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It has been a while!

Since I posted about beauty, I mean. I just posted yesterday, so for once it actually hasn’t been a while for this blog. Jesus Christ, whatever I do you look at me like I’m an idiot. Do you just want to destroy my self esteem?

No, because you’re a decent human being and you have absolutely no idea what I’m on about. Don’t worry. Neither do I.


Yes, I know what you’re thinking – “if this is a post about your everyday make-up routine then why are you wearing a flower crown on your head with a red jewel tear?” Well, think again – I haven’t uploaded the selfie with the red jewel tear yet and a flower crown doesn’t count as makeup. (It does, however, have it’s own special place in the post where I show you all my pretty accessories. And that would be here.)

While we’re on the subject, though – aren’t flower crowns gorgeous? I currently have a few in my sights . . .

#1 / #2 / #3 (I linked them both because I love you and I want easy access to the links later.)

Now, I have never claimed to be a beauty blogger because what they do is . . . well, it’s difficult. I don’t know how to write about something I barely understand – and drawing on my face is one such thing. I was planning to make this a make-up routine – but, when post inspiration strikes at 00.47 am on a Sunday morning, taking post images is just not feasible and you’re forced to rely on selfies from a few weeks ago. So if you would like a get ready with me post, just leave me a comment and I’ll make a step-by-step tutorial video. It will be completely awkward, but we’ve already established that you’re lovely human beings and I’m sure you’ll forgive me.


As you can tell, I’m a pretty pale mixed race person. My everyday makeup is essentially this – foundation to even my skintone, clear mascara to move and keep my eyebrows in shape, concealer to neaten my eyebrows (I don’t fill them in currently as they’re really dark and thick anyway; I’ve heard great things about Kiko eyebrow pencils so I may give one a shot, but it hasn’t happened yet), light contouring and sometimes a nude lip colour.

Which reminds me of one of the inspirations for this post! All this time, I’ve been contouring wrong.

Now, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, the one thing you just need to know about skin make-up is that it is all in the brushes. Or beauty blender, or whatever you use. So here was I, thinking about getting me some worthwhile brushes, trying to decide which ones I need and what to go for . . . when I turned to a force higher than me.


A few hours and a rabbit hole later, I emerged no longer wanting bigger lips and questioning everything I thought I knew about beauty. It seems I am just wrong. (Although I maintain that a stipling brush is better than a normal foundation brush for applying foundation – even coverage, not too thick, quick . . . but I digress)


Told you there was a tear.

As you can kind of see, there’s a line where my blush is and then one where bronzer is. I don’t usually wear the bronzer that heavy, but I . . . don’t remember my thought process for that day, so I can’t explain the anomaly. However, you’re meant to apply on/along your cheekbones rather than under them. See – this post is semi-factual.

It’s like you can literally feel your brain cells dying.

 Another thing I like to do, which I actually really recommend – especially to girls with brown or hazel eyes – is wear brown eyeliner. This is a much softer look, which is perfect for school and it really brings out the olive tones in my skin. Brown eyeliner (liquid, at least) is pretty much impossible for me to find in store, so let me just hit you up with a link.


Maybelline Brown Eyeliner Pen – £5

Anyway, this is my everyday make-up look! I don’t really know what to say other than that is my face and this is what it looks like when I paint on it, so I suppose I’ll just share a few tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way.

  • Brushes, brushes, brushes! I’ve mentioned it already, but it’s such a big thing! And I’ve also found a few brush sets that I’m going to buy that I can now share with you.

  • Real Techniques Brush Set – £9.99

  • Pretty Box Real Techniques Brushes – £6.95
    If you’re interested in makeup then you know why I had to share this deal with you – Real Techniques brushes are amazing. And thus expensive. So enjoy. (They have other brush sets available, but I think these are the two that have the best selection.)
  • Thin layers of foundation look better. When I first started using foundation, I had one of those foundation paintbrush-like brushes and . . . it gave me a thick, heavy coverage. Which is shitty for multiple reasons; it can look cakey, it can be uneven, it just feels nasty . . . Personally, I prefer to apply my foundation with a stipling brush. This may not be for you, but this method really helps me to apply foundation evenly, avoid streaks and avoid wearing too much.
  • Get two concealers – one that’s a little bit lighter than your foundation and one that’s the same colour. When you’re covering blemishes, use the foundation tone; when you’re using concealer to highlight (eg. under eyes, around eyebrows) use the tone that’s a little lighter. Having little circles where your skin is lighter to cover up a spot is not a good look.
  • Lipstick without liner is not okay.
  • If you feel like you need make-up, don’t wear it. Be comfortable in your own skin and make-up will be fun and a way to be creative and paint on your own face . . . but if not it will just be a necessity and you’ll feel insecure without it.

Okay, well – that is me done. If anyone has any make-up tips they would like to share, I am all ears (as you can quite clearly tell that I’m by no means an expert) and . . . happy Monday.


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aww thank you so much! 🙂

Pretty pictures and crowns!

thank you! and flower crowns are just life atm

Damn! I wish I could comment something could but I don’t wear makeup and have absolutely no sense about it o.o
ANYWAYS,you look fabulous! <3


omg THANK YOU! and that is totally how i felt while i was writing this like…what is there to say e.e

Hahahah 😀

Im digging the dazzled tear! If only I didn’t work for Corporate America I would be able to wear amazing looks like this! Loved the liner as well. =)

thank you! i picked mine up from accessorise, but ASOS and ebay should stock them 😀 and ah, the good thing about north london college is that I can just walk in however i feel like it theres always someone who’s more daring than you 😀

You’re gorgeous! I’m not beauty savy by any means but this post has actually given me some interest…and I totally think you should do a get ready with me post.

omg thank you so much *blushes* and neither am i really – but at my college half the girls are 24/7 on fleek makeup so im starting to get into it 😀

Ohmygosh! Those bushes are so cheap compared to how much they sell them where I live.. They’re 30+ euros for a set of 4.
I completely agree with you on the brushes brushes brushes are everything!
My new (and first real) brush set just came in today! I’m so happy with them. They’re so pretty, soft and fluffy!

SAME HERE! except in £, theyre meant to be like £25+ for one of the basic sets in places like Boots – so I had to share the deal! you should check ebay near you, you might be able to catch them 🙂
ugh, im so jealous – brand new makeup brushes are the BEST feeling ever!

Yeah! It’s insane!! The nearest ebay is in Belgium, haha. Ah well, I’ll leave Real Techniques for next time.
The one I got was half off, actually! So it was a bargain too.. I cannot WAIT to use them!

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So worthwile reading! You have beautiful lips, don’t be concerned about them. 🙂
I’m also still figuring out how to contour right!

aw thank you so much 🙂 i actually might do a tutorial on contouring soon as i’ve just got the hang of it 🙂 x


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