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Look, I’m sure you’re not surprised.

It’s Chinese New Year soon. Of course I’m doing posts related to it. And then you have Valentine’s day, which is also sure to be picked up on in my pessimistic commentary. Sneak preview: consumerism has taken over all our morals and turned our holidays about “love” and “appreciation” into yet another sales pitch. I mean, I personally quite love Valentine’s Day because I’m a capitalist and it’s just another chance for me to exploit innocent audience’s into purchasing products, earning me more money and thus moving me up the foodchain.

But whatever.

Today’s post is about:

15 Great Habits That Earn and Keep Your Money

15 good money habits

You may be confused about the relevance of this to Chinese New Year, but Chinese tradition is to gift people money in red envelopes on holidays such as New Year. Now, I don’t have cash or red envelopes to give to you – but I figure this post is close enough.

  1. Keep a penny jar. And keep a separate one for silvers and coppers – this may not be relevant to you, but I know that if I see a few 50ps in my penny jar, I will take them and buy waffles. What is my solution? Separate penny jars! I have one clear mason jar filled with coppers and one lucky cat filled with silvers.
  2. See a penny, pick it up. Not for luck, but for the penny jar. I know it seems like a silly thing, but I currently have about £30 worth of pennies racked up (I got bored about a week ago and counted. I’d say maths is fun, but we all know it was for the latest pair of shoes I’m crushing on.) and that’s all from January. If you ever find yourself bored, check around your house for pennies – at the bottom of bags, in between sofa cushions, in coat pockets etc.
  3. Don’t throw old clothes, shoes, bags, or . . . well, pretty much anything away – sell it. Ebay is the product of gods and we mere mortals should bow down to it.
  4. Start taking in your own lunches! I cannot stress this one enough – a vast majority of money (both yours and mine) that disappears without accounting for . . . yeah, that’s spent on food. You can easily spend £5 a day on food without even realising it. So stop.
  5. Save 10% of everything you receive. We are a society of infinite capacity for stupid and a desire for instant satisfaction, but refrain yourself. This is something I don’t currently do (but that I will start) and that is saving 10% of everything I earn/receive. It’s not enough to miss it too much, and it is enough to have a neat little savings account.
  6. Earn in your spare time! I cannot stress this point enough, but you have so much free time on your hands that you could be using to earn. I always used to hear this and be like “yeah, okay, whatever” but then I disconnected the cables in my TV and my productivity went up by at least 456.35%. True story.
    I’ve done many-a post about how to earn through your phone and the internet, so let me just hit you with a link: 19 Ways For Teens And Young Adults To Make Money Online Without A Large Social Media Following.
  7. Set yourself money related goals. These don’t have to be things like “Save £300” (but why not?); you can set similar goals to the ones I am going to set myself – things like “Get an article published in Listverse, Complete a few jobs on Fiverr”.
  8. Use your skills. Or should I say sell them. Over the internet there are sites looking for people to do specialist things for them everywhere – freelance writing sites, tutorial sites, Fiverr. If you have a talent, sell it. And, if not, take the time to develop one and consider it investing.
  9. 15 good money habits to earn money
  10. Don’t take more than you need. I’m terrible for this and it shows – when you go out, don’t take more than you absolutely need. Otherwise, things catch your eye and you’re kind of like “oh, I do have the money”. Nope. You don’t because you left it at home.
  11. Depending on who you are, don’t keep all your money on your card. I say depending on who you are, because a lot of people do better without money in front of them, but I personally find that having cash makes it easier to see my money leaving me and stops me spending. Having a card means you can’t see your money disappearing until you go to pay for something and your card is declined.
  12. When using cash, only take notes or almost exact change. This whole notes thing isn’t a steadfast rule as sometimes it means you’ll end up a. creating more change that you’ll then spend (because we all spend our loose change, it’s some weird compulsion) or b. taking more money with you than you need and spending it. But it is something I like to do because breaking notes is one of the most painful things you ever have to do, only possibly next to stepping on lego, which means you’re way less likely to do it.

  13. Don’t lend or borrow money from anyone.
    This one is a bit mean, but it’s very much true.
  14. Know what you need and want before you go. I’m looking at you, shoppers. So a mirror, then?    Shut up, don’t undermine my authority. I’m probably not the only one that gets money and then gets really excited about what they’re going to spend the money on, before they realise they don’t actually need anything and end up buying random crap. You can obviously tell this is bad.

Well, it’s not quite 15 because I just can’t think of that many! If any of you gorgeous people want to throw some suggestions my way, I would very much appreciate it! I hope these help you guys in some way shape or form – and I hope we’re all looking forward to Chinese New Year!

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Oh my, what a Bioch. I hate how easy it is for people to be inconsiderate. I bet she’ll never get a another dime from you and she shouldn’t. If you’re ever tempted to give her money, you should come back to this post, read it, read my comment, and tell her to eff off.

Hehehe thank you! I felt like I overreacted but some things are just rude!

I love reading your posts so much and these are some great tips, I always get a little over excited with money and spending it on clothes. Also, I nominated you for the beauty blogger award whoop whoop https://happyalexblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/the-beauty-blogger-award/

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Great tips! Saving money is hard to do so that 10% rule and turning your talent into business are good ideas.

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