College Enrolment LOTD – Moody Mia


So guys, I enrolled to my college yesterday – English Lit, Graphic Communication, Media Studies, Creative Writing and I’m third on the waiting list for Sociology. Because I’m absolutely terrible with directions, I went with two of my best friends, Josh and Fai, who reminded me both why I fucking love them and why they should not be allowed out in any kind of public situation.

My entire attitude towards college has bounced from trying to force myself to be excited, to being totally indifferent, to dreading it, to having no clue what the fuck was going on and completely not acknowledging it.

I never said I dealt with things well.

However, now that I’ve been to my enrolment, decided what classes I’m taking and met one of my teachers (who was actually a really, really nice guy) I can actually say I’m quite excited to be going. Although, because I went in on the last day, I wasn’t able to get into any Psychology or Sociology classes; in a way, I’m glad because it meant I could choose Creative Writing, which I really wanted to do, but I decided against because I thought a Social Science might look better on my CV. Also, I know English Lit looks good on paper if you’re applying to prestigious universities and I’ve kind of been forced into taking it now.

But you guys are here for the Look Of The Day, right kids?


So my outfit was just reflecting my mindset – nothing particularly exciting or excited, just basic enough to get the job done. I know you can’t see (sorry about that, my phone died on my way home and I took these while it was charging through my laptop, which limited angles a little bit), but I paired it with black high waisted jeans and some black trainers. Woo.

IMG_6834 IMG_6828

We all remember my holiday love affair with metallic tattoos, right? Well, it didn’t stop there. I’m now absolutely addicted to temporary tattoos and this empty battery one just describes me completely.

Especially after having to take Tubes in London.

I’m shuddering just remembering.

(By the way, if you like the temporary tattoo I sell a lot of them in my Etsy shop here)

So, after enrolment (and that took a long time. I also found out that they seem to think I have a learning disability of some kind – there was a 60 question survey we had to do and yeah.) we headed to Oxford Street for food and suit shopping because Faisal’s going to Sixth Form, which means uniform, and just had a good time. After that, we went to Josh’s house to watch the Wolf of Wall Street (I love it.) and then got home at around ten.

And that, my dear friends, was my enrolment!


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