Mexico Lookbook!

How long have I been waiting to make a vacation lookbook?

Too long . . . far too long . . . 

WELL, NOW IT’S HAPPENED. Half happened. Semi happened. I mean, a definite fraction of  it has happened. So, without further ado, I am excited and yet not quite proud to present . . . my Mexico Lookbook!

mexico holiday lookbook

summer holiday lookbookmexico holiday vacation lookbook

This is just a (very) quick post because I wanted to post, but I’ve been busy being rendered utterly useless by jetlag. Seriously. I thought it was a really overhyped experience, but (much like the stars) it’s something I guess you have to go through to know.

We got back three days ago and my bodyclock is still in Mexico. Sleeping before 5am? Impossible. Waking up before the entire day’s gone? You’re funny.

So all this post is are a few shots of all the looks I tried out in Mexico – the good, the bad and the just for the sake of outfit photography. Also, ignore my (failed) contour; my palette was way too dark and trying to rub it off just made it smudge into a large smear on my face. Isn’t it great?

(A few of this outfits have been blogged about and that’s the bottom right two, here and here, and the middle rows first and last image, here and here)

Okay, so here’s basically a picture dump of every look I tried on holiday:


Wow. That was a surprisingly easy post. And unsurprisingly vain, good for you.  You know what you are, you’re a hater.   Wow, alert the Cumberbatch fans, there’s a new Sherlock in town.

Okay, so that’s the lookbook done! Now, onto my book cover . . . It’s not great; I won’t lie, but it started off as just a kind of practice because I haven’t touched anything to do with design for a good few months and it turned into this.

ceremonials book cover first draft

If you want to read the story, it’s all available here because I’m rewriting it in third person and now for the poll!

Okay, guys, that’s it; if you have any small semblance of a soul left even in this difficult world, fill in the post for me darlings because it would nice what you guys actually want.

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Love your outfits!

thank you! 🙂

Love the flash tattoos. So fun for summer!

they’re definitely a new found addiction of mine!

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