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While I’m sitting here watching Scorpion, on the last day of my six day weekend (it’s very sad to even think that, let alone type it), it strikes me that I’m going to be stuck back in college soon. Having to wake up, get dressed and travel at painfully early times in cold and unappealing weather.

And then it strikes me that we’re somehow expected to do this and look good too. Which is just the definition of a myth. The people that can achieve this are either mythical creatures of magic and mystery, or satanic devil worshippers.

However, it is this sadness over returning that has lead me to thinking about some things about my personal style that I have learnt from college:

  1. There is absolutely something to be said for effortless beauty. I always used to envy girls that looked put together and had lovely, intricate outfits that looked like they were planned years in advance. However, I now look at those girls who look like they literally give no fucks and still look amazing, and just want to sing their praises.
  2. If you want to always be fashionable, replace your comfort clothes with nice comfort clothes. Because we take for granted the fact high school uniform is always picked out for us and imagine that, if we were free, we’d look flawless everyday.
    Well, we’re wrong.
    If it’s 6am, in Winter, and you’ve just come dripping wet from a shower – you are going to run for the hoodie and tracksuit bottoms. It’s just the way it is.
    But something weird that happened to me? People from my college told me I always dressed well. Me. The girl who would throw on a vest, a jacket and black jeans. You know why? Because I don’t actually own hoodies, or tracksuits; so my comfort clothes are bummy to me, but not to everyone else.
  3. But comfort clothes are fashionable too! Especially active wear; some of the best-dressed girls at my college will turn up in a nice Nike tracksuit or sporty leggings and a windbreaker. It looks comfortable and fashionable. So take that, super skinny jeans! Not that I will ever subject myself to them ever again; skinny, yes – super skinny? Hell. To. The. No.
  4. Basics, basics, basics! My basics are my life – especially in Winter. I always prized myself on my lovely patterned kimonos and cool and quirky tops, but I now never ever wear them. You know why? Because you dress like you feel – and you just don’t feel like being complicated, you feel like just getting it over with. And to do that and look good – you’re go-to items are most definitely your basics.

This is an embarassingly short post, because I have so very much to do.

Good news, though, guys – Christmas shopping and DIYs! I’ve got an entire list of posts that I’ve been itching to get up, but . . . well, supplies. However, this Saturday is the first of (hopefully quite a few!) Christmas shopping trips and I’m going to gathering up all my DIY supplies. So, as a little sneak preview, let me show you the posts I’ve got coming up!

  • Poundland DIY Gift Ideas
  • Mug Cakes Recipes (I want to make a cool mug as part of the Poundland DIY gift ideas)
  • Mason Jar DIY Gift Ideas
  • How To Buy Great (And Affordable!) Gifts This Christmas
  • & More!

I’m also unbelievably excited about New Year and mentally planning my new Youtube channel that’s starting January 1st. This is a good time of year!

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Looking forward to the mug cake recipes!

omg theyre so delicious…absolutely the best christmassy recipe i’ve found this year!

I definitely agree with you on #1. In high school I always used to dress up but now I’m in college, I’ve become more effortless… and I don’t mind it. I can’t wait for the mug cake recipes too! I’ve been wanting to try them out.

honestly the alternative is just not doable ;-; and effortless is winning anyway! and that’s going up this sunday 😀

I’ve actually noticed a lot of fashion and beauty trends have been gearing towards the effortless and natural style…which is quite interesting and good ! Haha

ahhh…the world is finally catching up to our laziness..this is good 😀

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