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What do you do when they cancel the tube strike – the two days off of which you were planning to use to make your blog beautiful again – and crush all your fragile dreams?

Well, first of all, you go on a little strike of your own and refuse to leave your bed – something that’s not exactly a hardship, but necessary all the same. And then you try to make yourself feel better by creating a style inspiration board.

Side note: I’m really loving the look of mood boards at the moment; they’re so aesthetically pleasing. I think I’m going to bringing them into my blog a lot more, as I’m working on making it look better overall.

 moodboard p2 moodboard p11

(All images were sourced off Pinterest and are posted onto the same board here, where you can find their original sources)

Minimalistic style (I have no idea if it’s called that; it just seems minimalist to me, so that’s what I refer to it as) is becoming one of my favourite styles. I don’t know why, but I really associate it winter and nature and some of these outfits I just imagine sitting in a loft window and sketching wildflowers in.

Yes, sometimes I make stories about outfits.

I’m not weird, you are.

I just feel like this style is really classy and relaxed, but still individual . . . and lace. Look, we all know I love lace (especially when I make wishlists pretty much dedicated to it, like this one) and lingerie (let’s be honest, I can’t even link all the lingerie loving posts) and a way to display those two things without it looking slutty . . . count me in!

Now, we all know that when I see something I like I don’t just do what a normal person does and like it . . . I fall deeply and irrevocably in love (you can thank me for removing the negative connotations of that sentence later) and must find things I can possibly buy. So, without further ado, I present to you my minimalist style wishlist:

(ROMWE have a 55% off sale coupon if you spend over £40/$59 so this lil wishlist is going to be all the cute things I’ve found from them!)

  1. Spaghetti Strap Knit Pale Coffee Cami Top
    Light Pink Knitted Vest – £8
    hese are the cutest things ever! I like crop tops, but recently I’m finding them to look kind of . . . tacky, maybe? I’m not sure, but I’m going off them and this knitted crop has basically fixed that. Because it’s beautiful. So I apologise. These come in loads of cute colours as well!
  2. High Low Lace Up Vest Sweater
    Knitted Side White Vest – £11
  3. Halter Lace Black LingerieHalter Lace Black Lingerie
    Halterneck Lace Black Bralet – £6
    his bra is so gorgeous; the design along the back strap is just . . . *dramatically fans self*. Things like this should be proudly shown off with a low back jumper.
  4. Straps Lace Black Lingerie
    Black Lace Trim Butterfly Back Bralet – £6
  5. V Neck Chunky Knit Grey Dolman Sweater
    V-Neck Grey Jumper – £13
  6. Apricot+V+Neck+Cross+Front+Sweater+23.35Army Green V Neck Cross Front Sweater
    V-Neck Cross Jumper – £15
  7. Spaghetti Strap Mohair Sweater Cami Top
    Knitted Vest – £7.50
  8. Spaghetti Strap Lace White Lingerie
    White Lace Bra – £5.50

That’s my little wishlist for you! Did you like anything off it?

Now, slightly away from the point, you guys may be like “wait, I thought Weekly Wrap-Ups were on Sunday” and you’d be right, but I’ve decided to do Monthly wrap ups instead because . . . well, I think those are more interesting. And on weeks like this one there is literally nothing to write other than: “sorry I’ve been so useless.”.

Okay, post recap – did you guys like the moodboards? Is this the sort of style you could see yourself trying? And – the wishlist. Are you guys crushing over anything like I am? If you are looking for any cute (and seriously cheap) wardrobe fillers for spring, I’d definitely check out Romwe – like I said, you get a 55% off code when you spend £40 and their stuff is great for all style types. (They’ve inspired me to do this for grunge fashion and kawaii.)

Well, that’s it folks. I hope you’ve had and will have a good week!

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Blog Comments

Loved this post – this kind of style is basically what I wish my wardrobe was filled with – but I wanted to ask, is Romwe any good? Maybe I’m just suspicious by nature, but it seems almost too good to be true, or rather too cheap to be true. Have you had anything from there? xx

Thank you! Me too, but I’m so all over the place with my style my wardrobe just looks like a disassembled jigsaw?? and hmmm I get what you mean. I’ve shopped there before and they’re good BUT there is a difference in fabric quality with certain things. So knitwear I’ve found to always be good, same with denim (but read the sizes as theirs run a bit small) however printed tees and sweaters are a bit hit or miss. I wouldn’t say anything is BAD but with tees and sweaters it’s more that they can be a bit thinner or a different material to what you expect 🙂 xx

Ah okay – that doesn’t sound too bad! I’ve been made paranoid by the horror stories… I think I’ll give them a try now, however 🙂 xx

Sorry if that made no sense x_x x

‘Sall good, I got it 🙂 xx

This is weird! (Like not actually weird but you know) I am wearing that v neck greyish jumper!! Hehe
I am absolutely in love with it and I’ve worn it most of the times in this winter!

it’s absolutely gorgeous – im jealous!

Gotta agree with that! 😀

I love this kind of style too, but i just never find cute things like your wishlist haha
Great post 🙂


aww thank you! 😀

I’m so in love with this post!! Nice post !♥

aw thank you so much! ♥

Damn, now I wanna go shopping

me too! so many clothes, so little funds ;-;

Yeah, sugar daddy time lol! These clothes are soooo cute! I want them all!

Super cute choices girl. After reading this post, I think I have the urge to shop now.


hehe me too! xx

LOVED this post (and your blog), my girl @akarauny love this kind of clothing a lot. Will show her!!!


Aw thank you so so much, love your blog too!

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