So, as you may have glazed over in my last post, I’ve decided to start a Youtube channel in the New Year!

It’s going to be a document of my year and all the things I want to achieve in it (hair journey, recipes, DIYs, bucket lists and all that good stuff!). Rather than a kind of standalone channel, the purpose is more to complement this blog because I’m going to finally upgrade Okaaythen. to a .com (what do you guys think about that? Not necessary? Good idea? I just don’t know.) and you guys might get a bit bored of just writing all the time.

But all that’s totally irrelevant until a few month’s time (unless you’re going to tell me your opinion. Then it’s totally relevant and you need to drop it in my comments ASAP. Seriously – stop reading, scroll to the bottom and type  me some ideas, thoughts, video topics . . .), so let me tell you why I’ve mentioned it. I’ve never really bought into the whole Youtube fad; this is for the same reason that I can never finish really good TV shows that I love (Suits, Scorpion, The Blacklist; do you want me to continue?) unless there’s an overall storyline (like How To Get Away With Murder), or by some miracle I’m up to date and watch a new episode weekly – I love it, but it feels a bit like a waste of time to marathon it. If I need a make-up tutorial, I can search it up – I don’t have to be an adoring fan of the Youtuber behind it.

Of course, we aren’t factoring in the fact that as soon as you watch one video (especially by a someone with a good camera presence) you will most definitely get sucked into the Youtube vortex and hours of your life will be wasted. You will love this person (or unabashedly hate them and need to see what all the fuss is about) and watch 20 more of their admittedly pointless storytime videos; you will click on their recommended tab and watch other people like them.

You will repeat the cycle. Over and over.

And that is something that I cannot have happening on a daily basis. Because it will and I will get nothing done. Hence, no Youtube fad for me.

However, earlier I had some time on my hands and I thought “you know, Mia . . . for the sake of research, maybe you should watch some Youtube videos”.

Well. Thanks, me. Brilliant fucking idea. So four hours later, I have watched three years of a woman’s life in which she broke up with a 4-year boyfriend, dated a married guy (albeit accidentally), called said boyfriend to have an awkward Q&A with him on video, told us about her abusive ex that literally stole her money from her and . . . I didn’t stop there. No, I continued on to another girl who is absolutely (and I say this with love because she’s kickass) batshit crazy.

And then I still didn’t stop there.

Rabbit meet hole.

I have to include these people for you now, don’t I? Okay.  Okay.   No.

Now we’ve got the emotional backstory out of the way . . . it’s time for the point! These are my favourite beauty vloggers!

I absolutely need to be adding to this list (and I’m going to try my absolute hardest not to as well – Youtube and bad are synonyms) and I’m unbelievably excited for all the hair and make-up products I’m going to be trying come new year. The hair journey is going to be amazing – I’m cutting it all off and experimenting with weave until it grows back healthy and undyed! And make-up is just . . . well, come on, make-up is always amazing.

If anyone has any Youtubers you think I should check out, or ideas for my channel, leave me a comment guys!

(Oh, and . . . sorry for the crappy posts, I’m a little busy at the moment – although, I do have a coloured contact lenses review coming up for you!)

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  1. Oooh sounds like a great idea to buy your own domain especially with the following you have already! I was thinking about doing that too but I’ll wait for a bit longer and see if blogging is really my thing or not haha. I definitely need to check these Youtubers out, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the start of your channel!

    1. Apparently it helps to boost search engine ratings too; I’ll feel like a “real blogger” i guess (: i love your blog personally, but yeah i would wait because you can get like a year in and be like… this is taking up so much time, i just wanna watch netflix and chill so maybe not pay out just yet xD and thank you!

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