2k16 Crep Check (Shoe Haul!) // {Fashion}

The first of the hauls . . . is here.


I bought myself enough shoes that it counts as a haul.

Don’t look at me like that; it was totally for blogging purposes. Because I knew that you guys would love shoes as much, if not more, than I do. I mean, I personally thought it was a bit excessive, but we all make sacrifices.

Seriously, though – I’m all about stepping it up. For me, shoes have never been the focal point of my life. The whole “you can never have too many shoes” thing just went right over my head; kind of like the childhood wonder stage of my life. “Why are you dressing up as Santa, daddy? You look stupid. And way too skinny”.

However – however. I have learnt. The Lord spoke to me in a dream. The Lord of Pretty Ish I Like, that is. He came to me . . . and he moved me. I let the Lord’s love inside me and I have seen the light. And it is beautiful. Like my assorted shoe collection.

First and foremost we have New Look Knee High Boots from ASOS; they were on sale for £24 and the link for these babies is here!

20160103_115326 high heeled black knee high mid calf boots

You now know why these are going first – the photography is terrible and I’m hoping you’ll forget it by the end of the post. Remember: I don’t have an overhead light in my room, and black boots are hard to photograph. Love me despite my flaws.

Next up are my beautiful babies I bought myself here – my Rita Ora x Adidas trainers! These were £50 and aren’t currently in stock anywhere, so I’m glad I was actually able to get my hand on a pair.20160103_120639

Next up are my Christmas gift Pharrell x Adidas Superstars. The beautiful little babies. These are £67 and they are here!

20160103_12045220160103_120512 adidas mange anime trainers pharrell williams

So, a lot of my friends kind of look at these and roll their eyes. Because apparently these are “immature” and “weird”. Well, we’re a species that hears voices in our heads; we create ultimately meaningless imitations of life and then watch those imitations of life during our real life; we create sounds to describe the meanings we put behind other sounds; we create and choose to believe some weird and impossible things, like . . . well, like religion, but then decide that other weird and impossible things are just plain weird and impossible. Like magic. And, weirdest of all, we’re a species that goes around playing with weird bodyparts and doing disgusting things with the fluids that come out.

Come on, think about it – how was milk discovered?

So, yes, maybe my shoes are “weird”. But so are you.

Adidas Superstars Suede Indigo – £70, but I got them for £50 on ASOS during their sale. Here!


These are so beautiful and comfy and they’re suede. I would give up my firstborn for them. In any case, if my firstborn was anything from Kevin from…well, from We Need To Talk About Kevin, I would be pretty glad for a trade.

And last, but in no way least, my Missguided Lace Up Gladiator Sandals for £19. And these are here!

missguided lace up gladiator sandal nude heels

I don’t even need to talk about how perfect these are. I will not insult their beauty by doing such a thing. You can’t make me.

Sorry for this admittedly shitty post; it was my first Monday back at college. I am so tired it hurts what is left of my tattered soul – and I actually ended up walking around for about three hours as my morning lesson was cancelled, but I live so far away that if I went home I’d have to turn back halfway through my journey. However – I do rather like being outside, walking and the very, very pretty canal my college is next to. So I can’t complain all that much.

20160104_122347 Snapchat-183137051049415409

I’m going to get a majority of my haul posts up this week, so stay tuned! Now, before we go our separate ways, I have a few questions to ask you that I would appreciate feedback on. Not in the teacherly, “I’d appreciate it – aka stop being a little shit” way but in the “it would make me a very happy blogger” appreciate it way. Sleep and food deprivation are messing with my brain.

Anyways – questions! Which were your favourite pairs? And I’m considering adding a little finisher to my posts like: What I’m Listening To // What I’m Reading // What I’m Recommending just at the bottom, like my social media. And possibly a quote at the end of the post. A very wise and knowledge quote, of course, none of that cliché silliness. So it would naturally have to be a quote from other posts of mine. I’m just bouncing ideas around really, and they might be fucking awful, but that’s okay.

Wait, no it’s not. This is why I need you. Help.

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Blog Comments

I loved the philisophy about weird shoes in the middle, I think it changed me as a person.

it came from the depths of my soul, upon much reflection. i truly do dedicate my life to my deep philosophical ponderings. 😉

Everything here is just so bloody beautiful – ugh especially the lace up gladiators?I want nothing more than them in life atm

theyre so lovely! i was going to get the black ones, but i was like…MIA CHILL YOU DONT EVEN WEAR HEELS THAT OFTEN.

Yes, cream/white is such a good change and think about it summer is coming

YOU JUST GET ME! that was my legit thought process

Honestly I think that would be anyone’s thought process I mean I’m sick of winter now

Wow, those gladiator sandals look amazing <3
Also, I think a mini Favourites section at the end of some posts would be nice, and especially a quote 🙂
(past. Jack Handey has some particularly inspiring pearls of wisdom. Very your sense of humour, I think.)

aww they so are! thanks 🙂

Loving all these shoes especially the Adidas Superstars Suede Indigo! It’s so simple and can go with anything. I’ve been more of a Nike kind of person but lately I’ve been wanting to dive into Adidas.

AND THEYRE SO COMFY! the thing is, i like nike but they seem to go out of fashion really quickly 🙂

Yeah, I have noticed that about Nike. Adidas seems to always constantly stay in fashion. I follow a bunch of fashion accounts on Instagram and I always see people wear Adidas

OMG YES SHOES! They are all so cutee I want them all??



I LOVE the adidas suede indigo! well, i like all of them haha xD I have this mini obsession with shoes oops

SO DO II ;-; and i totally see why XD

Knee high boots from ASOS, Lace Up Gladiator, Adidas Superstars Suede Indigo….
Clearly I am Jealous. xD

i would share them with you if i could ;-;

Haha! 😛

Lace up Gladiators, Black Knee High Boots, and Suede Adidas…I am a lover of shoes and you can achieve so many looks with those three alone. Great post, so entertaining! 🙂

You’re so right; especially the Adidas:) thank you very much!

I got black Adidas Superstars for my birthday but now I soo wish that I got the suede ones they’re actually gorgeous!! :/

aww the black ones are lovely too! they also have these AMAZING grey suede ones…i die over them

OMG don’t tempt me!..

Knee high boots are so in right now and they’re gorgeous!! Shoes>life!

right?! i never used to like them and now im just…in love!

Same:) mind checking out my blog?!x

I’ve nominated you for the Dragon Loyalty Award!

aw thank you so much!

Your welcome?

THE ADIDAS SUEDE ONES ARE BEAUTIFUL. I’m pretty sure I’d agree to the first born trade as well. In fact, I’m certain I would. Tomorrow. xx

IKNOWRIGHT, I LOVE SUEDE SO MUCH ATM! well, you’re only human i totally couldnt blame you!xx

I’m extremely jealous XD


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