Hello and welcome to a small, but saucy, two part series . . . All the pretty things! The first part: my accessories. The second: my jewellery.

Today we welcome in the cute, the kawaii, the vintage and the just generally brilliant . . . and we apologise for the radio silence through the earlier part of this week. And the fact that Blogging 101 has been interrupted; I’m just behind on everything, so my mind has mentally restarted to Monday. Therefore it’s Monday and I’m not ruining the schedule. It’ll be back bright and ready next week – and with a useful post that’s actually worth reading. Something you guys haven’t actually got for a while.

Ooh, burn.   To yourself.

Now, I want to start off with . . . my bags!

bag collection kawaii

I told you – I went full on Kawaii. And I have no regrets.

kawaii skinnydip london bags kawaii wing and alien bag

The first two are from Skinnydip, but are currently sold out from where I purchased them at ASOS – so I would check Ebay, which is currently my go to for scouring down out of stock favourites. Because sometimes it’s not desire, it’s need.

Lucky Cat bag here

Unicorn Tears bag here

The last two bags I picked up on Ebay, because I’m slowly becoming addicted to that site.

Kawaii Wing Bag here

Clear Alien Bag here

I have a few other bags, but they’re more for practicality rather than accessorising, so they can just . . . sit in a corner and be neglected. Because fuck logic. They won’t look good in pictures.

Next up are my adorable hair accessories.

Yes, this is a thing. No, I’m not even slightly ashamed.

hair accessories cute retro vintage accessories 2

Everything in the first picture is from Accessorise, as my lovely Grandad gave me a voucher for Christmas and they had a really cute sale going on. However, this also means that none of these are available for me to link to you – but aren’t they so shabby-chic cute?

Likewise, everything in the second picture is from the ASOS salebin. Because I love hair accessories, but I’m not paying £5 for a pair of flowery cat ears.

Now, for the newest addition to the family . . .


love caps at the moment. It’s probably for the same reason that I like Timbs – prolonged exposure – but I really, really love them. To the point I had to buy myself not one but two.

All the way down this page – and you still can’t find a single regret.

20160120_144814 20160120_144829

They’re beautiful.

And now for the long-running champion of my accessories . . . things I can stick onto my face and/or body!

It’s totally not as weird as it sounds.

20160120_144723 20160120_144727 20160120_144730 20160120_144737 20160120_144740

You guys already know my long-standing addiction with these mighty opponents – temporary tattoos! (Okay, well, and some nail decals, but they’re kind of beside the point… Except if the point is that they’re gorgeous, in which case they are completely within the point.)

Well, my beautiful people – you’ve been a rather grand audience. I have to go and complete your fucking coursework? a DIY for a tutorial for you lovelies – and eat some food.

Now, for the complimentary irrelevant sidenote (you thought you’d escaped right?  No, they’re not that naiive   Yo, don’t interrupt me when I’m breaking the third wall   WHO IS WHO HERE?) – I went to the Imperial War Mueseum today with my graphics class. Aside from the obvious depression of . . . well, being in a war museum, it was very funny.

Let me just tell you this: karaoke. Dancing. Providing free entertainment for both security guards and visitors. There shall be both photos and stories on Sunday. For now, let me leave you with this: the only one who takes your life seriously is you, so lighten the fuck up. I hope you liked my little accessories collection – which things were your favourites?

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    1. neither had i until recently actually; my friend bought some stuff from china (new) and it actually turned out to be really nice, so i figured i would give it a go and it turned out really well 😀 and thank you so much! x

  1. I’ll have a cup of unicorn tears please lol. I must get one of those. Just wait until I show everyone that unicorn tears are brown with hazelnut creamer and half n half! Lol

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