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Who here is sick to death of seeing those generic, overdone printed tees? Don’t you just feel so basic wearing a top printed with “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” on it? No, you don’t – you feel ashamed, embarassed and like you just regressed three years. Burn it. You’ll thank me later.

But seriously – doesn’t it just make you want to roll your eyes when you see them? For the longest time, I actually avoided printed tees for this exact reason – but then I remembered that people are little shits and to avoid something because they ruin it is a surefire way to never do anything in your life. I’m not going to avoid Germany because of Hitler; I’m not going to avoid pizza because Pizza Express decided to grow their fucking gardens on it (yes, I quite like Pizza Express too. Let me have this.) and I’m not going to avoid T-Shirts because some people make them seem tacky.

What I am going to do is take you on a journey; a journey of self-discovery and love, of pain and loss . . . a journey through Oxford Street Boxing Day Sales (which were shit. Just so you know.) and the at times tense and at times beautiful world of online shopping.

Because . . . I bought some pretty T-Shirts. So I figured I would show you the way found some graphic tees that I didn’t feel like they would end up in a popular vlogger’s fashion regrets videos.

  1. Embroidered Tees 
    Now, the whole thing I love about graphic tees is that they literally say . . . well, words. There’s no subtlety – which is great for when I’m stuck on a train during rush hour. A top saying “don’t touch me” is . . . well, it’s perfection. A lot of my fashion is centric to my personality; so I love being able to literally wear my heart on my sleeve. Because it’s usually rude. And that’s beautiful.
    However – sometimes this can seem immature. Or tacky. Or sometimes even cheap. Embroidered tees take care of all these problems.
    And so let me present to you my Pull and Bear boxing day steals!
    pull and bear embroidered vest
    embroidered pull and bear black coffee vest
    embroidery close up
    he likes black coffee” embroidered vest – Pull and Bear / £7.99

Dandelion Embroidered Tee – £9.99 / Pull and Bear

Sweet but psychco” crop sweater – Pull and Bear / £19.99

pull and bear unicorn jumper pull and bear unicorn kawaii outfit idea unicorn tears patch sweater tumblr pastel goth
nicorn patch sweater – £19.99
lace bralet bralette embroiderd v-neck black tee okay logo pull and bear embroiderd v neck lace bralet

“Everything is okay” V-neck – £7.99 / Pull and Bear

So we can quite clearly see that embroidered tees are a brilliant solution to the problematic issue of graphic tees being basic as fuck. You can be boho, grunge, kawaii, vintage . . . you could even go goth with these!

Goth. Yeah.

2. Printed tees that aren’t recycled tumblr trash.


These are both from the ASOS sale bin and so no longer exist, but were around a fiver each. I was a happy child.

20151230_145901Effortless Printed Rib Tee – £8 / New Look

I hope I have inspired you to realise that there is hope. There are printed tees that you haven’t seen reblogged on every fashion blogger from here to the North Pole and all the chavs in between. You can rock a graphic tee and not look like a mindless drone.

So, now that’s all done – what were your favourite purchases? And happy Friday, everyone – we made it back past the first week of the year. I hope it wasn’t as hard for you as it was for me!

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Blog Comments

Great post! Love them all! 🙂


aw thank you! i was in like immediate love xD

OML! That shirt’s logo/caption! Seriously!! ???
Great post as always though! ^=^

hehehehe isnt it just brilliant! thank you though 😀


You’ve got some great finds here, love the black coffee one! x

aw thank you! i saw it and was like…I LIKE BLACK COFFEE!x

I might actually have to DIY that one! I’m more of a black tea person however 😉 x

If you do I’d love to see how it turns out! I’ve never heard of black tea you know…I’m intrigued x

yeah I’ll be sure to let you know 😛 Black tea is just normal tea with no milk! x

Love this post

Thanks 🙂

? it’s no problem

Yes these are all very cute. I’m jealous of your your clothes hehe

Thank you? hehe I’m sure your stuff is v v cute too

These are amazing. I really like the “make a wish” one xx

These are so cute. I especially like the “make a wish” one xx

aw thank you! i really want to learn to make them xx

Your welcome. That would be amazing, you’ll have to show me them if you ever make some xx

I love those shirts!! I would love it too if you would check out my blog http://www.paperclipsandpins.wordpress.com
Thank you xx

Aw thank you! I definitely will xx

Thank you 🙂 xx


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