{ My Kimono COLLECTION }

Oh, yeah; it’s here, people. The kimono collection . . . has landed.

Now, it’s no secret that mama loves her a new kimono or four. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the longest running, most consistent – and, yeah, maybe one of the only – facts on this blog. Every single one of my followers that has read more than one of my posts (I’m being serious here, because if I didn’t happen to mention the deep love my soul has for kimonos in a post you can damn well guarantee it will be abstractly brought up in the next one . . . They just never stray far from my mind. Kind of like how religious people feel about Jesus.) knows that my one true calling in life is the praise and appreciation of kimonos.

So, yes, naturally I have an entire collection. Gosh, don’t you?

kimono collection

Yes, it’s too big to fit in its my wardrobe. No, I’m not ashamed. Hell, maybe that is a shrine dedicated to my Lord and Master Lucifer. You know my name, not my story.

(Hint: offensive jokes aside, my story doesn’t involve Devil Worship. Talk about effort. It does involve a deep desire to be a fairy queen, but I guess we can talk about that later.)

 Okay, so the first kimono is one that I featured in this OOTD – my velvet River Island one!

20160410_102630 20160410_102555

Look, I don’t even have to describe the ways in which this kimono slays my life. I bought this off Ebay for £13, which we can all agree was a fantastic deal.

Next up . . .

20160410_102713 20160410_102759

This beauty was £15 from the ASOS Outlet and from the brand Liquorice. Look at the colour.

When it comes to clothes, I’m a pretty simple person to understand – fabrics and patterns. Those are my vices. Give me some velvet, some paisley, some silk and I will quite literally fall to my knees in adoration. You ever need someone to help you hide the body? You know where to find me.

I think we can all agree that a brand new velvet kimono for £15 was bound to get me excited – so it’s no surprise that the next kimono is also from Liquorice (and ASOS. Seriously – their Outlet section is the stuff of dreams).

20160410_102846 20160410_102948 20160410_103010

Okay, so this one was £30 – but if you see that detailing it’s totally worth it.



This beauty is from P2 of my cheap as chips haul – a River Island kimono from Depop. I got this for £12, which is a pretty good deal when you look at all the pretty patterns. Oh, and did I mention it’s silky?

Seriously, who needs your firstborns? Trade them for pretty fabrics and save yourself some sleep.

20160410_103529 20160410_103629 20160410_103633

This is also from the ASOS Outlet; a Kiss The Sky kimono for £12. With mandala embroidery. When I saw this, I actually bought it as a Christmas present for my Grandma, but when it came it was just so  beautiful that I had to buy another for myself.

Yes, I wear the same stuff as my Grandma. She lives with me, her taste is awesome and most of my blog photos are taken in her room with all its prettiness.

20160410_103832 20160410_103928

Another River Island beauty from Ebay. I know what you’re thinking – gosh, Mia, do you ever buy things full price? Well, no, not that often actually. Especially not with kimonos because most of mine are worth £50+ and I currently own 14.

Mama not made of money. And, even if I were, I would still save as much as I could because why would you pay more than you have to?

20160410_104059 20160410_103957

This kimono is actually the first one I ever bought. I know, I know – my taste was great right off the bat. It was from Dorothy Perkins and I bought it during my first Boxing Day sale trip for £15. Ah, memories.


Another Boxing Day bargain – this River Island kimono was, I think, £10 and I wore it in my last post, this OOTD! And if you didn’t check it out, you really should.

20160410_104438 20160410_104503

Yet another ASOS outlet find – a beautiful silver kimono from Spiritual Hippy reduced to £30. This is a bit ornate for my usual tastes, but it’s so gorgeous that I just went for it anyway. And I’m glad I did because I got a chance to wear it for my granddad’s wedding! See? I knew what I was doing all along.

20160410_104608 20160410_104643

Hey, look – I paid full price for something!

Just kidding, I bought it in the online sale. As you can tell, this one’s from River Island and it’s a wee bit different because it’s a kimono blazer. I love the fit of it, and it really adds a smart touch to an outfit.

 20160410_104851 20160410_104926

Never said it was my only kimono blazer. We’re getting that I like floral prints by now, right?

This was from MissSelfridge (yes, during a sale) and £15.

Okay, and now to reveal the inspiration behind this post . . . I have some new kimonos up for sale on Esty!

This the favourite design I’m selling – the La Lune kimono for £15 (here).

Okay, so that is my current kimono collection done (and that’s a bit of a lie, as I currently have another on its way. Don’t look at me like that, you know you’re proud); which ones were your favourites? Oh – and leave me some questions to answer in my FAQ video!

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We all need to go on our kimono shopping spree every once in a (not very long) while ;D

you just ger me ;D

Amazing!! They are all so beautiful and unique 🙂 ♥

aw thank you lovely! xx

Oh good god my eyes are blessed ;-;

Seriously though, gorgeous room like is that yours seriously that wallpaper where ugh gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

hehe yep thats my ‘lil attic room! i might do a room tour post later this week ;D (**I HAVE NEW TAPESTRIES**)




I’m moving and the house we’ve put an offer in on has a freaking slanted ceiling

omg i remember and slanted ceilings are awesome ngl!

I’m so excited

I’m so excited

Oh my Gosh. I’m drooling. They are all beautiful. ?

thank you love! xx

I love it!

hehe me too!

I love kimonos! I really need to update my kimonos x

*sings* ASOS gurl!

Thank you! Xx

Wow, they are all so beautiful! ^^

thanks lovelyyy

You have a really gorgeous collection <3


aww thank you 😀 theyre basically my babies xx

These are so cute! I only have one kimono so far, but this definitely makes me want to get more!

❤️ Leani

definitely get more ;D xx

Haha I’ll work on that right away! XD

Oh my gosh I love each and every one you have! I’ve never really been a kimono wearer but I think I’m about to make the transition. My love for cardigans has been dying out recently and kimonos sound like a good supplement to it… if that made sense lol.

DO IT. kimonos are basically prettier cardigans imo. and thank you!

Will do! They’re more of a dressed up version, in a sense. Lol. 🙂

what a lovely collection! they all are so so pretty! xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

aww thanks lovely!xx

Hey! I wasn’t sure how to get hold of you, but I’ve nominated you for The Blogger’s Story Award! Please check out my latest blog post xxx

aw thank you lovely, i’ll definitely check it out 🙂 xx

I love kimono’s, they make such an exquisite addition to any outfit <3

i definitely agree – theyre a total wardrobe favourite of mine x

This was the prettiest blog post I’ve ever seen. They’re all gorgeous! I love the silver one, there’s something so spacey about it and… I was going to say the one with the intricate pattern (but there’s a few of them) so i’m just gonna say I love them all.

I also nominated you for the sunshine blogger award xx https://happyalexblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/14/the-sunshine-blogger-award-2/

THANK YOU LOVELY! i love them all, theyre totally my babies ;-; and thanks lovely xx

I think you are already a fairy queen.

I just wish I was this cool 🙁 LOL. It’s not funny. It’s sad really.

*green with envy*

hehe thank you lovely! i mean, a girls gotta have goals, right? & you totally are,!


I love all your kimonos, so pretty

I love them! Super cute. I want one for the summer time!~

Aw thanks love and DO IT

Love your kimonos!

aha thank you!

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