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Mondays suck. Cramps suck. Life sucks. Then you die – and guess what? That sucks too.

We just have so much to look forward to.

Why have I started with this rather bleak and depressing introduction? Well, to bring you down to my Monday Blues level, of course – so that, when I fix your depression, you feel indebted to me and if I ever need any help burying a body you kind of have to have to lend your hand. They’re getting rid of joint association, anyway – you’ll be fine.

Now, we can’t go through our sad little lives feeling blue all the time, can we? Even if it is just Mondays we suffer – that’s a seventh of your time on this Earth. Obviously, I don’t pose problems only to ignore them, so here’s my solution: retail therapy!

With the creation and maintenance of my shop, I have been using Etsy far more often than I have done in the past few years. You know what I have realised through this?

Etsy is fucking amazing. I mean, it’s like grunge-aesthetic-kawaii-boho-tumblr all wrapped into one neat little fajita with cucumber sticks inside. Served in a restaurant with ABBA playing in the back. And if any part of that situation sounds weird to you, travel to Dover admire those famous white cliffs and then jump off one. I can’t promise anyone will cry at your funeral.

Now, due to the aforementioned beauty, I decided I needed to make an Etsy wishlist for you all. So here you have it!


Space shirt – £12.83

Ethereal Ringer Tee – £10.69

I Need My Space Ringer Tee – £10.69

lace crop tops etsy wishlisht

Nude Lace Crop Top – £23

Black Lace Crop Top – £30

etsy crop top wishlist

Sound Waves Crop Top – £13.54

Great Wave White Halter Neck – £13.54

Baby-Doll Halter – £6.90

NAMASTE Ring Hand Stamped Twisted Ring BFF Friend Gift Wrapped Ring Lotus Flower

Namaste Hand Stamped Ring – £5.70

Rose Mesh Bralette

Rose Mesh Bralette – £15

YOU'RE DISGUSTING Holographic Banner

You’re Disgusting Bunting – £10

Don’t you just feel better looking at all those pretty things? If you want to look at some more pretty things, go on ahead and check out my Etsy store (which is here)!

I was going to pick a favourite item, but I cannot choose. Personally, I love the Ethereal stitched shirt, the Namaste ring and the Great Wave white halter neck crop top the best I think (so if you see a post by the title Etsy haul, consider this your crystal ball into the future of the post) – but what about you guys? What are your favourite selections?

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Blog Comments

I love everything so much!
But the shirts and the crop tops are so awesome! <3
Good choices 🙂


i love them so much! i can literally feel my money running away ;-; x

That rose mesh bralette is to die for. xo

it’s divine! xo

I’m reading through your blog now. You’re hilarious and I respect a girl who curses and knows how to 😉

why thank you! you sound like my type of person…checking out your blog now!x

I think so! I try to write dreamy pieces but god I couldn’t find a word to replace fuck.

They’re cute!!

thank you lovely!

eee, sooooooo pretttttttty!!

i know, i want it all! ;-;

exactly!!as soon as i get something, theres something else i see, and immediately want, and then im all broke…:(Xxx

Oh my. Somebody buy me that rose mesh bralette before I die of lust. This post made me half devastated and half grateful that I’m currently completely broke. x

isnt it just amazingly perfect? *cries* i so hear you!x

Loving all those crop tops! I was actually just looking through Etsy a couple of minutes ago lol. I love how there’s interesting clothes and other knick-knacks related to some of my favorite TV shows.

i went on a mission to find ones i like for summer! B-) Yeah, I love all the merch thats up especially for bands 🙂

Etsy it’s amazing! And cool stuff, love it

etsy is definitely brilliant! and thanks lovely

cramp definitely suck! *insert teary eyes here*
but those crop tops look really awesome! xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

thank you doll!

Great post!! I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award keep an eye out on my blog for more details tomorrow xxx

thank you lovely, your blog is doing so well! 😀 xx

the intro is my favorite thing ever haha
and i love the second shirt (i need my space one ). I want it badly

it is so lovely!

love, love, love the embroided tee <3

Serene | I Am Serene L

I just found a really amazing one that has embroidered floral bouquets .. in love!

Ahhhhh YES❤️

You are a gem, thanks babe ? xo

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