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Hi, hello, welcome!

So, this is actually two posts combined – my New Years Goals and Resolutions and . . . well, what’s coming up for the blog in 2k16. I did originally write up my resolutions post and it was meant to be posted ready for you yesterday – but then I realised that I was going to literally be repeating myself and that would be stupid, illogical and boring for everyone involved. Which means that one post is all you get – and I’m going to be even lazier and copy over the beginning of my resolutions post too. It’s 2am and I’ve just finished tidying my room – let me have this.

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*Dramatically re-enters* I have already brought to you How To Choose Relevant, Helpful and Achievable New Years Resolutions – which means that you should be sorted. Can we get back to me now? God, you guys are selfish.

With a lot of deliberation and a few months of compilation, I bring to you my New Year Resolution list! Aren’t you excited to look at all the goals I’ve set myself for the next year?

When I put it like that, even I’m not excited. But you guys should be because you get to see all the awesome stuff you get to witness and benefit from, without having to actually do it yourself.

That’s a good deal, man. You’re a lucky lot.

My target area this year is creativity because I have become so lazy in that department recently. I feel like creativity and expression are good for the soul and I miss that. So New Year, Creative Me! Let’s get down to it! Oh, and – today you’re getting a double whammy. Not only do you get this wonderfully irrelevant to your individual life post – you also get a post about What’s Coming Up On Okaaythen In 2016. So check that out, because you’re so used to me posting maybe once a week that twice in two days is just going to slip through the cracks. I understand – it’s confusing for me too. Oh, I’ve changed it? Okay then, Mia, brilliant. That’s not confusing.  It hurts me when you do my job for me.

Without further ado –

What’s Coming Up This Year For The Blog

blog planner inside kawaii stickers

  • On Sundays, Weekly Wrap up posts – which are exactly what they sound like. A wrap up of the week; favourite products, music, books, TV shows, artwork, stories, whatever I’m loving but can’t be bothered to write an entire post on.
  • Blogging 101 on Wednesdays! Woo!
  • Money challenge posts – a weekend away for £100, make dinner with all the money in my piggbank (it’s not a very full piggybank) etc.
  • Videos. I’m very much not excited about that. You’ll love all my sassy tees, though.
  • Nail art – I actually have a proper acrylic nail kit
  • Creative section for writing, artwork and that shit. I could being even become one of those bloggers that writes poetry.
  • I couldn’t even take that seriously.
  • London. Lots and lots of London.
  • My hair journey! Weave, braids, the inversion method . . . my hair will be waist length. And a dizzying array of beautiful colours. And you will have loads of posts about hair, because hair is awesome.
  • The design will be finished. If you’ve ever accessed this site from a computer, you’ll see all the little images and things at the side of it – I need to finish the pages (What I Love and Hate, namely), create some sidebars and headers for the blog; I possibly want to draw little chibi characters to represent the little fucking pessimist that likes to pop into my posts sometimes and the peacemaker that tries to reason with it. They exist;they deserve a mention. And readers deserve a warning.
  • More DIYs.
  • More room and interior inspiration.
  • Social media for le blog; this reminds me – follow my blog Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/crystalsandcurls/
  • Update to .com! This is probably going to be done by the end of the month, but that’s an exciting change, right?
  • At least one collaboration post a month – preferably a creative one!

And now you know what’s coming up on Okaaythen, let me tell you my New Year’s Resolutions (as – let’s face it – they’re going to be posted about on the blog too.)

General Resolutions

    • Decide what I want to do with my life; even if it’s really vague, get a general 5, 10 and 20 year plan up in my head.
    • More fashion in both general life (I’ve been lazy recently; it’s been cold. And, no, I don’t know why that’s an excuse – but it is) and on the blog – and my OOTD pictures will be taken by other people. Because my outfit selfie game be weak.
    • Complete at least 10 things off my Bucket List!
    • So I have to also complete a Bucket List.
    • Find a new maintainable beauty routine – I’m thinking to try out things like Vaseline on eyelashes, eyelash primer and serum, oil/condition hair and put in a bun and wrap at night etc. I don’t know – but I’ll figure it out. Right now, my skin routine is fine, but the rest isn’t getting very particular care.
    • Continue to eat healthier.

    Creative Resolutions

    • Read more tutorial/informational books and complete at least one tutorial a month
    • Do a lyric video for a song – this is for typography practice
    • COMPLETE A COLOURING BOOK. Possibly draft up some lineart for my own one yeah, but I highly doubt you’re going to do that.   You know my name, not my story.   I lived your story, sweetheart. You know, that whole we’re the same fucking person thing?
    • Get a printer and complete a polaroid scrapbook! Or just a scrapbook.
    • Start my creative Etsy up!
    • Create my new Zazzles line. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages – I’ve even got posts around it already drafted up – so this year I need to finally design my new Zazzles line.
    • Write a novel. Where have we seen this before?
    • Go to a belly-dancing and yoga class

    Something I like to do (as each year I pick an aspect of my life to improve on – last year, it was “Success” and money; this year it’s Creativity) is roll over last year’s new habits and improve on what I learnt. This means that you don’t simply regress and you continue to grow in every area – change your life one step at a time. So while, yes, I did become more successful last year and I’m concentrating on creativity this year, I am also making some New Year’s resolutions about Success too!

    • Start using twitter again
    • Start blogging off my phone and make a blog checklist. This is actually something I want to do as part of Blogging 101 – free resources for you guys. I want to create a checklist for what you should do after you post (promotion, tweets, blah blah blah) because . . . well, I don’t do any of that.
    • Join blogger networks. You know there are networks where bloggers all talk to each other and promote their blogs? Yeah – I’ve found a few, so I want to branch out onto them
    • Earn money off more than just my gift guides; my main source of income is through my gift guides because somehow I managed to SEO those posts to the level they appear on the first page of Google. Which is great and I love that – but I want to expand more and earn through more posts than just them.
    • Earn £2,000 before December
    • Have £200 in bank at all times throughout the year
    • Reach 2,000 followers
    • Start making money online through two new methods (and post about it!)
    • Network with 5 new blogs after every post – and branch out to Blogger blogs too/blogs hosted on other platforms.
    • Create at least 1 other searchable post (like my gift guides)
    • Viral pin!
    • Complete a blogging business plan (with sketched blog design layout)

Do you see how there’s a strong blogging theme here? And how if I had posted these seperately I would have been wasting all of our time? Okay, good – you’re very welcome, then. Now to recap: Okaaythen is going to be upgraded this year; follow my new blog instagram here and let me know what you think of the upcoming plans and resolutions. Also – stay tuned because, in the next week, I have a lot of hauls to get posted. (And isn’t my desk looking pretty AF?)

Happy New Year guys!

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Blog Comments

Wow! That’s a lot of things to do! Well good luck on completing them! Also,we’re so alike on laziness ughhh

I know right… I’m both excited and already preparing apology posts ? and it’s a struggle, right?

Oh yes! But you’re really dedicated to your blog so hopefully you’ll be great at it! 🙂

thank you so much!

You’re welcome!!

Good luck on all of these! It’s really cool that you’re planning to make your blog a .com I’m still a teen and my parents don’t know I blog ( they’ll probably kill me if they find out) so I’ll have to wait a couple years till I get my own credit card so I can change mine to .com as well ?

Thank you so much…. I’m probably going to need luck??? same here – they know I blog but they’re not allowed to read it? good luck with your new year resolutions, I hope your blog continues to be brilliant?✌

Woooow so much to do, and your desk gorgeous flat lay btw !! Hauls I’m v excited x

its okay ..i hope..i mean, i have a year … oh ffs half of this is just going to be rolled onto next year, isnt it? xD but thank you very much…IM POSTING THE NOTEBOOKS TOMORROW AND ASDFGHJKL IM RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED. and yes so am i! x


Same here! I’ve been lacking on creativity lately and it really sucks haha. I’ve heard that applying Vaseline on your brows and lashes helps it grow and maintain its strength. I’ve tried doing it but sometimes I forget to put Vaseline on…so I can’t rlly say if it works or not.

Oh yeah, I’m super excited for these new things for your blog!

thank you, so am i! (well half excited and half like…this is going to fail so hard XD )

I’m pretty sure you’ll do great this year! Haha

aw thank you very much! so will you!

I loved this post.. it made me want to set myself more goals to complete! I love doing acrylic nails too and I really got into it but I’ve not done them for ages now! Also I’m with you on the deciding what I want to do in my life! I need to get an idea anyway haha xxxx

aw thank you so much! definitely do set yourself goals i literally have to or i just bumble around aimlessly in life hehe xD oooh if you like nail art you should check out style with joy shes got a really cute blog! xxx

I have set a couple but I want to set some more now I’ve read this! I’ve just tried to look is it styledwithjoy.wordpress.com xx

yes, that’s her! she’ll love your blog as well 😀 and that’s great to hear, i hope you do really well in the new year 🙂 xx

Jesus. You have it DOWN, girl (it being life), it seems. I don’t know how you do it (that whole organisation thing). And honestly, you must work so hard on your blog, making it earn, and basically turning it into a full business. Bloody impressive. xx

I’M TRYING TO BEFORE I FINISH MY TEENAGE HOOD (I KNOW THAT’S NOT A THING BUT IT’S A THING) SO THAT WHEN I’M 18 AND AN “ADULT” I DON’T STRUGGLE TOO MUCH??? but thank you so so much! I swear you’re one of my favourite followers every time I see your name I just smile xx

That’s such a damn good idea! Shame I’m not doing anything about it… ?? ah I’m so glad 🙂 that’s such a lovely thing to hear. I swear your comments always either crack me up, or make me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂 xx

#ThingsISayAboutDoingMyHomeworkBeforeTheDueDate … that is exactly how i feel about your comments as well theyre either really sweet or im just here dying like LOOL THIS GIRL GETS ME! xx

Looks like we’re basically both winning at the comments game then #queening XD xx

I knew there was something I liked about ya! ? xx

Your desk is pretty af and good luck with all these resolutions, they are so great and I am looking foward to reading some of your fantastic 2016 posts!

Thank you very much! I am going to try to stick to them, I’m quite excited?I look forward to your posts as well!

First of all you have amazing photography skills…the pictures look awesome! Second of all…WOW…you are like the most ambitious person I’ve ever seen! I hope you achieve all of your resolutions!

Oh my God….I know you don’t even know how much that compliment means to me as a new follower but it’s a bit of a running joke that my photography skills are usually subpar, so thank you very much – I’ve been trying! And well yes I have to aim high so that when I inevitably fall short I’ve still aimvheived something?but thank you, I’m gonna try! x

Haha…they are subpar! That’s a really good idea actually…I’m definitely aiming high next year now? And your welcome?

Ooh!!! I’m looking forward to all of 2016’s posts! 🙂 also, I’m looking forward to the videos, in the least creepy way possible. XD

You changed your name! I really like it;it seems more personal maybe? But thank you, I hope I don’t disappoint! XD

Yeah, a lot of people call me Shay irl so I thought I might as well xD I’m sure you won’t 😉 No pressure or anything

Holy crab this post is amazing. I’m so pumped for all the new stuff you will be doing, and (yet again) it’s inspiring me to get off my butt and try new things 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!!! Don’t let the laziness overpower you!!

THANK YOU! I’m so going to try! And definitely do … we shall try to overcome the laziness??

Loved this post! and i love all your ideas & Resolutions 🙂

Thank you do much! I will try (key word being try) to keep them!

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