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So, I toyed with the idea of calling this a Christmas Wishlist, but that it would have been a lie. Because I haven’t actually got a Christmas wishlist – I have a “what am I going to buy after Christmas” wishlist. And we all know that I’m a massive New Years person and I have this weird obsession with going into the New Year with a new beauty regime, new clothes, new room makeover and just an entirely new mindset. So it’s obviously going to be quite a large list.

And don’t look at me like that, okay – when you read my Yearly Wrap Up post and realise that it actually worked for me this year, you’re going to be using the excuse to go shopping.

Oh, God. I’ve created a monster.

You know what – just use the excuse that you’re “investing” in your blog. That’s what I’m going to be telling my bank account. How can one successfully run a fashion section of a lifestyle blog if they are not looking fashionable?

Yeah, have we noted the lack of fashion and OOTDs going on recently?

  1. Missguided Multiway Jumpsuit – £35

  2. Embroidered Tank Top – £9.99

  3. Embroidered Satin Bomber – £35

  4. Burgundy Velvet Maxi Dress – £30
  5. Black Ribbed Effortless T-Shirt  | New Look
    Effortless Ribbed Tee – £7.99

  6. Strappy Geometric Heels – £22.50
  7. Image 1 of ASOS 90s Style Dungarees
    ASOS Black 90’s Style Dungarees – £40
  8. Image 1 of adidas Originals Hockey Jersey Dress
    Adidas Hockey Dress – £42

  9. Mauve Strappy Heels – £35

  10. Celestial Velvet Co-Ord Set – £40
  11. Ginevia Navy Wrap Front Slinky Crop Top  Image 4
    Slinky Indigo Co-Ord – £22

  12. Zodiac Co-Ord Set – £40
  13. Dark Grey Acid Wash Seam Trim Double Stripe Sweater | New Look
    Grey Sweater – £17

  14. Praying Crop Top – £18
  15. Image 1 of adidas Originals Superstar RT Tonal Night Indigo Trainers
    Indigo Adidas Suede Superstars – £70

So this is what I’m hovering by my computer to buy as soon as the boxing day sales drop . . . in terms of fashion. There’s also accessories, make-up, room stuff, art supplies, books . . . I’m not sure if I’m feeling overwhelming excitement or suicidal urges.

Just kidding. We all know it’s excitement, as mama lives to shop.

Well, this is it . . . what’s on your wishlists guys? (And have you all completed the mandatory Christmas ritual of watching the Nightmare Before Christmas yet? Because I’ll fight you for Jack. Pumpkin king is mine.)

. . .

I’m not kidding.

It’s over.

I get how you might think that it’s not, what with my tendencies to ramble on about irrelevant things for eternity and everything, but this is seriously it. I’m done for tonight – mock exams are taking it out of me.

Okay, fine! Just a few songs I’m loving at the moment. Jesus Christ, high maintenance much?  Yes, please, use the Lord’s name in vain while participating in the commercialisation of a once sacred holiday.   I will, thanks. Go capitalism!

Now, we’re really done. Go brush your teeth and get ready for bed.

Blog Comments

I absolutely ADORE the ASOS dungarees. May have to pop them on my wishlist too! X

do it! i love them ;-; so many clothes, so little money.. thanks for dropping by 😀 x

Ugh it’s an eternal problem that, isn’t it? X

Thanks for following my blog ! I’ve checked out yours and it’s great so I’m following back!

thank you lovely!

The bomber jacket and those mauve heels are definitely going on my wish list! I’ve also been oddly wanting some wedge sneakers as well. A lot of people cringe at the idea of sneakers having a heel… but the combination is so intriguing. Haha.

arent they just gorgeous ;-; you know, thats so funny – i used to hate them, but i found a pair of dragon rita ora ones and now i quite love them!

Yes they are! That’s so awesome. I need to look into those! I’ve always opted for sneakers than any other type of shoe… it’s nice to change it up a bit.

me too, theyre comfy and versatile and my half of london is really urban fashion, so trainers are perfect

oh my, that black jacket!

isn’t it lovely!

I need some strappy heels too!

theyre just so gorgeous and they can go dressy or casual!

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