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I’m not sure if this a tutorial. I don’t think it is. It doesn’t feel like one. I seriously hope it isn’t, for the sake of those few bored people that might actually try it . . . 

So the picture above was taken after eight hours of rushing around, dancing and terrorised by young children. I know, I know. Make-up fades; hair drops; the picture is inaccurate, but my phone was pretty much dead by the time we’d finished getting ready to the point where pictures could be taken and we were too busy for any decent pictures. The closest I got were these pictures I took with Amber at the venue.




I was wearing heels. The height difference is very much that deep.



Okay, so for the Wedding Party we were striving to look as close to how we did in Mexico as possible. As it might be helpful for you to have a reference of what that look actually was, I’ll include some pictures!


I felt like hand goals. The metallic tattoo I actually repurchased to wear for the party, but I couldn’t get the nails, so the tattoo is available in my shop. 


And here comes the dress!


I know these aren’t specifically the wedding look, but I haven’t uploaded a wedding post yet and it was just amazing, so these needed to be done.


Only issue with our plan? After the wedding, we all went for a midnight swim in the pool in our bridesmaid dresses and effectively ruined them. So the rest of the wedding party were historically accurate while Amber wore my dress and I wore . . . well, I wore my dress too.

However, I think we achieved the wedding hair pretty well!

So, now you’re all caught up with everything you need to know, onto the step by step!

  1. I have naturally curly hair – and a lot of it, so I had to get up early and wash my hair. Now, this might sound really weird to anyone with straight hair, but I don’t use shampoo on my hair usually. If you think that’s weird, Google it, but I know what works for me and shampoo just dries my curls out. When you’re straightening curly hair, however, you need to wash beforehand so that your hair is clean (which allows it to straighten easier) and oil-free (or it will be burnt). After I shampooed, I didn’t condition becuase . . . yada yada clean yada yada. But seriously, look at how disgusting it made my hair look. Is this what people with straight hair have to go through?
  2. HEAT PROTECTION. LIKE TWO PRODUCTS OVER. I feel like a fool admitting this online, in a community of really gorgeous people with amazing hair that are all known for being perfect specimens of make-up and hair technique and routine, but heat protection is something I almost always never used. For no other reason than I was lazy. However, as I now quite like my curly hair I take a lot of precautions to make sure it stays healthy, so heat protection is necessary.

    VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Spray – £4.19

    Got2b Guardian Angel – £2.49
  3. Then I straightened it. If I were wearing my hair dead straight, I would blow dry it first, but I planned to curl it on top, so it would’ve just been even more heat and even more time.
    hen I straighten, I divide my hair into four sections (right and left, top and bottom), straighten the bottom two first and plait them once they’re straightened. This ways pretty good for getting all your hair evenly and getting close to your roots.

    Remington Alternative Styles Hair Drier – £35

    GHD Gold Straighteners – £129
  4. It turns out like this when it’s straight. Be prepared to laugh.
  5. Now, onto the next process – curl. Every. Single. Piece. Of that. After I had to straighten it all. Oh, my hair looks like this curly:
    curly mia

    My eyebrows look so thin. I kind of like it.


  6. So, I section my hair the same way as when I’m straightening it and curly from the bottom up. I do usually do three or four curls, then apply my oil mixture and then hairspray them. (Oil because hair needs moisture and heat obviously dries it. Hairspray to hold the curls. Duh.)
    IMG_6125 IMG_6124 IMG_6121

    (Our store had run out of our usual stuff, so we bought the oil pictured, but I would recommend this one) Olive Oil – £2.90

    Got2b Oil – £2.70
    I would highly recommend the L’Oreal Mythic Oil – it’s amazing.)
    The Jasmine Oil I pictured is something I’ve ranted about on every single hair post because it’s fucking amazing, and is only £1 from Superdrug, but isn’t available online, so I can’t link it for you; sorry guys.
  7. Okay, so sections, curl a few curls, oil and then hairspray. Now, you might be wondering why I put oil on before hairspray (“Doesn’t it make the curls drop?”) . . . see for yourself.

    Babyliss Curling Tong – £15
    Now, that ringlet effect is cute for pictures, but in real life just looks stupid. You look like a doll and I just don’t like the look; I prefer my curls a bit looser. Which is why I apply oil first, to drag them out a little, and then hairspray.
    My trusted hairspray is, of course . . .

    Aussie’s Hairspray – £3.99
  8. IMG_6142 IMG_6144
    ow, I tied it back, which both loosened the curls further (even though it does look nice curly . . . but we were going for historically accurate) and allowed me to do my makeup without shit dropping in my face every ten seconds.
  9. First off . . . eyebrows.
    Okay, so I’m one of those people that touches up as I go along, so my eyebrows weren’t exactly perfect here. And I’m still getting the hang of filling them in (but I do love to do it), but the arches on my natural brows are different. Which is annoying because I don’t actually draw, just fill in and neaten, but, you know, some people don’t have eyebrows, so I can’t complain too much.
    This is how they usually look, but I did them a bit messier yesterday because they were quite messy on the day of the wedding . . .
    For those of you with dark eyebrows . . . I use black pencil to fill mine in because any other colour looks fucking ridiculous because the colour of my eyebrow hair. Is. Black. But the main trick is concealer. Pluck first, then conceal around the outlines and just fill where there are any gaps with light brushes of the pencil/powder/whatever you use. Then, if you fuck up, go over the fuck up with concealer. Trick is – less is more and apply lightly, or look like a Crayola ad.
  10. Then, foundation. I use a stipling brush, because it allows you even coverage, and a very nice, even colour (no random blotches).

    MAC Mineralise – £29

    Stippling Brush – £3.49
  11. Contouring. I personally don’t contour very far down my face because my cheekbones are defined where they are . . . but that’s only for a small space.
    (This isn’t from yesterday, but I’m just showing you so you can see what I’m working with)
    Now, back to yesterday.
  12.  IMG_6159

    Sleek Face Contour Kit Medium
    Sleek Contour Palette – £9.99

  13. And then we took a random trip to Tescos with my dad, because I love the guy and shoppings a bit boring on your own.
    Which meant that I had to put clothes on and I actually discovered an outfit that I quite like . . .
    IMG_6181 IMG_6184
    (Oh, no, sneak peek at the make-up!)
  14. Got home. Eyeshadow and eyeliner!

    Rimmel Eyeliner – £3.70
    IMG_6189 IMG_6194 IMG_6197
  15. Mascara, hair flick out and outfit change later . . . look complete!

Me and mama x

IMG_6202 IMG_6249 IMG_6265


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