{ A Little Online Clothes Shopping Haul }

Look, if you don’t hear from me ever again it’s because I finally succumbed to the will of God and joined a nunnery. Because this week . . . reaffirmed my faith. I now know miracles are real. I now know that sometimes the powers that be reach a hand down into our insignificant lives and give us a helping hand.

What am I talking about?

Divine intervention. 

This week, whilst scouring the internet for some summer purchases, I offhandedly remembered a store where they sold kimono and shorts co-ordinate sets (because I was hardly going to forget that, was I?) and decided to see what stock they currently had on.

Look, I don’t know what good I’ve done in my life, but maybe it’s because I helped that guy with directions earlier this week or something. Because karma fucking niced me. Why? ARK was in the final hours of their closing down sale – which meant there was a 50% off everything coupon on top of all the existing sales and offers.

 So, as this was obviously some kind of sign, I carried out God’s will and did a bit of shopping!




My first purchase was a silky champagne pink co-ordinate set. I got really lucky with this (and not just because it’s worth a little over £40 for the set and I got it for £7) because, as I jumped into the sale late, there wasn’t much left – so to find a matching set I liked – and one that was in my size – was pretty unlikely.

20160320_153623 20160320_153457 20160320_153617

Next up was this really cute camel/beige halter neck dress. This was £7 and I didn’t expect much, more picking it to throw underneath a kimono – but the fabric is gorgeous and silky and . . .

I’m such a happy girl right now.

20160320_153755 20160320_153803

The last thing I bought was this cute button-up satin cami. I’m really in love with vests in different styles and fabrics like this at the moment due to crop tops and myself parting ways. The cami is the new crop top. I no longer have to cry at the prospect of summer.

The next purchase wasn’t actually from Ark, but I feel like it needs to be mentioned anyway.

20160320_154000 20160320_153951

These olive trousers are from Boohoo and they were, I believe, £8 in the sale.

So I’m pretty pleased with this little haul! I now have more faith in summer and the possibility that I won’t just have to stay inside and wear a burka to avoid picking outfits. Did you guys like my picks?

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Blog Comments

Love the olive trousers! Cute haul <3 xxx

thanks lovely x

I really love the dress.❤️

thanks lovely x

Loving the co-ord! x

who doesn’t love a good old haul! great picks lovely! 😉 xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

thank you! retail therapy has soothed my soul!xx

always does! haha! and works for everyone apprently! 😀 😉 xx

Omg everything you got is so nice! I love the halter neck dress x

Thank you lovely! xx

Ah LOVING the nightwear/ outside look. The co-ord is just too cute – i die
Charlotte xo

Thank you – so am I, silky fabrics and velvet are my all time faves xx

I have trousers like that and they’re so comfy!! X

omg right? perfect for summer when i refuse to wear super tight jeans x

These look great, I love the colors!

thank you lovely! thats actually what i was thinking, everythings nice and beige and i didnt notice until it all arrived XD

Loved the trousers!!!

Thank you lovely!

Wow, that’s a great haul! To have gotten something for 7 when it was worth more than 40…

i swear, i felt blessed…my bank account was crying in relief

Haha I bet it was xD

It must have been God’s will.
Was that the right thing to say? I’m not religious, and I keep wondering if I say something offensive to religion… ?

Ah these are all such nice picks! & props to you for carrying out god’s will ahaha 😉


hehe thank you lovely!

I love the trousers and the co-ord! Such a beautiful color for spring!

thanks doll – I’m loving all beige at the moment, im thinking with a little gold bodychain and white sandal heels

Yes! That is such a perfect color combo!! ?

Is this shop closed down now? I feel the need to buy?

;-; it is, but BUY ANYWAY

I will but I wish it was still open ;-;

Love every item! Great job!

thanks lovely!

OoOH this was a very cute haul

why thank you!

So cute! I’m obsessed with that halter dress!

It is so much nicer in person, I love it!

Love to shop online! But I’m always struggeling with finding the right size. Anyways, good haul – keep up the good work! 🙂


The silky champagne set is so gorgeous. I would have never thought to buy something like that, but I’m in love!

❤️ Leani

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Gosh, I love silk clothes. Why can’t I ever find good deals on silk pieces?

omg you get me! etsy and depop have really good deals on silky products if you can find them 🙂

thanks! i will look next time 🙂

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