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First off, I would just like to say a massive thank you to you all. The responses I got to { How To Decide What To Do With Your Life & Make Life Goals } were so  fucking amazing that I just really wanted to thank you. I honestly wasn’t expecting the amount of response I got – or the depth of it. It was really humbling to have people take time out of their day and offer me genuine advice; I took so much from the comments you left me and I have so many new ideas and avenues to explore. It’s crazy to me that my blog is something that I not only enjoy and share with you, but that has become something that I learn from too. You guys give me such amazing support and feedback that I have so many times where I’ll just sit back and think about how lucky I am to have you, or how far this blog has come and that post was one of those times. So, from the bottom of my heart, a really sincere thank you.


Now, back to the shallow and ultimately meaningless material content – another shopping haul! I have three I need to share, on top of this { Little Online Clothes Shopping Haul } from a week or two ago. I’m not rich and I’m not a drug-dealer, however – nope, I’m just pretty good at getting what I want and need for a price I like, so that whenever I do go shopping it seems like I spent more than I did. For example, the previous haul was from a shutting down sale which had a 50% off coupon on top of already existing sale prices – costing me about £20 altogether. Result!

So my next haul is from a few places where I absolutely saved me some money.

First up is the old, but gold, Primark. I generally steer clear from Primark aside from basics and sometimes jeans because it’s always stiflingly busy and I’m big on nice fabrics, which Primark doesn’t really offer me. However, I have been wrong.


Just look at all their cute home stuff!


First up were this cute lace up flats in a wine type colour. I love these and they were only £8! They’re versatile and and perfect for matching with a cute dress in summer.

 lace up flats lace up burgundy flats

Next up is this cute little dress I bought. The entire reason I was in Primark in the first place was that my best friend Leila wanted to buy this, but when I saw it I couldn’t resist. It’s pretty similar to a dress I bought in the last haul of mine, but it has this gorgeous glitter geometric design on it and was only £10!

top  pattern

And last, but not least, is one of the summer pieces I absolutely love – knitted tank tops. There are quite a lot of these I love in Primark at the moment, but none were in my size so I only bought this one.

knit tank primark kniiiiit

Next up are two purchases from Ebay – a cute Motel shift dress I’ve had my eye on for ages. It was new, too small for the seller, and cost me £8.


I love the colour and pattern of the dress, but the fit of it is lovely as well! I cannot wait for summer to start wearing all my cute little dresses.

20160331_120007 20160331_120018

And lastly was this cute brand new with tags silky skirt from River Island I won for £6! This is gorgeous and will go so well with the lace up flats from Primark. The best part, however – is the fabric. I have an entire section of my wardrobe dedicated to my silky fabrics and velvets – and now it has a new addition.

So that’s part one of my Cheap as Chips haul! What were your favourite items?

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Blog Comments

Loveeee knit tops <3

aren’t they lovely! xx

They’ve got that 90’s vibes that gets me all nostalgic too. xo

Ooh, looks like I’m gonna need to head to Primark ASAP! X

i totally would! x

I love the last skirt so much.
Oh I finally got my first paycheck so I will be able to buy that sckeleton hand necklace from your shop I wanted. I’ll put it up on my first ever haul on here . thanks for the coupon code btw. I really appreicate it.
ps. can I ask how you get the visit ”blog name” here for the full post
thingy in a post ? I always see it but I don’t know how to do it . I’ll really appreciate it 🙂

Aw yay! You’re totally welcome love, i cant wait for the haul post im nosy and love reading them ;D
I’m not actually sure, i’ve never set my blog up to have that? it might be in settings or theme settings 🙂

The flats are SO cuteee! I loved everything that you bought!
And yes, Primark has the lovely home decorations ever <3


thanks lovely! they’re so cute i cant believe i’ve never looked at it before! xx

Those flats are soooo cute! I love all these unique pieces. Sucks that there isn’t a Primark in the U.S. Ahhh lol.

Hehe thank you! You might do actually – they call it something different in every country 🙂

You’re welcome! Oh really? I totally did not know that. I’ll need to check up on it!

So many people have been telling me about the Primark home range this season, clearly I need to get over there asap 🙂

i definitely have to admit that im not usually a fan, but it really good at the moment 🙂 x

Same here but I’ve heard so many good things lately that I’m now curious.

You have such amazing style, suits you so well

🙂 thanks lovely

Hey…first of all, great post! And second of all, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Its completely fine if you choose not to do it!?

thanks doll! i will..eventually..get around to it xD x

No problem…and take all the time you need!?

I love all of these! Especially the flats & the metallic dress!

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