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Hello my lovely people! I am loving all this time off. I basically have three months off stretching out in front of me – and I’m getting a head-start in using it wisely. And, no, I don’t just mean rewatching the awesome first season of Sense 8 or catching up on missed sleep – no, I’ve been doing some design work! However, despite my attempts at not descending into time wasting, a majority of what I have done recently – aside from watching my healthy diet happily skip out the door and endlessly contemplating whether the UK should indeed leave the EU- mainly consists of deliberating kind of pointless things like my make-up in way too much depth. Because I love make-up but why should I care if I only ever wear eyeliner? Why does it matter if I haven’t worn a lip colour in ages?

You know what these questions are? A sign of too much time on my hands. And you know what that sign points to? Freelance work, job applications, store promotion, novel writing, revision?  Blogging! So I decided to satisfy my inquisitive mind not with something of substance like a book or a documentary, but by experimenting with my make-up.

It was fun. Highly recommend it.

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So first thing’s first – I love the lipcolour. The lip colour is LimeCrime’s Cashmere and it’s this beautiful purple-nude matte lipstain available here for £20. I’ve been after a nice nude matte lipstick for ages and when I saw that this had finally come back into stock I had to snap it up. I regret nothing.

Also – fake black septum ring. Next to temporary tattoos, fake septum rings are one of my favourite accessories. I personally prefer them to real septums and, as they cost like £1, they’re so much cheaper (and less permanent, and with no chance of infection) than getting the actual piercing. Just a little sidenote in case you guys were wondering what the shiny thing under my nose was.

Okay, so the bulk of this look was mainly concentrated on the eyes – I used gold and purple eyeshadow tones with white eyeliner on my waterline and  white highlighting crayon in the corner of my eyes. Look, I never claimed this was a fucking tutorial, okay? As I was going for au naturel, I didn’t bother contouring, just added a light highlight and banana powder under my eye for a little glow.

And now I remember why I’ve been itching to get a makeup post up! Last month, I bought God’s gift to makeup palettes and I knew that I needed to do the Lord’s work and share his message. Make-up Revolution’s ultra contour palette – to die for. Highlight, bronzer, blush and banana powder all in one? And for £8?

God works in mysterious ways. But I don’t – so here’s a link.

So I know you guys are probably thinking “wow, Mia, two posts in a week – hell, two posts in a month? Are you dying? Is this your way of breaking the news to us?”. My response to which would have to be a resounding yes because, as we all crawl on with our insignificant little ant lives, we are all dying- but that’s not my reason for posting. I told you guys that once school finished I’d be back – and this is me keeping my promise. I am two exams away from total freedom and mama is excited. As always, have a brilliant day, eat some fruit and drink your daily amount of water.

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