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It is now officially summer. Almost. When we hit June tomorrow, then I’ll declare it summer. And you know what this means? Well, we’re in Britain, so it doesn’t mean sun. But it does mean summer holiday! As in, a whole few months off school that you’re going to have to somehow fill . . . Which means you’re probably going to need money. And we all know that’s easier said than done – so let me share how I am earning and saving for summer this year. (Hint: it doesn’t involve getting out of bed and finding a job. Don’t look at me like that, I plan to get an apprenticeship next year which means no holidays and a straight year of work. Let me be free for a while.)

  1. Ebay! 
    This is one that’s for both earning and saving. If you type in BNWT, you’ll find a whole variety of clothes that are Brand New With Tags (see – get it?) . Like that time during this haul where I bought a £30 River Island skirt brand new with tags for £6. So, while it’s summer and you obviously want loads of cool new clothes (let’s face it – that’s half the reason we need money), you can save yourself quite a lot by buying through Ebay. For example- yes, it’s shameless self-promo time. I know, how do I live with myself? – I’m selling loads of cute stuff on Ebay that I’m just going to drop here in case you want to check it out.
  2. Womens-Adidas-Khaki-Running-Trainers-Size-6
    Adidas x Pharell Manga Trainers – £25 // Khaki Adidas – £15

    Missguided Jacket – £5
    // Pull and Bear Jumper – £3.20

    BNWT Khaki Boohoo Cargos – £4.50 // White Leather Lace Up Trousers – £10

    Silver Kimono – £15 // Paisley Kimono – £3.50

    Bodysuit – £7 // Acid Wash Shorts – £5
    (Ignore my low score though, because when I joined Ebay I was an idiot that didn’t know how the post worked, I just picked up the first stamps I saw and sent everything off to be posted, which it obviously wasn’t. I’ve been running an online store for the last six months, though, so I now know how to post.).
  3. However, you can obviously also sell with Ebay and earn yourself some cash.
  4. Open your own online store! This is actually so much easier than you’d think – whether you buy in bulk and sell it on, or you craft your own things to sell – and can be a brilliant way to earn income. I’m in the process of writing a post explaining how to start a shop from scratch/ how to promote it and whatnot, so stay tuned for that.
  5. AMZ Review. I love this site because it saves me money on the thing I probably end up spending the most on – beauty products. Hair care, creams, general skincare – you can get all of these (and pretty much anything else) for under £1. The whole premise of the site is that companies give away their products for free or close to it in exchange for an honest review on Amazon. There’s no criteria to meet; you just register for the products you want, get them, review them and move on with your life. It’s pretty cool and will save you a lot of money.
  6. Wowcher and Groupon and Treatwell. These are three of my favourite discount sites and essentially what they do is offer days out, experiences and things like that for a massive discount. This is amazing come summer because anything from kickboxing classes to piercings you can get for 70% off.
  7. Freelance work. Whatever you’re good at – you can get paid for doing. Seriously, if you look hard enough, there’s demand for anything. If you can write, freelance writing – off the top of my head, I can’t remember any good sites but there are a lot and the work ranges from ghost writing novels, contributing poem submissions to writing product description and website pages. I personally do freelance graphic design work at this site, but whatever your skill is you can freelance – and, if you don’t end up getting paid, at least you’re practising.
  8. Penny jar. This is on every single post I’ve ever written about money – because it’s one of the things I just completely recommend. I save up so much money just by keeping one of these – especially now that I pay for travel and food and just things I don’t really notice. You honestly don’t realise how much of your money disappears because you can’t be bothered to keep the change.
  9. ZazzlesSo I always include a few ways to earn online (actually, come to think of it, most of these are online. Well, at least you don’t have get up, right?) – and Zazzles is a brilliant way to earn online. You essentially design your own . . . well, pretty much anything. Stationary, clothes, home decor – you can place your designs on anything and, if it sells, you get a commission.  It’s a brilliant way to start up a shop with absolutely zero cost, which is lovely!
  10. Shopstyle and Amazon Associates. So I’ve done posts explaining what these are and how I use them on my blog already, but I just 300% increase usage with wishlist posts and reviews and whatnot if I’m actively trying to earn with them. Like how at the end of this post there will be a little wishlist that I will request you kindly click the links for.
  11. Stop buying food when you’re out. Seriously, over three quarters of my money goes on food. Does it need to? No. I have food at home, and I could save myself so much if I took food out. Seriously, guys, stop buying food.

Okay guys, in exchange for this priceless information, I’m going to ask you to click some links. Why? Because I earn a measly penny per click, and I have until the 22nd of June to earn as much as I can for my last payout before I leave the program. So I would very much appreciate it if you could appreciate my shopping and click the links. I don’t care if you close their tabs afterwards or look at them, but that’s how you could help me out. Because I stupidly decided to glance at Missguided yesterday and the soul has now left my body, skipped into the Devil’s palm and offered itself up in exchange for pretty clothes.

And, no, I did not at all try to stop this occurrence – I’m not a fool. My measly soul for these beauties? Well, I think the clothes are selling themselves a little short, if I’m honest.

Slinky Cape Metal Bar Bodysuit in Camel – £25

The Sun The Moon The Sea Crop Top – £8

Blush Pink Silky Kimono Wrap Dress – £25

Light Blue Elephant Print Denim Jacket – £40

Star and Moon Print Mesh Dress – £18

Tan Belt – £6

Elephant Print Mesh Dress – £20

Crochet Trim White Dress – £35

Sun Moon and Stars Mesh T-Shirt – £15

This is why I’m always broke. My bank account cannot handle beauty like this. I decided to at least wait until next pay day to buy most of the things I love – but this dress was on sale for £10 (there’s over 200 dresses in the £10 sale so check it out for a quick deal) and I couldn’t resist.

Silky Paisley Shirt Dress – £10

And now we’re really done – I hope this was helpful to some of you and that you go on to have a well-funded, fun-filled summer! Oh, and guess what happened – I was interviewed. The lovely blogger over at the Curious Queendom interviewed me, so check it out here!

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Clicked all the links for you! 🙂 These are really great tips. I’ve been job searching this entire month and still have come up empty handed which is honestly so disappointing 🙁 . But I’m sure these tips will help me bring in cash an alternate way.

Aw thank you! And thanks if you can’t find a job you should definitely look at online ways to earn some are pretty decent?

You’re welcome! That’s a great idea actually. I’ll definitely look into that. Why is it so hard to become a normal functioning adult? Lol.

Or you start selling stock photography 😉 Probably won’t work as fast as ebay though!

Clicked on the links! 🙂 Great tips.

thank you to both! 😀

Awesome tips ? They were all so helpful for me ?

Thank you doll!

No problem ?

Thank you for this post! Love your blog! Come on over here! We’ve got sunshine! And humidity…

Hehe thank you! Oh I wish

Freelancing. Nice suggestions girl.

thanks lovely!

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