{ 30 Day Creative Self-Improvement Challenge }

I’m free!

My school gave me a sock and Dobby is now a free elf! What do I mean by this? I am done. For the rest of the year, except for exams, I am now officially on study leave. (And then, obviously, the year is over and I’m free to enjoy summer.)

Anyway, the focus of this post is a 30 Day Self-Improvement Challenge. Why? Because we all do it – we all say; I’m going to do that; I’ll learn this – and the key word here is later later later. Well, kids, this is my later. What suddenly prompted me? Well, once you get to college level, you have to re-enrol for your second year. And I’m . . . not really sure if I want to continue.

No, scratch that, I’m sure I don’t want to continue, but not sure how exactly to leave without making a complete mess of my life and ending up dead in a ditch nailed to a sign that says “disappointment to my family”. If I could, I would just skip off to do my Foundation Year, then head to uni, study graphics, do my year placement abroad and be happy. But I can’t because I want to leave my options open (damn you, common sense) and so I need a more practical substitute. Which leads me to apprenticeships!

Now, most of the apprenticeships I am interested in are Graphics/Digital Marketing which is a blend of technology and art. And, while I have some of the base skills, I want to branch out and learn more.  (Also, obviously, being better means more opportunities to actually land an apprenticeship and be free of useless education! Side note: education is actually a wonderful thing that we are lucky to have and you absolutely should take advantage of it.) So, in pursuit of creative brilliance, here is my 30 Days of Self-Improvement Challenge.

kawaii pixel art header blog

1. Create a manifesto. For those of you that don’t know what a manifesto is, it’s basically an announcing page; here are some examples. Use this for About Me.

Levi’s manifesto.

2. Update Blog Branding (or just create an imaginary brand if you don’t have one). Create two options and allow people to vote/get feedback.

3. Take random photos and edit them. I did

4. Make a self portrait!

5. Do  a DIY (and tidy room)

6. Do yourself some pixel art!

7. Create some black out poetry

8 .Take photos and/or draw your favourite things

9. Write a poem

10. Illustrate your favourite quote

11. Make a new phone background

12. Create a desktop background

13. Make an inspiration/mood board

14. Draw a street

15. Watch Prison Break

16. Draw a dream world

17. Paint a sky

18. Draw blueprints for your house

19. Create an image using negative space

20. Create a collage

21. Illustrate a quote

22. Create geometric art

23. Make a mandala

24. Draw an anime character

25. Complete a sketchbook/journal/scrapbook page

26. Make a poster

27. Design your dream house

28. Design your dream room

29. Design some patterns

30. Celebrate your success!

 kawaii pixel art header blog

And there it is! I hope some of you take this challenge with me – and keep up with the blog because I’ll be updating it  with my progress as I go!

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Blog Comments

Wow! I would love to do this sometime!

Definitely do!

I’m gonna try and do this, I can’t promise I’ll do everyday (whoops) but I’ll try to post some stuff on my blog! Also congrats on being a free elf!

YAYYY do it??? and why thank you freedom feels good!

That sounds like a nice little project to do! 🙂 obviously i don’t know what you’re studying now at college, but if you want to progress to uni through a foundation degree, then you could try this course> have you heard of an extended diploma in art and design? Because it’s basically like a two year foundation course instead of A-levels. An apprenticeship is a good choice though! 🙂 x

Oooooh I hadn’t heard of that! Thanks for the suggestion though I’m really bored of A-levels ?? x

You’re welcome 🙂 I don’t blame you, they’re terrible >.< x

This should like a really cool challenge!

Thank you doll!

Love the idea of this challenge! I’m fairly busy with exams right now but I’ll consider doing this one summer comes. 🙂

You really should, it’s a great way to practice and improve your skills 🙂

Yay! Dobby has been given the sock!! ^u^


Prison break is such a good show! Lol.

It’s brilliant, season 5 is dropping soon ??

I’m doing this, starting today!

Yes girl do it!

I might also start doing this challenge sometime soon. It sounds so cool! And self-improvement is also always very wonderful and important 🙂

Omg definitely do it its really useful x

Congrats on your study leave. This seems like a fun challenge. I’m sure it will be rewarding. Good luck 🙂

Hope it goes well!

Love this challenge! Now that school is over and I have a lot of free time.. I should try this out too!

I love this idea! Wow. Will definitely have to try this out.

Thanks lovely

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I am going to do this!! I will let you know I get on

click here

Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes which will make the greatest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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