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pre christmas haul

Hello, fellow humans!

Guess who’s officially broken up for Christmas? Oh, yeah – that would be me. I spent my first day of freedom watching Christmas movies and pigging out and- it. Was. Awesome. (The last one was Love Actually – am I the only one who wanted the widow dad and the cheated on wife to get together? And what happened to Carl and Alan Rickman’s employee whose name I cannot remember? For that matter – what happened to Alan Rickman and his seductress assistant? Yeah; he’s tempted to cheat on his frankly awesome wife with a young, hot, foreign assistant. Nobody blew any brain cells there. I now need to do a Christmas Movies review post. It shall be done.)

Also, I may have possibly bought myself a little Nightmare Before Christmas necklace because I love Jack Skellington so much. Seriously – I sympathise with Sally’s swooning. She’s only . . . okay, well, I guess she’s not human. Whatever.

Back to the point!

So, I’ve actually completed pretty much all of my Christmas shopping! I know – I managed to do it before Christmas Eve; I’m growing up. Now, I would love to show you all what I bought everybody . . . but I wrapped it. And not very well either; all those dreams of beautiful packages sitting under a glittering tree are just that – dreams.


We don’t even have a tree up yet.

So, as I clearly cannot bring you all the brilliant Christmas presents I went and bought everyone, what am I showing you? Why, all the brilliant presents I bought myself.


First off, can we just talk about something that I’ve wanted since all the way back here in August – my dragon print trainers!

Yes – the first thing I bought were a pair of trainers. And they’re beautiful.

IMG_9407 IMG_9405 IMG_9404 IMG_9403

I bought these as the last pair from a stockist on Ebay, so unfortunately I cannot link them – which is why I bought them now, rather than waiting until after Christmas, like everything else; when they’re gone, they’re gone. They’re from Rita Ora x Adidas SS 15 collection (My obsession with dragons cannot be curbed – back in summer, I bought a dress with the same print from the same collection. And it’s beautiful and I recieve compliments for it whenever I wear it. You need a picture now, don’t you?)

It seemed a bit like a big buy considering I was soon to be Christmas shopping, but my Amazon cheque finally cleared (international banks do not communicate as if it’s the 21st century.) and I figured that . . . well, if I want to blog more about fashion, this purchase was more an investment. (BTW – if you want to know how I earned that cheque – check the post out here!)

Next up – well, some more things from the wishlist. This is actually a tip of mine to get the most out of your money – create a wishlist (I personally use . . . let me hit you up with a screenshot) of things you want and need and, when you get the urge to shop, pick things off there. Trust me on this – you will automatically refine and change your wishlist until the only things left on it are things you actually want. It’s like magic.


Besides, a good general rule of thumb is that if you can sit and pine over a product for over three months – you actually want it. Next up, though . . .

Forever 21

So, as I have cried over not only here but in all of my gift guides, I actually bought myself a hand chain and matching ring set from Forever 21. IMG_9336 IMG_9334

Now, these I can link for you!

Hand Chain – £5

Ring Set – £4.50

If you don’t think these are gorgeous, I’m sorry but you’re wrong and possibly blind. It is my sincere recommendation that you head straight out to a doctors. Please – it’s for your sake, not mine.

IMG_9397 IMG_9391

Next up was this “Make Your Own” necklace set; I’d been eyeing this for a while, but wondered if it was actually worth it. And then. And then. I realised, in a white hot flash of epiphany, that another thing I wanted but didn’t know if it was worth it would go perfectly with this.

And that, folks, is what you call a happy ending.

Link, link, link – okay, I think this is out of stock, because I cannot find it, but it was £9.

Why would they even care about that if they can’t get it for themselves?   Sorry.   God, girl, get your act together.


Now, these rings are a possible gift idea for one of my friends and are adorable.

Babe rings – £2 . . . and these are also not in stock. However, there are a lot of really cute alternatives.

IMG_9303 IMG_9295

We have kittens. That is all I can say to excuse Blackie’s tail in my photograph. If there is paper, rustling, sound, movement, breathing, air, or just a human being they know they can get affection off of (namely me because I’m the one that’s a: home most and b: nocturnal and willing to play with them when they’re hyper at 3am) they will be there.

These two final cute bits were more to tip me over the £21 mark; if you spend £21, you get free shipping – so I thought why not grab a few little essentials?

Bobby Pin Box Of 50 – £1.50

Widetooth Comb – £1.50

Okay, so that’s the Forever 21 section of my shopping all did. Now, time for a brief but necessary kitten interruption as I show you how fucking hard they made taking these pictures.


“Ohmygod, if you love me you will let me nibble!”



IMG_9361 IMG_9359


“I call this look Blue Steel”


“What do you mean you need your backgrounds to photograph your things? I AM WHAT THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO SEE.”

Now – enough of Blackie and Whitey (no, that is not their “official” names. Yes, that is what they are called.) Back to pretty things.

New Look

As tempted as I was to buy a watch, all I bought from New Look was a bottle.

Yes, you read right – a bottle. Just wait for it; you’ll see.

IMG_9424 IMG_9423 IMG_9422 IMG_9421 IMG_9419 IMG_9415

This year’s production of “The Mermaid Milkshake Bottle” is proudly presented to you by the white kitten. Yep. It’s a really cute bottle that says mermaid milkshake on it. And it has a candy cane straw. I’m a happy human.

And, last but not least . . .


Word to the wise – if you’re looking for some really fantastic deals on gifts this Christmas, look no further than BHS. I got both my mum and grandma some really great sets for just over a tenner.

IMG_9328 IMG_9322 IMG_9321 IMG_9318

How much was this gorgeous palette? About £2.50. Live Love London is having a brand launch at BHS, so all their make-up palettes and sets and whatever else is all majorly reduced. I like to think I restrained myself by only getting this one, because this was actually bought while I was out shopping for other people.

But it’s so gorgeous and perfect for Christmas party make-up.

Thanks for reading you little rascals – I’m half surprised you made it this far, but you never disappoint, so the other half of me is just slowly applauding your dedication. That’s my pre-Christmas shopping haul done – what were your favourite things I picked up? And have any of you picked up any . . . “blog investments” for yourself?

Merry Christmas!

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Loving your purchases – and the kittens are just perfection! X

ah, you make me smile every time you comment! thank you so much – and trust me those little devil animals are…no, I guess they are pretty perfect ;-; x

Aw, that’s the nicest thing to hear, thanks girl xx

That palette looks beautiful! I love the hand chain too!

thank you! and asdfghjkl so do i ;-;

Those shoes :0, I just restarted my blog and was hoping you’d take a look:

iknowright :O will do!

Omfg you have cats good lord we have now actually achieved soul sister status like before we were but now we ARE. And also they are the cutest things pls send them loads of my love. And those trainers are gorgeous I want them intact this whole haul uh yes please 😉

DID I NOT TELL YOU OMG YES WE HAVE TWO LITTLE KITTENS and ofc we are i already knew but like now its certified. with one of those stickers and everything. maybe even a logo. THEY HAVE DRAGONS ON THEM. TRAINERS. WITH DRAGONS. I’M SO HAPPY IT HURTS. now when you update your blog it will be like santa came early x

Yes it is v much so. They’re so gorgeous! I am so crap at blogmas it hurts:,D. Hopefully I’m going to have something up tomorrow but one will never know with my sporadic uploading

excuse me, you’re just cool and mysterious, thats why you cant post everyday or have a set schedule; its too predictable and all adds to the allure ;D

That is something I will quote next time I apologise 😉

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May I please ask where you got the ‘mermaid milkshake ‘ bottle from ??

of course, it was from new look 🙂 x

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