OOTD: Deadpool

I know I’m late jumping on the bandwagon for this one, but you need to see Deadpool. I mean, this shit was so good that it changed the situation (from being that Ryan Reynolds should be grateful he got another shot to cash in with the whole Superheroes film craze at the moment after the atrocity that was Green Lantern) to us being grateful that Ryan Reynolds was brave enough to attempt another superhero movie after they stuck him in an animated suit.


An animated suit. God, that movie was terrible. God, it was great watching this movie take the piss out of it and basically every other thing done wrong in any Ryan Reynolds film ever. There were even references to Blade. It was a beautiful moment for me, I won’t lie.

Anyways, as much as I’d love to rave about this film, I’m not an entertainment blogger and so should probably move onto the OOTD-

Who am I kidding – we’re going to take a few moments and appreciate this work of art. In brief, concise bullet points so that I don’t endlessly ramble.

  • He was wearing an Adventure Time watch. 
  • Deadpool is just a hilarious character. Genuinely hilarious.
  • Wade + Vanessa = OTP.
  • The opening credits (I never said this list was chronological, did I?) were brilliant. A CGI character, a British villain, a hot girl, the comic relief. Produced by: asshats, directed by: an overpaid asshole and written by: the real heroes here – I would rewatch the film just for the credits. Although that’s not them word for word, because . . . well, I have a bad memory.
  • All the movie references. If you’re not a fan of the comics, then you probably wouldn’t know that Deadpool is a self aware character – and by that I mean he knows that he’s in a comic book. There’s a pretty funny comic in which he murders (yep, murders – anti-hero here) his way through classic literature to try to escape the comic book world. So this gives him a lot of leeway when it comes to breaking the fourth wall and cracking some brilliant one liners – like when he’s talking about how he got his own movie.
  • The hilarious violence is . . . uh, hilarious?

Basically, it’s a fucking great movie and you should all see it – but not with your parents or kids. Or bosses. Or teachers. Or anyone other than your wildly inappropriate friends.

And now we can move on,

Snapchat-1779881592642943449 PhotoGrid_1457645291818PhotoGrid_1457645238390

My outfit was very Spring – a lace bralette, a v-neck knitted jumper, black jeans and a leather jacket. Combined with trusty Converses. (Oh, and I actually bought the bralette off of Romwe and I featured it in my wishlist here!) I kept my jewellery simple with my gorgeous black crystal choker; I sell these on my Etsy, so let me hit you with some pics.

And the link to these pretty babies is here!

At the moment, in terms of style, I’m really favouring the relaxed and comfortable over . . . anything else in the entire world. I love Spring fashion because it’s still cool enough that I can wear a knitted jumper without it literally melting off me, but warm enough that I can wear pretty little lace bralettes without my chest bumps freezing off.

 I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do come summer, as I’m currently not loving crop tops and my body proportions make shorts an absolute impossibility without them either being massive on the waist or booty shorts – both of which are a hell-the-fuck-no. So my options are probably limited to: escape to Iceland or melt into a gooey puddle of body smoothie that someone will collect and refreeze come winter.

Anyways, my lovelies – I apologise for my disappearing act through February and part of March. It’s over now – I’m caught up with all my coursework, I am freshly inspired and I’m back!

Let me know what you thought of the outfit down below – and has anyone else seen (and inevitably loved) Deadpool?

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Gorgeous outfit! xD Went to see deadpool but didn’t see the end because of a power cut at the cinema! Must watch again though! x

aw thank you! definitely do – the ending was HILARIOUS x

I can not WAIT to see Deadpool. Thanks for the call out to AT (and for noticing the watch). I fully support the artistry coming from Cartoon Network and wasn’t aware it was in the movie. Gonna keep my eyes open with hopes of spying on some Regular Show references :). Great outfit. Totally agree on the comfort and feel your pain on summer. Please let some cute but not overpriced and/ or hoochie undress reveal itself before the heatwave ensues. Loving your blogging style. Xo

its so good i hope you get to! and anytime – Adventure Time is LIFE. I have the duvet set, pyjama set and calendar. somehow never a watch, but im going to fix that. Thank you doll – yep summers tricky 🙁 and thank you so much, means a lot 🙂 xox

That’s SUNDRESS! SUNDRESS not undress! Jeesh! Damn this non iPhone autocorrect!

“duck” ;-;

Cute outfit!
Do you know the name of the crystal by the way?

thank you! and i think its black tourmaline, because onyx and obsidian are flat black and this has little white smoky patterns in it, but im not completely sure 🙂

maybe i should finally suck it up and watch it because my two best friends has been bugging me endlessly about it . and I love the outfit . you look badass as fuck 🙂

hehe thank you – i love that: badass. B-) ohmygosh, if you can DEFINITELY go it was amazing x

Trusty converse XD
Love the outfit! Yeah he was pretty hilarious in the trailers

Oh my gosh, you’re so pretty! And I love the outfit. 🙂
I haven’t seen Deadpool but I really want to! I haven’t had time to go to the movies recently. 🙁

hi!!nominated you for this tag:https://awesomeideas2003.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/around-the-world-in-barely-a-minute-tag/
pls check out this link for more info!!
BTW:you look actually really pretty!!

I’m in love with your outfit! I haven’t watched Deadpool but I’ve heard so many great things about it. I used to not be a huge fan of crop tops too (because of how sooo many people wore them & I just felt self-conscious about my body), but as of now I actually like wearing them! There’s just something liberating about wearing crop tops, lol

Thank you lovely! It’s soo good I would definitely to tell you to watch it???? lool I love that!

Ah, I ought to go watch that sometime this week since I’m on break! 🙂


This outfit is gorgeous and you look so pretty! I love the black bralette and the necklace. I saw Deadpool and it was so good. I would definitely see it again!

❤️ Leani

Cute outfit! Deadpool was hilarious!

thank you! and it really was – one my favourite films in a while 🙂

I still haven’t seen deadpool, urgskskanfkdk



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