{ My 6 Go-To Summer Outfits }

Although it is admittedly not summer weather, that doesn’t change the fact that as of yesterday, the first of June, it is officially summer. And this means that it’s time for some summer outfits.

Which means that today I will not-so-proudly present to you my go-to outfits of the summer. And, yes, there’s an awkward number of them; my washing hasn’t been done and my room’s a wreck, so it wasn’t exactly unlimited choice. I’d say don’t judge me, but you really should.

  1. My first summer outfit features one of my favourite (and most worn) kimonos – a River Island one – and a white vest dress. I like to call this “the relaxed hippy” because, while I may look like a hippy, I don’t look like a full-on tree hugging, dreadlock-rocking one. Which is kind of sad. I can’t wait until I get my braids, then I will look like a real one.

20160602_104453 20160602_104450

2. The next favourite outfit of mine is a lace crop top and light blue boyfriend jeans. Yep, lace. I’m sure you’re so surprised.

peaking of this crop top (which I absolutely adore especially considering it was literally £2) I am loving lace at the moment. I uploaded a picture of a co-ordinate set to Instagram earlier, which was beautiful.

It’s £65 from Nakiddream for the entire set and I am currently fighting to dissuade myself from purchasing it. There are sentences flying around like “you don’t need it”, “you could find similar cheaper”, “it’s too cold to wear it in England”. But, I mean, you know . . . it’s so pretty. Besides, negativity is not the way forwards.

3. The next outfit is sporty casual because, let’s face it, who can be bothered to look put together all the time? (Hint: in case you were wondering, the answer is definitely not me. I should really rename this post: my 7 go to summer outfits for when I can actually be bothered to get dressed in something other than leggings. I own some fucking awesome leggings, though.)

20160602_110430 20160602_110433

(I’m selling the shorts for a fiver here in case you saw them and were overcome with love and clothes-lust and just had to have them.)

4. Another of my go to outfits is one of my many dresses; my favourite at the moment being this lovely paisley print shirt dress. This is actually the dress I picked up for £10 here and I just love it. I’d say that I love this for the colour, or the fabric, or the instant outfit – but let’s be honest here and say that I love it for the amount of time I don’t have to spend getting ready.


5. The “I walked past American Apparel” outfit. Every basic bitch knows how to rock the AA skirt and I am no exception. You shouldn’t be either, they’re cute and comfortable.

20160602_113446 20160602_113656




I love the denim jacket with this look, but I’m very much an Adidas addict so I love to pair my white tennis skirt with a white vest and my Rita Ora smoke jacket. Look at me including variations of outfits, like I’m a good blogger.

6. “How I Style A Bodysuit Without Feeling Crazily Uncomfortable”

20160527_104254 20160527_104345

Don’t you love it when the title matches the content? When you aren’t meaninglessly sold dreams? So do I!

This outfit is how I style my PrettyLittleThing bodysuit (and isn’t it just stunning?) without feeling like I’m stepping out in lingerie. It’s hard, but it can be done. Mainly by covering up every other inch of skin on show, but it’s a method.

Well, that’s a wrap folks! To conclude today’s post I will share with you two of the things I have learnt about life today:

  • I don’t function well at 8am in the morning. I am not a morning person. Ever. Do not even try.
  • If I were ever dead, I would probably very much prefer to stay dead. Take that as you will.

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I’m obsessed with your style! That body suit is sooooo pretty and where did you get the tennis skirt from? I’ve been looking for one for ages!

thanks lovely! and i know i love it 😀 its so hard to style though 🙁 and i got mine from ebay – they sell them new for like £7

Thanks! I’ll have a look

I love all these outfits!!

thank you! 😀

I love your cloth choices❤??

thank you lovely!xx

I’m loving boyfriend jeans at the moment!

so am i! they’re so comfy and easy to style!

I loveee these outfits omg! ♥

Thank you lovely!?

Beautiful outfits ! I love your style XO

Aw thank you so much ?

Asdfhjkl the body suit is gorgeous, I’m literally going to buy it as soon as I get back to the UK. I’m in Ibiza because we literally just moved house and the house we move into isn’t ready for another two weeks, but when we get back im blogging and I can’t wait because it’s been so hectic I haven’t been near a laptop in like three weeks. I’m very excited about my new room because oml slanted ceilings and I bought a wall hanging/tapestry style thing from one of the guys on the beach for 25 euros and I am legit itching to hang it. And I got a freaking bed canopy. I’m excited beyond belief??

YESSS! Ibiza is so fun? oh my gosh that sounds amazing ROOM TOUR POST.

AS SOON AS I CAN! And yes, Ibiza is really gr8??

Aw thank you so much!?

So trendy. Classy post. ?

Thanks love

Seriously would love ,if you being a girl would throw a glance at my blog posts for i need to know your set of mind for my posts. Stay amazing forever. 🙂

Of course I’ll check it out as soon as I get on my laptop x

Desperate for your income. 🙂

You have such a unique and interesting style. I love how you play around with lots of different textures and prints. I love the boyfriend jeans and tennis skirt!

aw thank you ^-^ its mainly because i just can narrow my tastes down to a single style so i just roll with it 😀

You’re welcome! I should start doing that too. My fashion sense has been plummeting dramatically. Lol.

I am LOVING the River Island kimono girl!

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