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Hi, honey, I’m home!

That’s right kids – mumma’s back. And better than ever. Well, with more hair colours than ever; and, in a way, isn’t that better?   No.   Fuck you.

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So, I know I never technically left the blogging game; I just headed over to It’s All Part Of The Human Experience to try my hand at being a grown-up, then bought myself a .com (Crystalsandcurls, although I’m closing that, so feel free to ignore the link) and have now slinked back, seemingly failed.

Well, Jesus doesn’t approve of your negativity – and it’s kind of the opposite. My new blog was (to me) a success; and I got myself my own site which was equal parts exciting and progressive. I felt like I was going up in the online world and my maturity levels were going up in the real world.

So why am I back?

Because fuck being a “good” blogger. I’m not a corporate sellout and – yes, I know that is a massive leap from a .com to someone that sold my soul to the devil for money, but hear me out: Okaaythen is like an online diary, except not that emotionally riveting. And I suppose nobody could blackmail or incarcerate me through incriminating evidence I’ve left on here.

But anyways – it’s a part of me, I guess. It’s not up here to make money or get big or anything (although . . . not going to complain if it does. Take note, Internet lords.), it’s here because I enjoy it. It’s fun and I like the people and this is home. I missed you.

So, I guess I tried to upgrade, or change as a blogger to be better – and that’s a good thing, but I think you need to examine the reasons before you do. My reasons were most definitely based on becoming a mature human being and, after a nice long month of that . . .  you can fuck right off. I’m fine how I am, thank you society. I’m telling you – the government is just trying to oppress me.

Anyways, I just kind of realised that . . . I wanted to come home. Everything I wanted to achieve as a “real” blogger I was achieving through Okaaythen and-

What a long, overdrawn explanation. You’re back. It’s that simple. Why don’t you just say hello?   I hate it when you’re right, it’s like finding out the Nazis had Jesus on their side.    How long did it take you to get to Hitler?

Now all that boringness is out of the way . . . a catch-up! But that’s an incredible waste of time on both ends, so if you want to see what you’ve been missing . . . www.itsallpartofthehumanexperience.wordpress.com 

Basically: my hair was purple! Then blue! And now it’s ombred! Picture time? Picture time! (There’s a post for each colour, so let me just attach it for you, my cuties)


Purple Post Here


Mermaid Blue Hair Post Here

But, for the newest hair colour reveal . . .


Let’s never ever talk about how pale I’ve become, okay? Thanks lovelies. I feel like this colour is a little . . . boring, but- no, I don’t even have an excuse. I’ve just failed you. I’m sorry.

But, yes – I’m back. And it’s almost Christmas. Which means a lot of Christmas posting. And to those of you from IAPOTHE – I love you too, you amazing china dolls. So come on over to this site! Anyways, I should probably tell you guys what’s coming up.

  • I’m writing again. Kind of. I’m trying. To plan my writing. I don’t know. I need readers, though, so if you like to read hit me up!
  • Getting back into art, which is good. Probably because I don’t take it as a soul-crushing subject anymore. That might be something to do with it.
  • More hair posts! Because (as we can see) Mia’s been playing with her hair more.

I should probably sign off with Mia, or something. I don’t know. Bye.


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OMG your hair!!! It’s like, so bloody gorgeous! I wish my hair was yours!

thank you lovely! im so not sure about the new colour though..its so not me ;-;

Yes but its also so gorgeous! It’s v understated compared to your usual hair, but it’s a nice change. But I also like the blue and purple.

aww thank you! i decided that after christmas im going to go to a salon and something done (its a surprise, but it should be SO COOL) so im keeping it toned down for now ^-^

Literally cannot wait

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