It’s Wednesday – and you know what that means!

Blogging 101. 

Today’s post is all about creating a nice little business plan for your blog. And now’s the perfect time because we’re still in that New Year, Motivated Me! stage. Well, you are. My motivation shrivelled up and died the moment I had to go back to college, but I digress. I’ll get it back. Later.

By now, I’m sure you have reasonable questions floating around your head – why do I need a blog business plan? Is there any point in one? What even is a blog business plan?

Okay, well, unless you’re an idiot I’m going to assume you can figure out by the name that a blog business plan is literally what it says on the tin. And if you can’t . . . why are you even still reading? It’s quite clear that I can’t help you.

Kidding. Kind of.

A blog business plan (this is painful to write, I just want to put that out there) is a plan for your blog. Essentially, it’s the same as when you start up a business and you outline your strategies, goals and that fancy jazz. It’s very exciting, I know, but try to contain yourself.

Can you see how college negatively affects me? No, because you’re always this fucking sarcastic.   Oh.

So, this is one of those many tools I think is helpful for growing your blog; like with basically everything, drafting up a good plan for your blog just really sets the path for where you need to go. This is something I’d really recommend to basically every single blogger that is currently writing – especially new or small blogs that are looking to up their blog game.

Oh – I’m also dropping my first Youtube video in here for you. It’s a step-by-step how to create a blog business plan. Delivered in absolutely terrible fashion; this is why I hate making videos. But I would very much appreciate it if you would watch it, laugh, and tell me how I did please. (It works, there just isn’t a thumbnail. I’m lazy.)

Okay – the steps for recovery. And epic blog organisation.

  1. Realise that you have a problem. I mean, need a plan. Because you do. You just do.
  2. Ask yourself questions about your blog to ultimately come to the conclusion that it is meaningless and your life is empty and that the only good thing you have ever done is remember to water your cactus, which actually ended up killing it. Great.
  3. Questions such as: where do I see my blog at the end of the year? Where do I want it to be? 3 words to describe how my (ideal) blog would be? For a full list of 36 blog-related questions feel free to check out the mentioned article here!
  4. Identify your marketing/Promoting strategies!
  5. Write a executive statement. Essentially, this is just a summary of your blog, its intentions and all that beautiful bull. I totally stole this brilliant idea from this article, btw.
  6. Goals and Objectives. You want to hit 5k followers? You write down that you want to hit 5k followers!
  7. And all the things you plan to do; the posts, the competitions, the . . . I don’t know, whatever you would like to do!
  8. Just do it. That’s it kids. You have a plan . . . now follow through on the plan!

You could probably tell from my video that I am ever-so-slightly suicidally tired, so (for the second post in a row) I apologise for the terrible quality. I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope this was in some way helpful to you!

(Oh and – the jumper is new and from Pull and Bear and it’s a unicorn.)

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  1. I need some help. Any advice on how to develop an email list? I have a email sign up sheet in a widget on my wordpress site. But it only has 5 email so far. I have over 4, 000 followers but want a strong email list. It is very important. I have been reading articles and watching videos on email list development but it doesn’t help me much

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