Guess who’s back with another not really, but ever so vaguely Christmassy post?

I have said this before and I will say it again:

Let’s not start with this question as it will either be –

a. The shittest guessing game ever invented as the answer is quite obviously me. Or:

b. The weirdest, most irrelevant tangent we could possibly go off on as you would all probably come up with some fucked up answers like  if you even say Hitler…   How did you know?   We all knew. … Joseph Stalin. Or the dead pig whose mouth was used to house David Cameron’s penis. I kid you not. Our Prime Minister got a blowjob from a bacon sandwich. Have fun with that one, internet.

Sometimes you just gotta use your old stuff, because your old stuff is gold. Anyways. As I am selflessly embarking on my mission to watch and review my favourite Christmas movies for you, (yes, I am practically a saint. We know.) I have been . . . well, watching my favourite Christmas movies and I have reached a realisation.

My soul is a peculiar blend of grunge and boho-chic. Because, yes, I think the world is beautiful and connected and I like mandalas and kimonos and dream of beautiful gardens and still miss sitting on my wall in Mexico and looking at the moon . . . but my favourite Christmas movies are The Nightmare Before Christmas and Billy And Mandy Save Christmas. I pretty much hate people that aren’t you guys, myself, or interesting . . . and I obviously want to be a witch.

Now, we know me – I’m not one to shy away from these things. I mean, did I necessarily want to grow up and become this pessimistic (well, when it comes to people at least – otherwise, I’m a downright optimist), strange and evil?

Why, yes; yes I did.

Wait, what am I complaining about?

This is great!

Anyways, back onto the grunge, tumblr, witch, alternative wishlist.

  1. Capture skeleton creep street jacket
    Creep Street Jacket – £47
  2. Fashion Summer 2015 Women Elegant Cactus Print Embroidery White T shirt O neck Short Sleeve PUL 66-in T-Shirts from Women's Clothing & Accessories on | Alibaba Group
    Cactus Embroidered Tee – £3.25
  3. follow the signs graveyard grunge long sleeve sweater printed back lost souls grunge goth jumper
    Lost Souls Printed Sweater – £46
  4. Hot Sale 2015 summer new fashion Japanese sushi cartoon cute printed short sleeve women t shirt Cute Black/White-in T-Shirts from Women's Clothing & Accessories on | Alibaba Group
    Sushi Printed Tee – £3.91
  5. ugh people antisocial grunge internet tumblr sweater
    Ugh People Sweater – £42

  6. Crew Love Crop – £10
  7. 2015 rare hats GIANNI MORA THE END CAP IAN CONNOR I THINK ABOUT YOU SOMETIMES GOSHA snapback hat DJ KHALID GIVE THANKS-in Baseball Caps from Men's Clothing & Accessories on | Alibaba Group
    Embroidered Cap – £6.34
  8. screw you lace bodycon black symbols dress
    Screw You Bodycon Lace Edge Dress – £29
  9. 2015 new women tshirt American street style harajuku PUTA letters printed tight Slim T shirt women tops-in T-Shirts from Women's Clothing & Accessories on | Alibaba Group
    Puta Top – £9
  10. happily ever after is so once upon a time pessimistic tumblr crewneckHappily Ever After is So Once Upon a Time Crewneck – £42
  11. acid wash cut off distressed denim jean shortsAcid Wash Distressed Shorts – £31
    Team Hangover Raglan Tee – £10
  13. women fall 2015 new fashion harajuku kawaii sweet lolita dolly nymph bitchie and love embroidered pink wool cap winter hat -in Skullies & Beanies from Women's Clothing & Accessories on | Alibaba Groupwomen fall 2015 new fashion harajuku kawaii sweet lolita dolly nymph bitchie and love embroidered pink wool cap winter hat -in Skullies & Beanies from Women's Clothing & Accessories on | Alibaba Groupwomen fall 2015 new fashion harajuku kawaii sweet lolita dolly nymph bitchie and love embroidered pink wool cap winter hat -in Skullies & Beanies from Women's Clothing & Accessories on | Alibaba Group
    Printed Kawaii Beanie – £8
  14. irregular plaid skirts cute vintage mini skirts grunge faldas mujer saia lapis saia curta jupe femme faldas cortas-in Skirts from Women's Clothing & Accessories on | Alibaba Group
    Irregular Plaid Skirt – £11

ASDFGHJKL. Exciting news! Very exciting news. Unbelievably exciting news – my parents said I can get a tattoo! They encouraged me to get a tattoo! I am now going to get a tattoo. Which means inspiration, tattoo themed posts and . . . lots of pretty pictures.

And a trip to Ireland where it’s legal for me to be tattooed.

0 thoughts on “Embrace Your Grunge/Alternative/I-Want-To-Be-A-Witch Side With These (Wands Not Included) // {Fashion}”

  1. Oh my goodness – your parents are like the opposite of mine on the tattoo front! Mine have been trying to indoctrinate me against having a tattoo since practically before I could walk! Any ideas what you’ll get? X

    1. oh no 🙁 to be honest, im sure its because they dont want you to end up with something you regret, but … if you’re in ireland you’re FREEEEE xD my parents are very very relaxed when it comes to … well, everything actually. its amazing, we have the best relationship because of it like i can literally tell them anything 🙂 and omg yes i’m thinking a mandala type tattoo just under my braline … let me find a link to show you×1024.jpg thats the kind of positioning, but i want a spiritual image instead of the one in the picture 🙂 xx

      1. Ah that’s so lucky! I wouldn’t change my parents for the world – they’re generally pretty chill, but tattoos are the one thing that just completely freaks them out! Ahh that sounds so nice, I can’t wait to see! Hope you don’t mind me asking, but how old are you? X

        1. good, parents are the best! fair enough, theyre a pretty decent thing to be freaked out about i mean say youre just going through a stage and youre stuck with them…no, no, no! and i hope so, thank you so much! i dont mind at all, im seventeen is two weeks today actually 🙂 x

  2. My parents would hate it if I got a tattoo – and to be honest I’d be so scared to get one like isn’t it so painful? Little needles stabbing into your skin every second…ouch. Sorry to put you off….but I can’t wait for this seriously – like you’re going to suit a tattoo so much. I can’t wait, do you have any ideas??? X

    1. DONT MENTION THE PAIN PLS ;-; i have a phobia of needles too (like to the point it literally ran away from a hospital because they wanted to do a blood test…i got pretty far too 😀 ) … its really weird, but i didnt actually WANT one, i just saw that one of the models on the site i was linking from (dollskill) had this AMAZING mandala one so i jokingly asked my mum if i could get one and she got SO EXCITED that it motivated pretty good with pain, its just watching needles that i CANNOT do. and i think im going to get a little mandala/henna type design under my braline 🙂 x

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