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I had a good, to the point and relevant introduction to this post, but I just finished watching Fruitvale (a film about police racism and brutality in America) and I’m bawling, so fuck that. If you ever need a Netflix film to watch, or want something to think about, that’s your film. I know, especially in Britain, that racism can sometimes feel like it’s on a back burner and that it’s being overcome (key word here is being), but this was a good reminder that it still exists in our society. (Oh, and fuck police brutality. Seriously – giving an already violent and hateful group who have the authority to punish people and cover their own asses fucking weapons? Good one, America.) Personally, I believe we’re lucky with the British police force when it comes to racism; there’s always going to be cries of racism especially in areas like mine where we’re inner city but not the nice part, but I think we can honestly say that for our police it’s more a case of stereotyping than racism. A lot of my friends are black, but I only get stopped with certain ones – and it has more to do with the way they speak, how they carry themselves, what they wear etc. rather than their skin-colour. Same for my friends that are white.

Films like this are really hard hitting for me because those black guys – the funny ones, a bit aimless, with that easy charm and a mouth that will get them into trouble – those black guys are people I know; I’m mixed race – those guys are half my family, they’re my uncles, my cousins. Hell, they’re my friends. And the shit that happens in these things can happen to anyone because (like in this film) it’s a matter of wrong place, wrong mood for the police officer to be in.

Anyway, it’s pretty rare that I have a legitimate excuse for not posting – but today is one such rarity! Sorry for the lack of updates and for not having time to catch up with everyone’s blogs (don’t worry – that’s what today’s for!) but all my deadlines are this month and my exams are next, which means a rather upsetting amount of revision and homework has been taking over my life.

Anyways, pointless excuses aside, today’s post is something I actually quite enjoy creating – a mood-board!

spring moodboard

It is now undeniably Spring – which means we now have no excuse for walking around in hoodies and leggings anymore. And, yes, I totally excuse myself from that because . . . college. I wish I could muster up enough effort to dress myself properly, but sometimes it’s all I can do to put mascara on. I’m only here to guide you towards the light, not to touch it myself.

For when I do decide I want to rejoin the world of the living and actually care about my appearance, these are my spring essentials:


Spring Essentials Jackets

Denim Jacket // Windbreaker // Leather Jacket


spring essential jeans

Dungarees // Boyfriend (Preferably Ripped) Jeans


spring tennis skirts

Tennis skirts


spring essential tops

Vintage Tees // Bralets // Bodysuits

This was just a quick post because I want to spend some time catching up with all of your posts. Don’t forget I’m running a FAQ in 25 followers time, so leave me some questions to answer!

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police brutality is continously happening in the US where I live and it’s sickning. I mean to think whites would finally get it trought their minds that we are not the enemies and finally treat us as human beings but no they’re focussed on killing us and bringing racism back. I mean it has never been gone but I wish more people were aware that it still exist. I hate how they get offended when we blacks start our own movement embracing our cultures and our way of life. I just think the white race is a cruel one and they are never going to change. I’m done trying to appologize for who I am. I’m tired of trying to not act ”black” because I’m afraid of being judged.
<a href=''https://asenseofhomeblog.com''asenseofhomeblog

It really is disgusting. I totally agree; one of my best friends is white and she’s not racist or anything at all but the fact is that she still does not appreciate the actual depth of it like in present day. It’s just something I think that is hard to empathise with if you dont experience it; even the slight warnings and like subtle things you get from your family or just things you grow up knowing from being a person of colour is something they don’t have and so they can’t understand. Like I think being the majority they’ll never fully understand what it truly is to feel like the minority – they can try and it’s not necessarily malicious but racism is something that is still there and that tbh they just aren’t ever going to understand. Be proud of who you are, it’s not you going around mindlessly murdering innocent young black boys 🙂

I love dungarees but can never find my size in the ones I like.

This is my exact problem, I’m quite short so they’re always a bit disproportionate

I know..

The documentary sounds so interesting and needs to be watched!
Also, boyfriend jeans and dungarees are on my want list 🙂

It’s actually a film based on a true story; it follows the last day of this guy before he dies and it’s just normal day but it’s one where you can see life’s about to get better for him (him and his wifey have made up and they’re really happy, he’s managed to remove himself from the crime world, his family is all looking up – it’s basically the same story that a lot of black boys go through, like he’s 22 coming out of his teenage stupidness and becoming a man, which makes it worse because I could literally put any of my male relatives in his place) and it ends with how the police murdered him for absolutely no reason with all the real footage of it and it’s just devastating 🙁
And same here 🙂

Love all the clothes ideas ❤

Thanks lovely xx

This makes me more than jealous

Same same same?

Yes, when I think about police brutality it stirs similar emotions. It’s hard to believe that things like this still happen. And so many people just want the oppressed to just stop talking about it because “talking about racism is the real problem.” It’s sad.

On a brighter note, you’re right about the no excuses for leggings. I saved my legs the other day (for the first time in a long time), and I remembered how much I liked showing my legs.

Exactly! I hate when people from a place of privilege try to speak for the oppressed, even when its out of ignorance (like: its not that bad anymore, or oh but they feed into stereotypes etc) rather than hate is just painful – like i dont speak for other minorities, we dont speak for you, how about listening?
YAAAS GURL! I love skirt season 😀


I just wanted to let you know that I sent you email. I don’t know how regularly you check it. 🙂

Thanks lovely! I read the email and it seems like a lovely idea I’d love to participate 😀

the tennis skirts are so cute and feminine! <3 xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

aw thanks lovely, i think so too!xxx

I definitely need to check out that film. I’ve never had firsthand experience or knew anybody who experienced that type of stuff…so I never really knew where to stand on the issue. I’m fortunate enough to live in a quite diverse city in America (not as diverse as California or New York but still diverse enough) so there’s already a mutual understanding of differences. To be honest, I’ve noticed there’s much talk about racism & brutality between whites and blacks and whites and latinos. There isn’t much talk about Asians…maybe that’s why I’ve never experienced any of that stuff. I mean police racism and brutality is obviously wrong but sometimes I wonder if it really does happen often and if it’s that extreme like what the media portrays. Maybe i’m just oblivious, idk.

But omg I’ve been into watching tennis lately and that kind of motivated me to start wearing more tennis skirts…as lame as that sounds lol. I love wearing skirts though. It makes you looks extra put together and plus it’s super easy to put on.

i think it can be that bad (this film used the actual camera footage of what happened and it was DISGUSTING) but that’s a really good point – i haven’t heard much about white & asians in terms of police brutality, but in all honesty i dont really follow it that much because it just depresses me…
And i totally get that – go tennis skirts! ;D

Wow, actual footage? That’s crazy and disgusting as well. It’s really mind boggling as to why people act this way. I mean we’re all the same…some just have more melanin than the other. We all have feelings, emotions, thoughts…and yet someone’s appearance still dictates the way a person perceives someone. Same here though, seeing such horrid news is so depressing. Sometimes I wish the media would highlight more happy news instead of sad/bad…lol.

I love creating moodboards, it is so relaxing and really a great inspiration! I especially like to skirts you showed at the end of the post, totally back-to-school which is a great trend now! ? A.

absolutely! its a really fun exercise 🙂 and thanks lovely!xx

Love those dungarees!

thank you lovely – I love dungarees as well, but I can never find any that fit the way I want!x

massive lover of bodysuits at the mo <3

Serene | I Am Serene L

I just love tennis skirts! I need them like right now! And those bralets are so gorgeous! That film sounds really interesting. I’m really glad things like that are being made, we need to spread awareness.

ps. I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award https://happyalexblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/15/the-sunshine-blogger-award-3/

Never apologize for having daily life interrupted by important issues. I do pagan prison ministry. In the United States one in 100 people are in prison. That’s insane. But although the percentage of African-Americans in the United States is 12% ( which means that if every white American really does have a close African-American friend then every African-American has seven very close white friends ! I don’t have seven white friends and I have pink white skin! ) the percentage in prison is completely out of scale with population. The war on drugs was really the war on blacks . Recently one in four African-American young men were in the “justice system .” How are they supposed to get a job when people just see the word criminal ? They can’t vote because they committed felonies . How are they supposed to be with their children ? It’s a lot better financially for the mother to not have the father living there , although it’s not a good financial situation, it’s just better . It’s a way to systemically destroy the African-American community .

I think it’s great that you can blog about fashion but at the same time have depth. There is a stereotype that a fashionista is ignorant about the real world and very shallow . But a lot of people who love fashion love art , they love beauty , they love self-expression . And under that is the same sensitivity any artist has .

I like your fashion blog better than any I’ve seen before because you will say something like you don’t have the energy to be this fashionable because you’re in college or something , you aren’t trying to be your own brand , like your lifestyle is what you are selling . A lot of fashion blogs don’t feel like they’re written by real people , but like they’re written by an advertising company with the blogger being a spokesperson .

Thanks for keeping it real.

Great selections here! For me, the biker jacket is definitely a wardrobe essential and here’s my take on it:

Vivienne X

thank you for commenting, i’ll check it out! x

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