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First things first – hey guys! I’m sorry I’ve been so terrible recently with keeping up to date on everyone’s blogs – as you can probably tell from the last post, I’m just not feeling 100% and I’m upsettingly busy with college. I have a few blog award posts to get up, I need to catch up on all your posts and to all the new blogs that have been commenting – I just need the free time and the will to use it for something other than sleeping. I haven’t stopped loving you, it appears my body has stopped loving me. Moving on to the point of this post.

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Blogging Networks for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers

How many of you don’t even know what Blogging Networks are?

And I’m not asking that in the patronizing tone of voice you probably read that in – it’s a genuine question. I only really started finding and joining blogging networks this year through a very luckily placed sidebar widget on a random blog I stumbled onto. And it’s not something many people seem to be talking about, so I’m not sure if it’s something we all know about but keep secret, or if it’s one of those things you really don’t know about until . . . well, until you know about it. Like affiliate programs – I didn’t know about them until I joined Amazon.

So, for those of you that are new or (like me) just unaware – I love you and would be happy to give myself more competition share these blogging tips with you! (After all, that is kind of the point of Blogging 101.)

blogging networks for brand opportunites

  1. BloggersRequired
    Probably my favourite one; BloggersRequired doesn’t need you to sign up, or fill in a painstakingly long profile. They simply have brand opportunities listed and then they put you directly in contact with the company; it’s very straightforward and easy. They also have a crazy amount of variety.
  2. BrandBacker.
    I’m personally not a massive fan of BrandBacker, but that’s purely because I’m lazy as fuck and hardly ever check it, so I always seem to miss the good opportunities. Due to the fact that a lot of the opportunities are in America, I often forget to check. However, there are often worldwide opportunities too – you just need to remember to check back because they aren’t the type to email you with reminders.
  3. Etail.PR
    Etail.PR is another one of my favourites – probably the one I use the most after BloggersRequired. Most of their campaigns are sample campaigns; they’re easy to apply for, the brands and opportunities are great (I’m talking experience days, luxury skin care yada yada) but you’re not in direct contact with the company, it can take a very long time for them to sort through our applications and the HTML banners don’t work for me.
  4. The Blogger Network
    I don’t personally have experience with this network, but it looks amazing . . . I like!
  5. Next Blogger Network
  6. AccessAllASOS
  7. Contact A Blogger
  8. The Blogger Programme
    This is another one I’m familiar with; I do like TBP however it is more difficult (in my opinion) to use than other platforms.
  9. Joe Blogs Network

Okay, so I now realise that I never actually told you what blog networks are. Silly Mia. Basically, a blog network is where brands and bloggers post opportunities; you post your profile and site and if a brand likes you they can contact you. However, more often, a brand will post an “opportunity” that you can apply for – like samples, sponsored posts etc. Free stuff – always great!

Well . . . I think that’s this post done! I hope some of you found it useful; are any of you signed up to any blog networks?

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Thank you SOOOOO MUCH. That is all I need to say.
Hatsy xx



This is great! Thank you for the post xxx

Aw thank you so much! You’re definitely welcome:) xxx

Great stuff girl! Thank you!! 😀 p.s managed to put in the twitter widget, thanks sooooo much 🙂 <3

Awww thank you ? and yaaaas, gurl you beat the annoying long process???

Great post, thank you <3

Thank you! Hope it helped 🙂

I guess I’m unaware as well because I never knew there was such a thing until now so high five✋! I’m definitely going to check these out! And you don’t have to worry about competition…you’re awesome!?

Hmmmm… My blog is only 5 months old, but maybe I should give this a go anyway. I can’t say no to at least trying to get free stuff, plus I could use some reviews to add more blog content.

I don’t actually know off the top of my head, but I’ll look for you later 🙂

Sorry, my phones being silly and sending the wrong replies x_x but I would definitely say give it a go a lot of these offer unpaid collaboration opportunities as well to build outreach 🙂

Awww thank you ?

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