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So, in my poll, Entertainment was one of the most popular categories; and I wasn’t really sure what to post around that (it probably would have consisted of an album review, or a post on music, because in terms of television I’m not really watching much at the moment. Although I do have a few movie reviews floating around on my laptop, so there’s that) until I saw that one of my favourite Youtube channels had posted a new video.

Yeah, for all my American readers, I would pay attention to these next two Youtubers because they are quite literally what British humour consists of.

The Midnight Beast

I love them. I love them so much. Their brief TV show on E4 was . . . okay, well, it was terrible, but I mean to get one they must be at a certain level, right? But, before I try to convince you why I love them so much, let them try.

“Rubbish is literally littering the streets . . . Bin it” A fairy hop later “TMB one . . . litter nil.”

And if you’re not exactly sure who each one is, they perfectly describe their characters here.

“I’ve got a beard.” “I’ve got an afro.” “I’ve got eyebrows that rock.”

They’re my personal favourite because they’re fucking hilarious. To put it simply. And their jokes are both funny (now, how often can you say that?) and relatable.

“We’re going to Ibiza, it’s just like England with sun.” “There’s lot of English people, having English fun.”

Now, if you live in Britain, you know the “go to” spot for teens/young adults to go clubbing and catch chlamydia abroad is Ibiza. Acting exactly how it’s shown in the video. It’s great. I love it.

But their jokes are smart too. Like, just watch Wands (below) and, whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or you just numbly suffered the movies, be prepared to literally be bombarded by references. THAT YOU GET.

“What’s that?” “You’ve got the wrong film, mate.” “. . . Fuck off.” *Throws wand*

But, to add to the blessings, they can sing. Like, if they wanted to, they probably could’ve been a boyband. Which makes it so much better that they weren’t.

“Go take some singing lessons.” “What was that?” “Nothing, twat.” “You’re a prrrick” “Eat my shit.” “No thank you, it wouldn’t be nice.”

And that leads me on to possibly one of my favourite parts of their videos . . . Dru’s inevitable mental breakdown about that fact his dad left his mum for his new Spanish family. You think I’m joking? Let me show you.

“This is the part where your dad goes off on a cold Christmas Eve . . .”

“This is the part on a different track where I cried because my dad’s never coming back . . .”

“You haven’t heard about my childhood lately . . .”  Oh, this also happens to be the one where they decided to shove Selena Gomez around in their studio.

“I had to go on Jerry Springer, because I was trying to eat my sausage fingers.”

“Hey, Stefan, it’s about time my dad-” “Shut the fuck up, it’s Christmas.”

And, during their two season show, they did get some pretty good songs . . . the problem was never the music, just the kind of terrible stories.

“Shop so much at ASDA, I’m sponsored by George.”

“Girlfriends just bitch and moan and whine; get out my fucking room, whore, read the sign!”

I also love the way they take the piss . . . out of everything. Including themselves.

Being “manly”.

Every single stupid pop song.

“Fuck the Harlem Shake, that joke is past its sell by date.”

Generally while they’re taking the piss out of themselves.

“Fucking wish I had a pug. I think I’m going to cry.”

Booty calls.

“I can’t believe this desperation to disturb our slumber party.”

And now, to wrap TMB section up . . . they did a collab video with my next favourite Youtubers!

Mandem On The Wall

These two Youtube channels are literally London. Mandem On The Wall describes where I live perfectly and TMB describes what going into Central London is like. It’s great.

If you don’t know what the riots are, I’d Google it. Actually happened up the road from me and it was just not that deep.

I love MOTW because of their parody of Stormzy’s Where Do You Know Me From. I’m not joking. That’s how they got me. And I love that they just remind you of half the people you know.

I also love that they can’t really sing. But that they do it anyway because they know it’s funny.


My next favourite is . . . well, I just love Mystic. He’s beautiful, he’s funny and he has so many videothat I can just lose hours of my life watching him.

I mean, you know, Team Mystic the best team in the league.

First off, he understands me.

And he’s just funny.

He so pretty he got hit on by a gay guy.

And he has a never-ending supply of girls. I’m not joking.





And that’s only a few. There’s more on his vlog channel too.

Okay, those are my favourite Youtubers; what about you guys?


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I’m going to be mainstream now, but obviously, as my title might imply, Zoella & Pointlessblog. Although Mystic, whom I haven’t actually ever heard of, sounds freaking hilarious. Just going to check him out….:D

i used to like zoella when i watched beauty blogs, but they end up literally consuming my life so i stopped 🙁

Aha?. They consume my life but I couldn’t stop. I’m too far into the fandom & far too obsessed to stop. It’s probably dangerous for me.

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