Mexico OOTD & FOTD/Night Day 3 – Crochet Vs Lace and Late Night Beach Wanderer

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This place is so pretty.

IMG_4861 IMG_4719


Crochet Top – £4 – Boohoo / Shorts – £15 – Asos Marketplace

This picture does them absolutely no justice, but I love these shorts – remember my total obsession with eyelet lace trimmed running shorts? You don’t? That’s probably because you’re a recent follower and I fell in love with those almost two years ago.

They’re silky and they fit so perfectly and . . . I just love them. The top is part of a mini pre-holiday Boohoo spree I went on and it’s so versatile and cute.

I would go into detail on our day, but it was just . . . swimming and eating; until the wedding (Thursday!) we all decided to chill out and just get a bit colour. Amber and I started to get a bit bored of swimming in a pool (but we would never get bored of the swim up pool, no we wouldn’t, my precious baby), so we started to take full advantage of the fact we can get British channels on our television.


Top – Boohoo – £4 / Skirt – Boohoo – £10



As you can probably tell, that night was a funny one.

I would divulge the details of our dastardly tales, but . . . they’re not all that dastardly and most of the really funny stuff that happened were part of inside jokes. Trust me, though – Amber’s Snapchat contacts will never look at her stories the same way.

IMG_4867 IMG_4776

After all of our tomfoolery, (okay, maybe I just wanted an excuse to use that word) Amber and I decided to go for an evening walk along the beach. While we were there . . . a few things happened.

From one of my dad’s best friends ogling us to my dad and my dad being like ” . . . THAT’S MY DAUGHTER”, to a random American family telling us about these mysterious raccoon monkeys and iguanas and . . . okay, well this:



Yes. There are deer on our resort. And it let me touch it, before giving me a very “excuse me, what do you think you’re doing” look.



And now, I promised Face Of The Day, did I not? Well, forget that – I went swimming, therefore my face was just my face. My Face Of The Night, however . . .




You can’t see as well as I’d hoped, but I did some eyeshadow and light contouring . . . let me find a better skin-pic:



Okay, so I have now delivered on both halves on my promise and I think that should be enough for tonight, right kids?

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