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I haven’t done this post for ages! Is it because I suddenly decided to reject all beauty products and go completely bare?


I bet you were expecting some kind of sassy remark, right? Did that ‘no’ feel like an anti-climax; if it did, I’m sorry – but all Shakespeare’s dramatic characters in Hamlet were written off with, quite literally, “Dies“.

Imagine spending three months reading a Shakespearan play to see it end with “Dies”. The overwhelming sense of relief and freedom you get through the droning monotone of reluctant readers coming to an end is . . . completely ruined by that fact you’re like “is that it? I struggled through all that – for this?”.

So, no – that anti-climatic sentence does not fill me with guilt. More passive-aggressive rage. But I digress.

(Also, guys – what do you think of me getting rid of my background? Like the change? Miss the moon looking at you while you read my random rantings? Or maybe they just don’t care    As always, nobody asked for your input)

makeup faves

So, in terms of make-up (and fashion, and hair, and just my general everything) I don’t – no, not don’t; I can’t put effort in for college. I mean, that’s effort . . . for college. Those two words are most definitely antonyms. Before half term, I wasn’t bothering with foundation, eyeliner . . . hell, some days I didn’t even both with mascara.

Not. Even. Mascara.

I know, it hurts me too.

So, my make-up favourites this month are really quick, low maintenance-perfection.

L’Oreal True Match is a foundation that doesn’t oxidise to a weirdly orange colour and blends to match my skin-tone perfectly; that gives me perfect coverage without being cakey or clogging and leaves me looking like I’m glowing. That applies so perfectly and effortlessly, it takes me and my stipling brush a mere few minutes to be done.

Gosh Velvet Prime and Set is a primer that instantly makes my skin look clearer and can actually be worn without any foundation on top because it does that well. (Yes, sometimes I’m that lazy.) And this primer also doubles up as a setting powder and keeps my make-up in place perfectly all day.

Last but not least, my Sleek palette . . . it’s been three months and my love for this palette just. Keeps. Growing. Because I love my baby so much, when I was flicking through my Superdrug magazine I found the newest addition to my wishlist!


Need. Sleek has opened my eyes to world of palettes and now my life will never be the same.

L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation – £9.99 / Gosh Velvet Prime and Set Powder – £9.99 / Sleek Contour Palette – £9.99


Let me take a moment to pause, breathe and thank these two products. As you can see by the fact they have clearly been used, rather than left abandoned in a corner to slowly expire, these are two products I use. A lot.

In fact, these are some of the products I absolutely credit for keeping my skin acceptable.

As you may or may not know my skin is very, very problematic.


This photo is not when my skin’s at it’s worst by any means, but you can see what I mean by it’s not great. Especially considering that’s with a layer of foundation over it.

However, my skin’s problems are a product of being overly sensitive, easily clogged and oily – which is why these products are a holy grail for me. The Clearasil rapid action toner is brilliant as it completely wipes out and tightens my pores and, if I put it on before I go to bed, I wake up with visibly clearer skin. It’s like a magic trick.

Especially after using the No 7 cleansing water. As someone who’s skin issues generally stem from the fact my face reacts to fucking anything, I’ve learnt a lot about skincare – and make-up removal. Most of the time when you remove your make-up, you haven’t got it all off your skin; this is why I’m a massive fan of cleansing water, because it’s a great way to start off the make-up removal process. I wet my face with this, it breaks up the make-up, and then I go on to use my make-up removal wipes and foaming cleanser.

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Deep Pore Treatment Toner 200mlNo7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water for Normal Oily Skin 200ml - Boots
Clearasil Rapid Action Deep Pore Toner – £5.49 / No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water – £9.50


Can I be proud of my photography on this one, please? I already am, so you might as well say yes and save us all the awkward embarrassment of me having to murder you and hide the body.

So, these beauties have been hidden up in my room waiting for this exact post for over a month now . . . and it was worth it, just so I could share the beauty of them with you. The effortless and irresistible are my favourite ones because the colours are, to me, very wintery.

IMG_8416 IMG_8419 IMG_8420

So these are really luxurious looking shower gels from Imperial Leather, who I adore because their packaging is simply gorgeous. They were also really cheap (about £1.20 each, if I remember correctly) and . . . look at what their flavours (yeah, I don’t what exactly the word for their different colours and substances is…) are!

Anyways, those are my November Beauty loves; what about you guys?

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I would love to try that Sleek contour palette!

honestly, its so amazing! i have the medium shade so it’s very golden toned and it really brings out the undertones in your skin; thanks for dropping by 😀

I have the irresistible imperal leather shower gel. In love

theyre so pretty like what is life

Ik like we’re actually treating a shower gel like a child I sometimes question my existance

oh wow…well, im kind of hungover whats your excuse xD

I didn’t sleep last night xD

there you go! we’re having a weird-early-life-crisis because we were LIVING life too much yesterday 😉

Insight to the day from Mia, there you have it?

BEST way to start the day, im absolutely convinced 😀 post for me pls i keep checking your blog like…i want stuff to read 🙁

Haha, just doing a haul now….much apologies for my absence & gift guide later tonight. I can’t do teenage boys, they almost made me rip my eyes out?

very, very excited 😀 i’ve got the gift guide pretty much almost posted, but im waiting back on a product sponsorship opportunity because its such a cool gift idea that if i get it I’m sticking it in there 😀

Yes! I can’t wait!!

this reminds me…i have sites to share with you m’dear


I shall be checking these out when I’m on my computer….my phone is weird about links❤️

loool i fully understand ;-; theyre just ways to get free stuff lool 😀

And I just shut my laptop down & laziness doesn’t want me to re-open in?

someone finally gets me!

I’m the laziest person you’ll meet ever

Btw haul is v small and up now! ❤️

*casually skips to read* x


Love true match foundation!

isnt it just perfect!

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