I feel like you will either be proud or disappointed in me.

As it stands, I don’t know how to feel myself – on the one hand, I want to applaud my dedication to the cause, shout “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees!” and refuse to succumb to the numb zombie-like state of conformation we indebted our souls to through feeding into consumerism. And, on the other, I want to roll my eyes, shake my head sadly and tell myself “there is a time and a place”.

It’s funny because although this is a struggle I’m having looking back at my outfit, it’s also an argument I have regarding my entire life.

Please, Mia, I want to wear long silky dresses and be spiritual and think about nature and-“

“Yeah, well, Mia, that’s nice but you’re like a fucking child, so you might as well just act like it and wear all that cute kawaii stuff you love that makes you seem six. Go on, Mia, be immature a little more! It’s not like your life is passing you by, or anything.”

“Oh, well, Mia, congratulations on your cynical pessimism; if you could be a little less sarcastic, maybe we wouldn’t need so many sarcastic printed tees?”

“Aren’t you spiritual hippy types meant to be all about positive energy and love? What was that?”

“You were speaking to Kawaii Mia. But fuck you from me too.”

“Wait, are we forgetting the fact we live in London, so we get to wear urban-“


sherlock what shocked sherlock holmes gasp

Let’s just stop that right there. You can obviously tell that I have . . . issues . . . when it comes to narrowing my style down. It’s okay – I just rock hybrid outfits. Like this one. Not that they would know that as you haven’t got round to showing them yet.    Ah.    Your narcissim knows no bounds.   That’s a bit uncalled for.   You’re speaking to yourself. Again.

(By the way – if you want help discovering what your personal style is check out my post here!)

The Outfit.

It seems that I’ve finally joined the London street style way of life – an oversized camel coat. My only thought about this is: why on earth did I wait so long? I love it! It adds a touch of class to an outfit instantly and really ties it together, as well as being a really flattering colour.

PhotoGrid_1453999026999 PhotoGrid_1453989524076

I know you’ve already seen the outfit twice so the last picture may be a little unnecessary, but we can pretend it’s because I’m showing you my shoes (bought and presented to you in this haul) while you try ponder what on God’s green earth my kitten is doing.

Now, the issue that have with my camel coat is your outspoken friend?   No . . . Well, yes actually. – well, the main problem with these coats is that my friend Leila considers them in the “people who think they’re prestige” pile of clothes. Which means whenever I wear it I have her literally saying “you look like you think you’re prestige” all the fucking time or a voice in my head repeating it. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not going to stop me wearing it – but it did make me consider how I could make this coat a little more casual.

My solution?


Sassy tee time!


Oh yeah – it was time for that tee from my new T-shirt Haul.

(But, for the record, it looks awesome with smartwear. I got told I was dressed like a woman – it was a proud moment for a girl that has pink wings on her bag.)

Now, you may ask, what exactly was the kawaii aspect to this outfit? Well . . . be prepared for unicorns.

 20160128_132457 20160128_141025

Oh, yeah – it’s a pastel baby blue velvet unicorn choker. It’s okay to cry and need it. That’s why there’s a link here for it.

Oh, and if you want a better look at these (which is totally understandable) I actually photographed them in the desk flatlay in this post, so feel free to take a peek.

The top choker is a tattoo style choker in a rainbow print and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I received it as a gift with a DollsKill purchase; I found one exactly like it for 99p though – and that is here.

I suppose my final touch of the day came whilst sitting in English Lit, contemplating suicide and silently wondering how an interesting teacher and a table of really nice people still can’t make college interesting.

Snapchat-2435357481393807438   20160128_135310

So, from this post, I have learnt a few things – a. I talk to myself far too much; b. I need to get other people to take my OOTD pictures for me and c. KAWAII FTW.

Anyways, this was just a quick: “hey, look at the unicorn!” post because everyone likes unicorns. I hope you guys are all good – did you like the outfit? What were your favourite aspects?

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