It’s beautiful! I love your outfit by the way.

you so cayute! and its a really amazing and calming experience, isn’t it? That sounds so pretty, i demand pictures!

Haha, I didn’t take any! I’m going to go back tonight though but it is so hard to blog on my phone which is the only wifi we have! I’m crying ?

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