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Naturally curly hair is a bitch. The best kind of bitch – the bitch that looks gorgeous, but is damn hard work. You know; the one that ends up being worth it. We should all aspire to be like curly hair.

used to have insanely long curly hair that I adored until I went and ruined everything. Uh huh. Yep. Story older than time (well, not really, but you get my drift) – girl finds dye. Girl goes completely OTT and dyes hair every two weeks until said hair is terrible and needs eradicating.

IMG_4807 IMG_4719

My hair was that long. And then I somehow decided it needed to be ombred purple and . . . well, you know what they say about absolute dickheads maybe tragically stupid decisions? No? Spoiler alert: it all fucks up.

Can you tell I’m harbouring some negativity?

Basically, in my attempts to get to lavender my curls ended up straggly and I figured the best thing for everyone was obviously to cut them.


Not to state the obvious, but i cut my hair

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I cut it to just above my shoulders – and that is where this horror show begins. Yay.

So, because I honestly find it almost impossible to deal with my short curls (they’re so free and light and bouncy – my length weighed my old curls down and it wasn’t in such good condition, so it was more wavy than ringlety like it is now) I decided to tackle this problem head on with a mini hair tutorial for you all!

10 easy basic back to school hairstyles for mixed race girls with naturally curly hair

Can I add in a quick note about #10? You can’t really tell because I got bored of posing by this far into the hair photography session, but it actually looks like this:

In the end, was all the dying and cutting worth it? Well, my hair went through stages of looking like this:

Blue hair 🚿

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Should defo sleep but..it's not happening for me😒

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So it was absolutely worth it. If you guys liked this post, I was thinking of doing a hair journey post in which I showed you all the assorted colours and cuts of my hair, so just let me know if you’d like that! And did anybody notice that I took these the same day as I wrote this post?

Anyways, my beautiful peoples, did you like these hairstyles – which one was your favourite? Would you be interested in more hair related posts? And do I have any fellow curly girls here?

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My hair is straight af

straight hairs pretty 🙂

Yah, and easy to care for too ;D

im jealous :'( mine is a bloody struggle

Your hair is so damn beautiful! <3
Also, great hairstyles!


thank you so much lovely!X

I love the china bumps hairstyle! 🙂

Thank you lovely! So do I, I feel so chinese?

hahaha! 🙂

The China Bumps hair style is so pretty!

Thank you lovely!

Your hair is sooo nice. Long curps are gorgeous x

Thanks lovely!x

Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! I’ve always secretly wanted curly hair. My hair is stick straight with no volume at all.

Thanks lovely! I think we all want what we can’t have, I’ve always been tempted by straight hair

Oh my gosh, that is soo true! We all want what we can’t have. I guess that’s why straighteners and curling wands were invented, right? Lol

Your hair is so pretty, and those styles are great. 😉

Thank you gorgeous!

This is cool I have a curly hair tutorial too

I’m so jealous of your hair, I’ve always wanted my hair to be curly. I really like the high ponytail and the China bumps. Very cute!

❤️ Leani

Awww thank you! Most of the time it’s more trouble than its worth though loool ?

I watched countless of youtube videos on how to style my hair ever since I became natural but whenever I try it , I look like the poop emojii . It just never works for my hair but the styles are really cute . I liked the china bumps and low bun 🙂

Me too! I really want to learn how to French braid but I totally cant?? that k you though lovely!

I love your hair and these hairstyles are awesome!! 😀
For some weird reason your posts aren’t showing up in my reader feed so I refollowed you..

Thank you lovely it’s a bloody mess I’m telling ya! & ah well thanks my readers playing up as well maybe it’s WordPress

Nice! Good ideas to practice on 😉

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